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Tall (トール Tōru) is a member of Bobby Splot's gang alongside Humpty and Troy, and with them stows away on the cruise liner Entrance in August 2002 to enact Bobby's revenge on Firo Prochainezo.

"Tall" is a nickname given to him by Bobby, on account of his height.


Tall is a tween of tall stature with light brown (or very dark blond) hair. During the 2002 seajackings, he wears a blue vest over a white shirt and dark blue trousers.


Tall is more openly scared than Troy or Bobby when it comes to the audaciousness of their stowaway plot, and he takes umbrage with Czeslaw Meyer's behavior, which he at first finds condescendingly mature for a boy younger than him. However, his attitude later turns to simple bewilderment at just how adult Czes seems to be despite not being an adult. Like Troy and Humpty, he does not feed Bobby's ego with underserved praise or enthusiasm.


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