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Alveare (蜂の巣 (アルヴェアーレ) Hachi-no-su (Aruveāre); Italian. the Beehive) is the Martillo Family's primary restaurant and syndicate stronghold, fronted by a specialty honey shop run by Seina and located on the corner of a wide avenue dividing Little Italy and Chinatown.

Alveare became a legitimate restaurant with Prohibition's end and has continued to operate into the early 2000s, by which time Molsa Martillo has opened several branch restaurants of the same name. The Alveare chain is such a success that it currently serves the Martillos' primary source of income.

The Establishment[]

The Honey Shop[]

Seina's honey shop boasts all kinds of honey crowding its shelves, as well as a stove behind the register with which Seina simmers honey for customers. A short hallway behind the register ends at a secure, peephole-fitted door to the Alveare restaurant, which like the shop is often filled with the thick smell of honey.

During Prohibition, access to the then-speakeasy was monitored and select: to let ('safe') customers in, Seina would knock on the door to signal the guard on its other side; the guard, after confirming via the peephole, would then have to release a heavy padlock on his side of the door for it to open.

The Restaurant[]

During its speakeasy days, Alveare's main interior is opulent and larger than what the outside honey shop would suggest—owed to the fact that the buildings adjacent to it are connected internally. Its walls are ivory white—under the light of the chandeliers, gold as honey—and support oil lamps. About ten tables with white tablecloth are available for diners, and a small, brightly-lit platform is raised at the back for live music and other performances, including a sword dance performed by the waitress Lia Lin-Shan. A large bar is also available near the kitchen doors.

Several barrels in one of the restaurant corners conceal a bullet-ridden trapdoor, one that leads to a spacious underground hall containing a large round table and electric lighting. During Prohibition, this hall was usually locked and off-limits and only used for special occasions, such as a promotion ritual. However, as the camorristi's originally meeting area is gradually overtaken following the restaurant's legitimization, the Martillos come to use the hall regularly: for promotion parties as before, but also for regular report meetings and visits from non-respectable customers.[1]

All of Alveare's liquor—including wine and beer—is honey-based alongside a good number of its menu options, courtesy of the honey shop. The food is of excellent quality, with both Seina and waitress Lia Lin-Shan highly capable cooks. However, the unique flavor and marked sweetness of Alveare's alcohol make it an acquired taste—at least, not universally appealing—and while some customers come specifically for the distinct liquor and good home cooking, Alveare (circa 1930) attracts fewer customers than other nightclubs.

Despite their smaller clientele base at the time of Prohibition, Alveare was able to survive as a speakeasy for two main reasons: as a speakeasy run directly by Martillos, it did not have to pay protection money; and it did not bribe the local police (as Edward Noah was incorruptible) nor did it pay off Prohibition enforcers, prosecutors, or bureaus (being particularly good at evading stings). Thus, they were potentially saving around five hundred dollars' worth of expenses per month, as was the average amount establishments paid toward such feeds.

The speakeasy-restaurant is also accessible via a back door, which in the anime leads via upward stairs toward a stone courtyard and alley beyond.

Alveare's reinvention as a legitimate restaurant toward the end of Prohibition proves to be even more of a success than its time as a speakeasy, leaning heavily on its delectable honey-influenced dishes as a draw for large lunch crowds and offering non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee and tea in addition to liquor. By September 1933 they have already accomplished large-scale modeling that makes the restaurant feel more roomy, including installing a restaurant window which overlooks the street (previously unfeasible due to Prohibition).

By 1934, its increased profits have allowed it to increase the grandeur of its interior design, add more tables, and hire four new waitresses—including Annie—for a total of five, with senior waitress Lia mentoring the new hires. By 1935, it is purportedly the largest restaurant in Little Italy.[2]

The original restaurant remains the Martillos' base of operations into the early 2000s, even as Alveare itself becomes a chain name. Its interior decor remains elegant, but at the same time is outfitted with at least one television and other contemporary technology.

Martillo family members are constantly in and out of the establishment for business, lunch, and leisure, though associates and apprentices are less likely to be found there around midday than executives—who, as per their senior positions, have more flexibility in their schedules. When the volume of respectable customers is high (usually around noon), they tend to hole up in the back and wait the rush out. For syndicate business, the building contains an unknown number of offices for Martillo use away from prying eyes.

Notable Events[]

Year Event Reference
Nov 1930 Firo Prochainezo's promotion ceremony takes place in the underground hall, and succeeded by a celebratory feast which the Martillo executives, Gandor brothers, Seina, Lia Lin-Shan, and Isaac & Miria attend. All attending become complete immortals.

The next day, Szilard shoots up the Alveare and Martillo executives in his quest to devour Maiza. Dallas Genoard and his two cohorts gun down Firo, Ennis, and the Gandors outside the Alveare. By the time Edward Noah and the police arrive, Szilard is dead and Dallas' group neutralized.

The Rolling Bootlegs
1931 Late December: While Nicholas Wayne and Elean Duga are wining and dining at Alveare, they witness Edith enter with a black bag and proceed to eavesdrop on her conversation with Lia: in which Edith asks Lia to temporarily hold onto the bag for her and Roy Maddock, as the bag contains Runorata drugs. Both reporters realize they have overheard sensitive information, and intend to report it to The President of the Daily Days the next day. 1932 Drug & The Dominos
1932 January 2: The Martillos, led by Isaac and Miria, clear off the speakeasy's main floor and use it to set up and knock over dominos, paving the way for future domino parties. Later that month, Felix Walken and Rachel have lunch at the Alveare which is put on Firo's tab.

August: Isaac and Miria pour over headlines about the serial killer Ice Pick Thompson, with Firo and Czes commenting. The same month, Carl Dignis invites Lester to Alveare, and, over drinks, accuses Lester of lying in his latest hit article on Ice Pick Thompson. Lester storms out of the Alveare when Carl says he is the one who will be in the most trouble should they catch the killer.

1932 Drug & The Dominos

1932 Summer: Man in the Killer
1933 The Alveare starts converting to a legitimate restaurant in preparation for Prohibition's official end toward the end of the year, earning them more customers than ever. By September, they have already accomplished some large-scale modeling.

September: Firo knocks over Isaac and Miria's dominos at Alveare on purpose, which upsets them so much they run out of the shop. Firo is left to talk things over with Maiza while Ennis and Ronny Schiatto leave to search for the pair. Later, he and Maiza are once again at the Alveare when he spots Dallas—not recognizing him as such—glaring at the Alveare from where he is standing outside in the rain. Seina then hands him an envelope (written by Isaac, though Firo does not realize) stating "we have Ennis and Ronny Schiatto," causing Firo to bolt from Alveare and into the rainstorm.

1933 (First) The Slash -Cloudy to Rainy-
1934 The Alveare's increased profits as a legitimate restaurant allow it to continue refurbishment and hire four more waitresses by the latter half of 1934, including Annie. Meanwhile, Isaac and Miria have become familiar faces with the restaurant regulars, often spinning yarns for the patrons' entertainment.

November: Agents in plainclothes visit Alveare intending to arrest Isaac and Miria, but Isaac's quick thinking results in the plainclothes agents only arresting him.

December: Firo is arrested a month after Isaac. About a week following the arrest, Czes is attempting to cheer Ennis up at Alveare when Victor Talbot pays the establishment a visit. The DOI agent is not warmly received by the Martillos, who become all the more hostile when Victor takes the credit for Firo's arrest. Later that month, several Martillos are at the Alveare when the radio reports news of explosives and human disappearances in Elleson Hill.

1934 Alice in Jails: Prison
1935 January: After meeting with Annie and having his eye returned to him, Firo follow Annie back to Alveare and is warmly welcomed home.

February: When Isaac and Miria learn that Jacuzzi Splot is as in need of money as they are, they bring Jacuzzi to Alveare and introduce him to Molsa Martillo. While Jacuzzi is entreating with Molsa and Ronny (and Isaac and Miria look on) in the office, Rail greets Ennis at Alveare's bar.

Shortly after, Russo Family acting head Ricardo Russo and bodyguard Christopher Shaldred enter Alveare and request an audience with Molsa. Once they have it, joining Jacuzzi in the office, Ricardo indicates he would like to work for the Martillos as a means of earning and experience (not to mention, Christopher claims he is friends with Firo). Later, when Jacuzzi and company leave Alveare, so to do Ennis, Annie, and Czes.

The day after, Firo arrives at Alveare to find it more deserted than normal and Annie absent. Kanshichirou Yaguruma arrives five minutes later with news that he was the subject of an attempted attack; shortly afterward, several men enter Alveare to inform Firo that Edward has suffered severe injuries from an attack that morning. It is not until evening that Maiza arrives, reporting that he was ambushed in his stairwell but fought his attackers off, and Firo snarls that Melvi Dormentaire must be trying to "screw" with him.

A minute later, Melvi calls Alveare asking for Firo. When he tells Firo to stay on the line, Czes—wearing burnt, tattered clothes—bursts into the restaurant and tells Firo that their apartment was bombed and Ennis was taken away by strange men. The next day, about thirty Martillos—including some associates—are summoned to Alveare in light of the alarming situation, with the associates remaining in the restaurant while the executives gather in the basement for an emergency meeting.

Later that month, Maiza and Molsa discuss Ronny's absence and the upcoming Ra's Lance party in an Alveare office.

1935 arc
2000s Summer 2002: While Ronny reclaims a camera stolen from the Unnamed Photographer, Firo relates to the Photographer the events of November 1930 in Alveare. Maiza and Czes return to New York following their decades-long road trip, bringing Feldt/Fil Nibiru with them.

August 2002: For Firo and Ennis' honeymoon, Firo, Ennis, and Czes travel to the West Coast to board the cruise ship Entrance for Japan. The Martillos, along with Isaac and Miria, watch the broadcast of the ship's boarding via a television at Alveare, with much fun had at Firo's expense.

Not long after the cruise ship incident, Angelo at Firo's recommendation arrives at Alveare seeking work. Several days later, Isaac and Miria bring Bobby Splot and his friends to Alveare as a "countermeasure against the Martillos' aging population."

2002 arc
2003 February: Feldt/Fil meets Isaac and Miria in Alveare and tells them a tale of a Smile Junkie and an out-of-time village. 2001 The Children of Bottle

Notable Clientele[]

Here, clientele refers to those not officially part of the Martillo Family. Note: In 1935, Melvi Dormentaire claims that his subordinates, acting as customers, spied on Ennis at Alveare over a long period of time.


  • Alveare's beehive sign is described in The Rolling Bootlegs as brown with "Alveare" written in white paint.
  • Alveare's special honey liquor is also available at Firo's casino.
  • The wide avenue that Alveare's street connects to in the anime features elevated railways. One of the anime reference sheets confirms that avenue is the Bowery, over which the Third Avenue El ran from 1878 to 1955.
  • Although Alveare is said to be located at the boundary between Little Italy and Chinatown in the 1930s, it is likely that description no longer holds true by the early 2000s. Over the course of the twentieth century, Little Italy's boundaries would shrink as Chinatown expanded, their borders blurring to such an extent that Chinatown and Little Italy would be jointly recognized as a historic district.


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  2. "It's the biggest restaurant in Little Italy..." -Upham, 1935-B: Dr. Feelgreed