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Hilton (ヒルトン, Hiruton) is one of two hive-mind homunculi created by Huey Laforet. She is a "water"-based homunculus, meaning that anyone who drinks her water becomes inhabited by Hilton (unless Hilton chooses to give her host control). She is the female half of the twins, her male counterpart being Sham.


She adores Huey and is incredibly devoted to him, with a loyalty comparable to Chane's. Despite having thousands of vessels across the United States, her vessel Leeza Laforet is her favorite because she is Huey's daughter and therefore directly related to him by blood. Hilton uses Leeza as her main body, relying on her throughout all of 1934.

Hilton is very excitable and dramatic, often teasing her opponents and regarding those who go against Huey as her enemies. She mocks Rail's insecurities and pursues revenge on Firo despite Huey's warning not to. Due to her increased knowledge as a hive mind, she has a superiority complex and regards herself as much more powerful than humans. This puts her at immediate odds with Ladd Russo, who targets Leeza during his stay at Alcatraz. Despite her humiliation at his hands, she is resilient and goes as far as to exact revenge upon Firo Prochainezo when she discovers he has taken Huey's left eye. However, she develops a small crush on him after he saves her life.


Hilton, like other hive mind homunculi, can take over the consciousness of anybody who imbibes the "water" she was created from. All her vessels are female, including the flock of peregrine falcons she uses to spy on people. Leeza is her main body, though other notable vessels of Hilton include Annie, a waitress at the Alveare. Hilton communicates with Firo through Annie at the end of 1934 and throughout 1935.

Due to her intangible form as a water-based consciousness, Hilton can communicate without being visible. Her voice is disembodied and seems to come from no particular direction. Hilton sounds like either Leeza's high, childish voice or a much more mature, seductive tone that she uses when intimidating people.

Hilton's weapon of choice are chakrams, a small, bladed throwing disc with holes through the middle. She is able to throw them without giving away her location, the chakrams appearing to come out of thin air. Hilton has deadly accuracy and is an incredibly proficient stealth fighter, nearly killing Chané Laforet in their battle atop the Mist Wall (Claire Stanfield saves her at the last second however). When taking vengeance on Firo, she also makes use of her falcons, who are capable of clawing people's skin with their talons and pecking at them viciously.

Notable Vessels[]

  • Numerous falcons