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LN01 Prologue
In the year 1711, the ship Advena Avis departs for the New World with alchemists for its crew. The alchemists summon a 'demon' and ask him for the secret for immortality during the Atlantic crossing, and the demon readily materializes a container of the Grand Panacea for them. Once he informs them of immortality's rules, he gives the elixir's recipe solely to the alchemist who summoned him.

Afterwards, the alchemist tells his younger brother half of the secret of the elixir before thinking better of it. The next day, he gathers all the passengers and announces his decision to seal the knowledge away forever – a decision which several alchemists protest. That night, the alchemist wakes to find another alchemist devouring his sleeping brother.

From his watching place in the darkness, the demon remarks that he had not expected the alchemists to 'start so soon'. There is a hint that he thought things might have been different, this time, before he falls silent.



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