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Table of Contents/Header Situation[edit source]

In my edit made just a few minutes ago, I reinstated the TOC but 'de-headered' the track headings in the full summary section, meaning I retained their font-size but stripped the wikitext that marks them as 'section headers' to be included in the TOC. The reason I suppressed the TOC in the first place was that I was concerned users might find a TOC that includes all eighteen track titles too cumbersome. Overlong. Intimidating.

My action taken in the aforementioned edit was thus a compromise: the addition of new sections does warrant a TOC, but this way the article has a TOC that is 'more manageable'. At least, that's the optimistic assumption. The point of this Talk Page section is essentially to ask whether the article would, in fact, benefit from having the track summaries listed in the TOC after all. Perhaps someone might like to jump down to a specific track, for instance (though they could also CTRL/CMD+F 'track + number'). Perhaps a user overlooks the collapsed tracklist table and uses the TOC as a 'tracklist' instead.

(The question of whether the tracklist table should not be collapsed by default is also up for discussion).

It occurs to me that the overlong TOC might be either a headache or relief for mobile users--maybe ultimately the latter, given scrolling on mobile is no picnic. At any rate, please do share your preferences/thoughts here.

Revriley (talk) 18:01, January 5, 2020 (UTC)

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