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Shinta Fujimoto is the illustrator of the 2015 BACCANO! manga adaptation, and the creator of the manga series Red Raven. As a longtime fan of the Baccano! light novels, he frequently expressed enthusiasm for the manga adaptation leading up to and during serialization on his Twitter account – where he also (and occasionally still does) uploads/uploaded drawings of various Baccano! characters.

Ryohgo Narita credits Fujimoto's BACCANO! manga in the afterword for 1935-D: Luckstreet Boys as directly fueling his motivation and inspiration for writing more Baccano! following a long gap of time since the last novel.

In September 2017, Square Enix announced that Narita and Fujimoto have been collaborating on a new original manga called Death Mount Death Play, which would go on to debut on October 20, 2017. Despite Narita's joint problems as confirmed the same month, he wrote the manuscripts for the first several chapters months in advance and its debut proceeded as scheduled.

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