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The original Felix Walken (フェリックス・ウォーケン Ferikkusu Wōken) is an assassin of legendary renown, rumored to be capable of defeating Albert Anastasia's Murder, Inc. without aid. Despite his efforts to shed his past following his daughter's birth – via selling his name and identity to three men – he currently works for Senator Manfred Beriam alongside Spike.

He has yet to choose a new name, evidently preferring to remain nameless.


The former Felix usually wears mourning clothes, his outfit consisting of a black coat over a pitch-black suit, and black shoes. Though his blond hair is visible under his hunting cap, the cap is pulled deliberately low so as to hide his eyes from view.


For all his apathy toward choosing a new name, the former Felix always corrects those who call him by his birth name. His exasperated insistence on this point is atypically emotive for him, as most of the time his behavior is reserved; neither particularly talkative nor particularly vigorous, he conducts himself with professional calm and with precise, minimal movement.


Name Circulation[]

To be reviewed.


  • While the fourth light novel indicates that Claire Stanfield bought the 'Felix Walken' name directly from Old Felix, an event that the seventh light novel supports, the eight volume presents a different version of events: instead, Claire bought the name from a third or later generation 'Felix'. The earlier account is considered retconned.