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Katsumi Enami Artbook Baccano! (エナミカツミ画集バッカーノ! Enami Katsumi Gashū Baccano!) is the first of Enami Katsumi's two artbooks. Its 112 pages contain about 300 color and black-and-white illustrations by Katsumi, with his Baccano! illustrations serving as the artbook's main feature.



The first section of the artbook is singularly devoted to Katsumi's Baccano! illustrations, as they are the artbook's eponymous attraction. Pages 04 through 61 contain color and black-and-white illustrations alike from the first to the fourteenth light novels, the gaiden novels, and more unique sources such as the Dengeki hp magazine and DVDs.

Another Novels (sic)[]

The second half of the artbook is eclectic, with pages 62 to 105 featuring selected Katsumi works for a myriad of other projects. Two of these projects are other light novel series by Ryohgo NaritaVamp! and Hariyama-san, Center of the World – and the rest everything from light novels and magazines to a PSP game.

Baccano! Short Story[]

The final six pages of the artbook contain a short story called "Little Czeslaw and his (Concrete) Forest Friends." Written in the vein of a children's fable and drawn in a simplified, near-chibi style, the story stars Czeslaw Meyer and depicts him interacting with the Martillo Family, Gandor Family, and Felix Walken.