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Sonja Bake (ソーニャ・ベイク, Sōnya Beiku) is a gunwoman and a member of Vanishing Bunny alongside Pamela and Lana. Sonja's parents worshiped guns and imparted their beliefs on her, training her to shoot from an early age. After Vanishing Bunny rescues Spike, Sonja begins training under him as a sniper.

Sonja was childhood friends with Nader Schasschule and continues to support his childhood delusions of being a hero, despite not having been in contact with him for years. She firmly believes that he is the one who has rescued Vanishing Bunny out of all sorts of troubles over the past several years—and that whenever she is in danger, Nader will save her no matter what.


Sonja has short blonde hair and is depicted wearing a grey outfit and a green army helmet.

In 1931: The Grand Punk Railroad, she as a child wore her hair in braids and wore overalls.


Sonja speaks in a leisurely, laid-back tone of voice that reflects her serene disposition. She is rather childish, all things considered: she loves cute things—animals and people—and she is rather naïve and trusting, given her steady belief in Nader's heroism.


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