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The Daily Days, or "DD," is both a newspaper agency and an information brokerage, operating from an unobtrusive corner of Chinatown, Manhattan. As a tiny, independent newspaper, the Daily Days is far overshadowed by the New York Times, New York Tribune, and other New York papers; as the information brokerage "The Informer," it is one of the best organizations in the business.

Though the newspaper is more of a public front for the far more profitable information brokerage, the Daily Days takes its newspaper seriously and commits to publishing Chinese, English, and Italian editions every day—even when under fire. Over half of its employees are Chinese, all of whom have been trained in firearms by Nicholas Wayne, the newspaper's Chief editor and copy editor of the English edition.


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The Daily Days makes an appearance when Henry and Rachel debrief The President about the Flying Pussyfoot incident.

The Daily Days plays an important role in the Runorata-Gandor feud and Eve Genoard's search for her brother Dallas; Henry manipulates Roy Maddock and Edith and their roles in the feud, while Elean Duga offers what information he can to Eve. The Runorata-Gandor feud culminates in a Runorata raid of the Daily Days on January 2, 1932, where Eve and the Gandor brothers confront Gustavo Bagetta, Felix Walken confronts the Runorata-hired assassins, and Begg Garrott confronts Roy and Edith.

Notable Employees[]

Name Position Classification
Unknown Man President Mortal Human
Gustav St. Germain Vice-President Mortal Human
Nicholas Wayne

Chief Editor
Copy Editor (English edition)
Information Broker

Mortal Human
Elean Duga

Copy Editor (Chinese edition)
Information Broker

Mortal Human
Henry Information Broker Mortal Human
Carl Dignis Reporter; Information Broker Mortal Human
Rachel Freelancer Mortal Human
Carol Intern Photojournalist Mortal human

Notable Clients[]

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  • The Daily Days, according to the President, has never missed a day's issue. He is so committed to upholding this standard of quality that he orders his employees continue working ohe newspaper while hiding from the Runoratas.
  • Over half its employees are Chinese. All of the employees know how to use guns (courtesy by Nicholas), a skill they rely upon should a client tries to threaten them.
  • The anime's staff turned to Doyers Street as inspiration for Daily Days' location while location scouting; if we accept the establishing shots at face value, then the Daily Days' address can be pinpointed to 5-7 Doyers Street, Chinatown. This means that the Daily Days is displacing a mission house of Rescue Society of New York from existence, a real mission house which replaced the Chinese Theater after it folded in 1910/1911.