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PSA on personal status during June 2021: Remember that Master's thesis I desperately need to finish? The one that's been my personal guillotine for the past year? The one I said would impede my wiki activity? That's still a crisis. The first two weeks of June at minimum will be crunch time. If I can actually get it done...

August 20, 2000, confirmed at 2:00 AM EST: The wiki has been migrated to UCP; I thought we had at least a fortnight to prepare, but less than a fortnight has passed between the announcement banner's appearance and the migration. Assessing impact of migration across wiki will take time.

Hi. For those of you who have noticed me around the wiki... Well, I'm a huge fan of Baccano!, obviously, and I talk about it on agallimaufryofoddments. A lot. Like most western fans, I was introduced to the series via the anime, but then I read the light novels (years before the YP license) and Baccano! and the Naritaverse have occupied my brain ever since. My Baccano! collection has grown ever since as well, for that matter.

As of January 10, 2016 I was elevated to admin/bureaucrat status by Farewellfire (Publicdomain). I appreciate the gesture and hope to continue contributing to this wiki with detailed and useful edits.

As of April 24, 2017 (give or take a day) I became a moderator of r/Baccano (Old Reddit link) over on Reddit.

My Fatal Flaw, Wiki-Wise: Too much detail! No admin or editor is perfect, and I have a bad habit of including minutiae and writing play-by-plays when adding content to articles. Chronology sections, I'm afraid, are my most common victims.

This habit was particularly severe back in my nascent editing days; when tackling article stubs with little information to speak of, I suspect I overcompensated by adding "all the information." So, if you encounter contributions of mine you believe are overlong and want to make more succinct—please, by all means do so. I assure you I will not take offense. All details in moderation, as they say.

Favorite Baccano! characters, you ask? I hate ranking favorites, but if you pressed me for a top three I might say Maiza, Elmer, and Keith. I want to emphasize that I love the entire cast, some others that I'm especially fond of include: Nile, Upham, Angelo, The Poet, Tick Jefferson, Begg, Esperanza C. Boroñal, Victor Talbot, Carla, Ronny Schiatto, Nick, Elean... No, I'm sorry, I'll end up listing them all at this rate.

List of (some) pages I've created.[]

Personal Sandbox for experiments/testing purposes.[]

Priority/To-do List[]

Edit: When I first started editing, one of my main priorities was to create missing articles that desperately needed to exist. It was necessary work, but it also came at the expense of the existing popular articles that were/are in dire need of rewrites and additional content. While I have naturally worked and will continue to work on 'upgrading' existing articles' quality, please understand that the work is slow-going and will continue to be slow without other editors who edit intensively.

To-do (to be revamped, maybe)
  • Revamp popular character pages (e.g. write chronologies, personalities, etc) URGENT
  • Create pages for characters/locations/organizations that don't have them MID-HIGH
  • So many light novel chapters still lack pages, and those that do more often than not don't have anything substantial in them MID-LOW
    • Rename articles to reflect official translations AS NEEDED
    • Add NavBox to chapters; get rid of all image files where F.T. text is visible
  • Upgrade stub articles to actual articles MID-HIGH
  • Fix typos/grammar/spelling/poor sentence structure & stiltedness of older character articles ALWAYS
    • Fix my own contributions wherein I went into entirely too much and often too minute detail. (And when I continue to do it...)
  • IMAGES: Properly categorize/index all images on the wiki - come up with naming standard? - replace low res with high res WISHFUL THINKING
    • Actually I went and categorized the existing 2015 manga images under "2015 Manga Images"
    • Also: eventually ensure that all light novel images are uploaded to wiki CONCURRENT W/LN CHAPTERS
    • Also: track down and deal with duplicate images
  • Continue adding quotes to the Random Quote Template NEAT BUT INFO TAKES PRIORITY
  • Continue adding alt. images to character infoboxes NEAT BUT INFO TAKES PRIORITY
  • Forum promotion TRICKY
  • Reference/Citation System SLOWLY BUT SURELY
  • Devise and implement wiki policies ...AT SOME POINT

Completed from Above[]

  • Create pages for remaining 2015 manga chapters that need them COMPLETE
    • Write summaries for remaining chapters COMPLETE
    • Add images for remaining chapters... Not actually complete, but not high priority
  • Rewrite summaries of the 2007 anime episodes COMPLETE
    • Have rewritten all 16 summaries, currently in middle of uploading screenshots, reorganizing diff sections, adding previews. DONE but still worth going back to revise/tweak pages
    • Related; need to do something about cast lists on Baccano! (2007 Anime) page.
  • Replace Light novel cover Images with high quality versions. COMPLETED EXISTING ONES
    • 2006 manga covers too. COMPLETED