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Baccano! has had a presence across several different mediums and platforms. This page serves as a simple master list of related media, providing links to their corresponding articles where articles exist. For relevant categories, please see categories Media and Merchandise.

Light Novel Series []

Anime Adaptation[]

Gaiden Novels[]

Gaiden novels are what one might call "side stories" or "spin-offs," stories that are supplemental to a main work. Three gaiden novels fall under the Baccano! media category:

  • 1931? The Grand Punk Railroad Forwarding Arc (回送編 Kaisō hen, lit. Flashback Chapter). Announced during the interval between the seventh and eighth light novels, this gaiden novel was released on March 31, 2006 as part of the first Audio Drama boxset. Its contents would eventually be revised and released as the fourteenth light novel 1931 Another Junk Railroad: Special Express in 2009.
  • 193X A man in the killer. Released in five parts as accompaniment to DVD volumes One through Five between October 24, 2007 to February 27, 2008, the contents of this gaiden novel would eventually be revised and expanded upon in the sixteenth light novel 1932 Summer: Man in the Killer, released in June 2011.
  • 193X The Time Of the Oasis. Released in three parts in conjunction with DVD volumes six through eight between March 26, 2008 to May 28, 2008, the contents of this gaiden novel would eventually be fully realized in the twentieth light novel 1931 ~ Winter: The Time of the Oasis, released in March 2013.

Manga []

Baccano! has had two manga adaptations to its name thus far:

Short Stories[]

Multiple Baccano! short stories have been published in various magazines over the years, varying in length and degrees of relevancy to the main story, if 'canon' at all. Determining how 'relevant' or 'plausible' a short story is to 'canon' is not always straightforward, as demonstrated by the short story B.C.300 ~Notorious B·E·Ginning~; despite being chock full of parody elements, the story has been essentially confirmed 'official' by dint of it being summarized in the twenty-second volume 1935-D: Luckstreet Boys.

The wiki therefore will and can only deem a short story 'official' if or when it is referenced in the light novel series, which is the same procedure it uses for other media. Certain short stories or novellas accompanying more major Baccano! media, such as the extremely short story within the second audio drama booklet, are not listed here but instead mentioned alongside their respective media contexts.

List of items to be expanded.

  • BACCANO! B.C.300 ~Notorious B·E·Ginning~
    • An origin story for Ronny Schiatto. Like the rest of the stories published in the November 2007 Dengeki h & p issue of the Dengeki hp magazine, the story reads as parody with its numerous pop culture references and at least one fourth wall break; nine years later, its events would be summarized in Chapter 23 of the twenty-second light novel and thereupon confirmed canon.
  • Introducing Dengeki Bunko's unique group play! Baccano! (『電撃文庫の異色群像劇を少しだけ紹介! バッカーノ!』) is a two-page short story included in the 'Dengeki Bunko Paper Library Comprehensive Catalog 2006 Special Edition' (電撃文庫総合目録 2006 SPECIAL EDITION), a not-for-sale prize item which was given to a limited one-thousand people at the Dengeki Bunko fair c. Feb 2007. The story teases upcoming arcs (1705, 2002) and references past ones (2001) via one Theodore Saint-Germain, who is implied to be Gustav's descendant.
    • Theodore's musings over possible story beginnings and main characters strike the same chords as Gustav's own musings do in Episode 01 of the anime, which aired several months after this item was printed. It is possible Narita was inspired by scriptwriter Noboru Takagi during the anime's production.
  • If Baccano! Characters were Movie Stars (『もしもバッカーノ!キャラが映画スターになっていたら』) is a one-page short story published in the October 2011 'Costume Jack'-themed issue of Dengeki Jack alongside an illustration by Enami of nine Baccano! characters wearing distinct costumes. The story features Isaac and Miria discussing costumes with reference to contemporary music stars while other depicted characters interact.
  • Dengeki Gakuen RPG Bunko (電撃学園RPG文庫) was a collection of short stories written by various Dengeki Bunko authors provided as a special privilege to purchasers of the limited edition version of the ASCII MediaWorks NDS game Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus (電撃学園RPG Cross of Venus). The game, released in 2009, was produced in commemoration of Dengeki Bunko's fiftieth anniversary. Narita's story entry has Walker Yumasaki find himself inside Firo Prochainezo's casino in the 1930s, wherein he meets Firo and Ronny. When Celty Sturluson later joins him, Ronny recognizes her.

DS Dengeki Bunkou ADV: Baccano![]

On 28 Feb 2008, MediaWorks released the adventure visual novel Baccano! for the Nintendo DS. The game recounts the events aboard The Flying Pussyfoot in 1931, with the player controlling the choices various characters make throughout the game. The wrong ('non-canon') choices inevitably lead to a premature ending. There are fifty-nine possible endings the player can encounter over the course of the game, all of which were conceived by Ryohgo Narita.

A ninety-six page novella titled Baccano! "1931 Timetable The Grand Punk Railroad" was included with the game as a bonus privilege for those who reserved the game in advance. The novella, written by Narita, allows the reader to choose their own story path in the manner of a choose-your-own-adventure book. Along the way, the reader encounters both familiar characters and game-exclusive characters.

Audio Dramas []

Two Audio Dramas have been published by MediaWorks and Movic respectively in association with the Baccano! 2007 anime adaptation.

Other Media and Merchandise []

Merchandise Article to be added. Until such time, articles whose subjects might more accurately be categorized merchandise will be listed below.

  • Official Soundtrack: Aniplex released the anime's official soundtrack, Spiral Melodies, on October 24, 2007. The soundtrack contains twenty-six tracks, the last two tracks being the TV-size versions of the anime's opening (Gun's & Roses from Paradise Lunch) and ending (Calling from Kaori Oda). Both performers have released full-length singles of both songs.
  • BACCANO! Premium DJCD (BACCANO!プレミアムDJCD): This CD was obtainable if one bought DVDs 1-4 at the same store for a stamp rally campaign, and is fifty-four minutes long. The first thirty-two minutes hear from featured voice actors Masaya Onosaka (Isaac Dian), Sayaka Aoki (Miria Harvent), Hiroyuki Yoshino (Firo Prochainezo), and Sanae Kobayashi (Ennis). The rest of the CD features original work author Ryohgo Narita, Dengeki Bunko editor Atsushi Wada, scriptwriter Noboru Takagi, Aniplex producer Shuko Yokoyama, and DS game overseer Tomoyuki Miyashita.
  • Katsumi Enami Artbook Baccano!: ASCII Media Artworks released this artbook on February 20, 2010. The artbook features illustration work Enami has done for Baccano! and other light novel series, as well as an original illustrated short story about Czeslaw at its end.
  • BACCANO! Trading Card Game: In association with the anime, Movic produced a total of sixty-nine cards that could be obtained by buying BACCANO! trading card boxes. These boxes were first released on December 20, 2007, each containing fifteen 'packs' (cards randomly placed into the box by the manufacturer, meaning that one would have to buy multiple boxes to collect them all). There were four types of cards to collect: (15) SP cards; (9) opening cards; (18) character cards; and (27) 'memorial scene' cards. Rules for a mini-game seem to have also been included in the boxes.
  • BACCANO! Setting Research Collection is a ninety-six page collection of model sheets used as references for characters and settings during the production of the 2007 anime.