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Natalie Beriam is the wife of Senator Manfred Beriam and the mother of Mary Beriam.

On December 30, 1931, she and Mary board the transcontinental express Flying Pussyfoot bound for New York at Chicago's Union Station, sharing their first class cabin with a boy called Czeslaw Meyer. During the journey, she and Mary are taken hostage by the Lemures, who intend to negotiate for their master Huey Laforet's release by using Natalie and Mary as pressure against Senator Beriam. Natalie and Mary are rescued by Rachel, whom Natalie thanks once they reach Pennsylvania Station.


Natalie looks to be around thirty years old, with short, coiffed brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue dress with a lilac shawl and pair of gloves aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, an outfit that is described as "expensive, yet pleasant."

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