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Absolutely. After all, it is inevitable that I would need to make plans for when a plan you hatched goes awry. I have already prepared the necessary documentation to claim I was under duress from you once we are caught by the police.

–Troy to Bobby, 2002 (Side A): Bullet Garden

Troy (トロイ Toroi) is a member of Bobby Splot's gang along with Tall and Humpty. Against his better judgment, he stows away on board the cruise liner Entrance in August 2002 with his friends in order to help Bobby enact his revenge upon Firo Prochainezo and the Martillo Family.

"Troy" is not his real name, but a nickname Bobby gave him based off his hobby of collecting Trojan malware.


Troy is a dark-skinned boy with short black hair, and small build. He wears a long-sleeved red shirt with white trim, cut-off green cargo trousers and brown-and-white shoes.


Troy is the most mature and level-headed member of the gang, speaking with vocabulary and cadence beyond his years. His intelligence and reason usually lead to the other boys relying on him for information gathering and weighing risk probabilities, making him an invaluable member of the group.

Troy has a dry sense of humor that often extends to smart-aleck and occasionally subtly insulting wit when it comes to ribbing Bobby, whose headstrong nature and clumsy thinking make him Troy's near opposite in terms of character, and an easy target. As a result, Troy often puts down Bobby's abilities both out of earshot and to his face, though Bobby does not always realize when he is being insulted.

He also seems to have an interest in and proficiency in computers possessing several individual models and collecting Trojan malware for fun.

Like Tall and Humpty, Tory isn't too fond of the nickname Bobby has given him.


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