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Test page for everything from personal CSS to WIP templates. Still-unresolved problem: what to do about articles re: Huey's factions (Larva, Lamia, Rhythm, Time)?

Larva (ラルウァRaruwa) is one of Huey Laforet's many terror organizations. In addition to handling tactical operations such as negotiations and kidnappings, it delegates specialist combat work to its subgroup Lamia.

Lamia (ラミア Ramia) is a small subgroup of Huey Laforet's Larva which specializes in combat. It has at least seventeen members in 1935, the majority of whom are incomplete, ageless homunculi created by Huey Laforet and Salomé Carpenter.

Rhythm is Huey Laforet's personal research faction, as overseen by Chief Researcher and Subordinate Director Salomé Carpenter. Its main research areas involve Homunculi creation and technology advancements, the mass production of which are respectively handled by Larva and Time.

Time is an organization responsible for the systematic mass production of machines, airplanes, weapons, and other technologies invented by Huey Laforet's personal research faction Rhythm. In 1935, the organization undergoes a leadership change when Melvi Dormentaire usurps the position from Croquis.

Testing sub-tabs for character infoboxes. Now that panels are a thing, I wonder if it would be easier to use them for 1700s/1930s/2000s top tier image divisions...

I want to see whether I can make the width of File:ThumbAlch.png work with {{Alchemy}}, or whether I'll have to upload a version of the image w/more obliging dimensions. The ultimate goal is usage of (any version of) the image for {{Alchemy}} on "Water" Consciousness Homunculi. Fiddling with the template & this image will be easier if I have it 'live' here (as opposed to fumbling around with preview in-editor. In fact, at minimum this is a test to see whether the preview {{Alchemy}} was giving me was actually true to reality.

Update 1: No; no, the preview was not. That's a relief (the preview was displaying more of a gap between the image borders and the infobox borders)... I wonder if I could set a transform parameter within the template instead of having to set up a CSS class... I get the feeling that might require setting up a {{Transform}} though.

Update 2: After some back-and-forthing, the original plan of just {{{image}}} and not image = [[File:{{{image}}}|250px]] actually cooperates with having a CSS class...

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