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My hobby is…wasting time. I should know the value of time more than anyone. That's why I kill time with perfect confidence. I crush it, one second at a time, loving and cherishing each one. Time is a monster, an endless monster, chasing people through their whole lives, but I crush it's the best kind of fun, you know?

Melody, 1931 Winter: The Time of the Oasis

Melody (メロディ Merodi) is a delinquent member of Jacuzzi's Gang. In December 1931, she is part of the retrieval team tasked with retrieving the stolen cargo from the Flying Pussyfoot as it is dumped into a river.


Melody has long blonde hair which she keeps pulled into pigtails with two black ruffled bands, and sleepy blue eyes. She wears a white blouse with petaled sleeves and a pattern circling the shirt's end, over a black skirt and black tights. She always wears at least three watches on either wrist, all of different brands and prices and all set to different times.

In 1931 Winter: The Time of the Oasis, she carries around a pair of handbells.


Melody is preoccupied with the concept of time on all levels, particularly with the idea of wasting it. She apparently keeps track of time passed down to the second, and will now and again either point out the exact time elapsed or how much time they have until whatever event it coming up next. Putting things in terms of time is what is most familiar to her.

She has a leisurely, laid-back countenance.