Baccano! Wiki

It's a little odd for me to write a blog post now, nine months into my administration and further yet from when I first started editing on the wiki. Still, better late than never, right? At any rate, I'm not quite sure if anyone will even read this. 

So, I've been mulling over a few things, including: eventually installing and implementing a reference system; replacing user talk pages with message walls; updating the forum mechanics to the modern layout. 

These are all big potential changes. Now, the reference system is really more of a must have rather than a well, maybe because references really are vital to a respectable and reputable wiki. It simply isn't very proper or responsible not to have one, so at some point -- well, you get the idea.

Now, the message walls > talk pages is a more nebulous one here. On the one hand, I'm fond of the old talk page system. On the other, some might find it a little confusing, and prefer the message wall system with its easy and orderly reply functions. I've also considered replacing article talk pages with comment sections, though this doesn't seem to be a terribly urgent point. Our community isn't active enough for that. 

...which brings me to the forums. Perhaps users might be more encouraged to participate with a sleeker, more recognizably usable updated forum rather than the old one we have now.  Similarly, the chat function is currently disabled. Would having a live chat enabled encourage discussion? I don't know. 

I don't know if anyone will read this, but if someone does -- I would love to hear your thoughts. Perhaps I ought to create a poll...

EDIT: I have created a forum topic  on this discussion. Please do share your thoughts there, or on my talk page.