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Zank Rowan (ザンク・ローワン, Zanku Rōwan) was a Polynesian alchemist who was friends with Denkuro Togo and Nile in the 1700s, and an acquaintance of Dalton Strauss'. He was an Advenna Avis immortal, but was not listed amongst the surviving immortals in 2001—meaning that he must have been devoured by Szilard Quates.


Zank is brown-skinned, and keeps his dark hair up in a high ponytail. In 1705, he is shirtless save for an open red vest, and wears a black sash and brown belt around his waist, brown baggy paints, and bandages over his shins. He carries his sword with him via a brown strap slung over his shoulder and torso.

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