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Should a goddess come to dwell in a murderer's well-tended musket, no doubt 'twould be thee.

The Poet, describing Sickle, 1934 Alice in Jails: Streets

Sickle (シックル, Shikkuru) is a female homunculus created by Huey Laforet and a member of the Lamia.

In December 1934, Sickle and other members of the Lamia are sent to Chicago to intervene in the Russo Family's sudden meddling with Lamia affairs and investigate Nebula's current status. Two months later in February 1935, Sickle and the Lamia reconvene in New York to act as Huey's bodyguards during the events of Ra's Lance.


Sickle has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and is described as beautiful with a cold countenance. In all illustrations, she wears an elegant short-sleeved green dress and red tights.

She appears to be around twenty years old. As an ageless homunculus, her physical age will remain constant for the rest of her life.


Sickle has a scornful attitude and often speaks in a blunt, masculine manner. Her violent temper culminates in physical violence against the Poet whenever he tests her patience beyond toleration in non-combat situations. At least one combat situation has proceeded with her unable to fully control herself, for which she has expressed regret.

It is implied that, as with the other Lamia members' eccentricities, Sickle's 'odd demeanor' is a defense mechanism she has deliberately created to distance humans from her.

Despite her temper, Sickle possesses both leadership skills and a sense of initiative that have earned her the respect and admiration of her fellow Lamia members. Her strong demeanor is further intensified by how she refuses to show any outward signs of pain when injured.


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Sickle's fighting style is capoeira, a Brazilian style of dance and martial arts focusing on kick-based attacks. However, Sickle herself claims that her fighting style is not capoeira, since traditional capoeira is meant for entertainment while her capoeira is meant for destruction. As such, she refuses to call it capoeira.

According to her, she does not actually have full knowledge of capoeira because her master refused to teach it to her in light of her not being able to fully control herself in a fight.

Sickle possesses impressive speed and strength, and Ricardo Russo places her abilities in the same level as that of Graham Specter's and Christopher Shaldred. Despite this, Sickle has been defeated by Graham before and views him as an dangerous opponent to be treated with the utmost caution. She also possesses incredible willpower and endurance, as evidenced when she forced her dislocated right ankle and upper arm back into place and bore the pain without showing any outward signs of discomfort, and without medication.