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Katsumi Enami Artbook Baccano! (エナミカツミ画集バッカーノ! Enami Katsumi Gashū Baccano!) is the first of Enami Katsumi's two artbooks. Its 112 pages contain about 300 color and black-and-white illustrations by Katsumi, with his Baccano! illustrations serving as the artbook's main feature.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Baccano![edit | edit source]

The first section of the artbook is singularly devoted to Katsumi's Baccano! illustrations, as they are the artbook's eponymous attraction. Pages 04 through 61 contain color and black-and-white illustrations alike from the first to the fourteenth light novels, the gaiden novels, and more unique sources such as the Dengeki hp magazine and DVDs.

Another Novels (sic)[edit | edit source]

The second half of the artbook is eclectic, with pages 62 to 105 featuring selected Katsumi works for a myriad of other projects. Two of these projects are other light novel series by Ryohgo NaritaVamp! and Hariyama-san, Center of the World – and the rest everything from light novels and magazines to a PSP game.

Baccano! Short Story[edit | edit source]

The final six pages of the artbook contain a short story called "Little Czeslaw and his (Concrete) Forest Friends." Written in the vein of a children's fable and drawn in a simplified, near-chibi style, the story stars Czeslaw Meyer and depicts him interacting with the Martillo Family, Gandor Family, and Felix Walken.

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