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How long will this battle with myself rage on, and who may finally emerge victorious?

–Graham, 1934 Peter Pan in Chains: Finale

Graham Specter (グラハム・スペクター Gurahamu Supekutā) is a mechanic and one of Ladd Russo's loyal devotees. He is one of the powerhouse fighters of the Russo Family, taught how to fight by Ladd himself.

Appearance Edit

Graham has long blond hair and pale skin. His eyes are blue, and often look 'half-asleep'; his facial features are described as "rather girlish," and his build is "decently muscular."

He is always depicted wearing a blue mechanic's uniform. He usually carries a large wrench around with him, the end of which is encrusted with rust and dried blood.

Personality Edit

In the most basic of terms, Graham might be best described as "frenetic." He frequently delivers long-winded, philosophical rants at the drop of a hat; he will lament about his current state of affairs in the most negative way possible, before changing his mood and suddenly viewing the same issue in a contradictory, impossibly optimistic way.

Most people around him (but not all) tend to dismiss his rants as pointless ramblings. Meaningless as they might be, Graham's rants are fueled by genuine passion over whatever is concerning him, which can be everything and anything. He bemoans his own flaws often and loudly; he presumes and then takes his presumptions to their illogical extremes; he has raged at the sun for its unbearable heat and then exalted it for its supreme power. These bipolar mood swings are a core part of Graham's personality – even the narrative observes that Graham's mood is only ever zero or hundred and almost never in-between.

Graham is easily affected by stories he finds compelling (for example, Jacuzzi's self-sacrificial act in 1932 touches Graham deeply). As such, he is often highly indecisive and will agonize over what next course of action he should take until his emotions spill over (and are released through aggressive action) or someone else makes the decision for him.

Graham relishes in dismantling all things tangible, be they humans or objects; 'dismantling' intangible things gives him no satisfaction. He hates it when others destroy vehicles he wants to destroy himself, just as Ladd hates people who kill those he wanted to kill himself. However he refuses to commit murder, for doing so would fill him with guilt. This should not be taken as a sign of mercy: he is fully capable of inflicting serious, lasting damage if he so chooses. A dislocated joint is terribly painful in its own right.

Emotions influence everything he does – his own emotions, and the emotions/feelings of others. As a child, he decides that is it fundamental he experience the feeling of being taken apart if he is to continue dismantling things at will. And so, he dislocates every single joint in his body. Even as a child, he had a sense that dismantling has consequences, and he had determined that it would be unjust to cause those consequences without experiencing them himself. To Graham, empathy is not only natural, but practically necessary.

With a character so driven by emotion, it is no wonder that Graham quickly becomes attached to those of whom he takes a liking. When he believes in someone he believes in them wholly: he idolizes Ladd; respects Raz Smith; and Jacuzzi leaves such a deep impression on him that Graham deems him one of his most important friends – and views him as a little brother of sorts – after only two years of friendship. When Shaft appears to be hiding secrets from him, Graham deliberately puts his trust in his subordinate all the same.

Graham's loyalty to and idolization of Ladd is so potent that he is perfectly happy to give Ladd the credit for something that he (Graham) accomplished, and is instantly offended (and full of bloodlust) when someone insults him. Despite Graham's overwhelming desire to fight Claire Stanfield, he respects Ladd's wishes and leaves Claire to him – and overcoming his own desires is no small feat.

Despite everything, Graham is actually quite intuitive. He correctly surmises that Shaft had orchestrated the fiasco at Dolce (and that Shaft knew more about what was going on than he did), and was able to detect and block Leeza Laforet's chakrams even though she hid in the shadows during their fight. Though his plans often go awry, Graham is quick to adapt and is quite versatile. However, he is still easily influenced by the heat of the moment, and his emotions will often override any common sense.

Chronology Edit

Born in Chicago sometime around 1912-1914 (see Trivia), Graham grew up with his parents and sister. His love for taking things apart was evident early on, and prior to his tenth birthday, his parents would scold him and chastise that he has no idea what things feel when they are dismantled (similar to how certain philosophies argue that everything has a soul). Graham realized that they were absolutely right, and decided that he had to learn that feeling for himself.

Somehow, Graham succeeded in dislocating all of his joints (he had even managed to pop every bone of his left hand out of their sockets, causing the flesh to swell horribly). His mother had rushed into his room at his moans of pain. Through his actions, Graham affirmed that he was a being that could indeed be taken apart, and that gave him a sort of peace. Now that he knew how it felt to be taken apart, he could continue taking other things apart - such was his thought process.

As an adult, Graham remembers little of the incident - only "pain, hopelessness, and a sense of paralyzing loneliness." It also took him a long time to figure out why he had thought such strange thoughts as a child, and how he could have hurt himself without reservation - and even why he wanted to continue dismantling objects after such an experience. Eventually he realized why: as a child, he had found it very hard to accept that everything dies, breaks, or otherwise rots away. He had desperately wanted to fight against those natural processes, eventually came to accept them, and so dismantled in pursuit of those processes himself. Graham has since dismissed his thoughts back then as "stupid."

Graham eventually found employment with the Van Dyke Auto Plant as a mechanic (he is a brilliant mechanic, being able to do impossible feats such as dismantling a car mid-air). According to Graham, he met Ladd one starless night, back when he'd been taking a ferocious beating from a bunch of has-been boxers turned gangsters. Ladd had come across the scene, and promptly punched one of them through the teeth. Graham was so charmed by Ladd's words (and brand of philosophy) that he dislocated the joints of the rest of the goons with his wrench, all the while trying to make sense of what Ladd had said.

Graham quickly grew to harbor deep admiration for his new friend Ladd, whom he refers to as Big Brother Ladd (兄貴はラッド Aniki wa raddo) or "Boss Ladd" in the English dub.

The working environment at the auto factory was not pleasant (Graham claims that he has the urge to cry whenever he remembers working there). During his employment at the factory he "was going through a lot," and he took solace in dismantling leftover parts and damaged vehicles - sometimes working the entire day without stopping. Eventually the factory's business plummeted, and to make ends meet it exploited holes in the Prohibition Act and started manufacturing bootleg liquor.

Graham "couldn't stand" watching the factory manufacture bootleg alcohol; he had always wanted to escape the factory's long history of corruption, and this was the catalyst. In the end, he reported the factory to the authorities. Afterwards, he found that he was still unsatisfied: in his mind, corruption was intangible - what he took real pleasure in was dismantling substantial, tangible things.

Graham ended up becoming the leader of "street rats" in New York, and his work turned to dislocating and dismantling joints, cars, and safes. He freely acknowledges that the work he undertook – and still undertakes – is 'much worse' than bootlegging, but the "unadulterated satisfaction" he gleans from destructive acts overrides any moral qualms he might have. From this, he has concluded on at least one occasion that he is the one who should be destroyed, and that the one thing he wants to destroy most is himself.

1931-1932 Edit

After Ladd is arrested and seriously injured after the Flying Pussyfoot incident on December 31, Graham finds a way to avenge his mentor by turning in the wanted Jacuzzi Splot to the Russos in January 1932. When he finds out that Jacuzzi Splot's gang is being sheltered by the Genoard Family, he decides to kidnap Eve and use her to coerce Jacuzzi Splot. Once he captures Jacuzzi, he will attribute the success to Ladd.  

Graham mistakenly kidnaps Chané Laforet instead, and when Jacuzzi comes and offers himself in exchange for her Graham is so touched by his self-sacrifice that he nearly accepts Jacuzzi's proposal. The rest of Jacuzzi's Gang arrive soon after, accompanied by Claire Stanfield. Graham and Claire briefly fight, but Graham realizes he cannot land a hit on him and decides to leave him to Ladd. Having taken a liking to Jacuzzi, he offers Jacuzzi's gang full use of the abandoned warehouse. 

That August, a reporter named Carl Digness contacts Graham's group under the guise of an interview for an article. They arrange to meet at the Jane Doe speakeasy at nighttime. Graham and Shaft arrive at the bar first – Graham orders milk and keeps up a constant stream of soft chatter to Shaft while they wait for Carl to arrive. Eventually, a drunk customer smashes an empty glass bottle onto Graham's table, fed up with the talking. Graham falls silent and seizes the man's ankle with his wrench, twisting it horrendously. 

Graham reaches a negative conclusion about himself and shouts in frustration; he proceeds to dislocate the rest of the drunkard's joints. Carl arrives several minutes later, by which time Graham has calmed down. Shaft shakes hands with Carl and explains that the incapacitated drunk merely "hit his leg on the table." 

Graham has enormously cheered up thanks to that hearty bit of dislocation work, and he is eager for the "fun story" that Carl will surely provide them. However, it turns out that Carl is not here to conduct an interview, but to give them a warning: the police suspect Graham's gang is behind the Ice Pick Thompson murders. Shaft asks what he means, and Carl rattles off a brief summary of Graham's life, demonstrating his knowledge as an information broker. Graham's delight is tempered when Carl mentions Ladd, and he corrects that Ladd is a murderer rather than a mere hitman. 

Now somber, Graham asks Carl why the police suspect his group. Apparently, the police's latest hypothesis is that the murders are committed by more than one person, so delinquents with no alibis naturally fall under suspicion. Furthermore, all the victims have some sort of connection to the Gandor Family - and Graham's gang has caused trouble on Gandor turf in the past. The police have ruled out the Runoratas and Martillos as the perpetrators already. 

Graham wants to know what Carl's reasons are for telling him this. The reporter replies that he 'knows' Graham's group is innocent, thanks to the Daily Days' information network. That, and he already suspects someone else as the culprit. 

The next day, Graham and company gather in a back alley near Broadway in an attempt to escape the summer heat. Graham somehow still has the energy to rant about humanity's relationship with the sun, but his underlings are too overheated to care. Shaft brings up their conversation with Carl the night before, and Graham briefly and inanely considers 'blitzing' the Daily Days and stealing all their information. The thought passes. Dizzied from twirling about in place, he lies on the ground and bemoans how the sun has sapped him of his energy.  

The rest of the delinquents ignore him and return to discussing the murders. The morning paper announced the death of a fifth victim, and the group wonders if she is also connected to the Gandor Family. (Meanwhile, Graham babbles about Quetzalcoatl and Con-Tici Viracocha). Someone remembers that another reporter was supposed to interview them - a reporter from a far bigger newspaper than the one Carl works for.  

The delinquents chatter about someone called Dallas and a Martillo capo with a 'girly face', expecting to laze about until sunset. To their surprise, a boy dashes through the alley at full speed, stomping upon Graham's solar plexus in his haste. He hurriedly apologizes, and disappears around the corner of the opposite end of the alley. With painful, violent coughs, Graham stands, swelling with anger – and then sadness at the thought that America is producing such rude children. He is once again brimming with energy. 

A newcomer greets them from the alley entrance, and asks them if they saw a boy pass by. Graham seizes the man's neck with the end of his wrench, and proceeds to blame the man for everything that's gone wrong that day – the boy's fervor, Graham's trampled solar plexus, and the wretched heat must all be this man's fault. As he prepares to swing down his wrench in righteous fury, his would-be victim exclaims, "I see!" Graham freezes mid-strike. The newcomer had no idea that the heat was his fault, and he sincerely apologizes for putting all of New York in jeopardy. Taking Graham's hands, he shakes them firmly and thanks Graham for showing him the error of his ways.  

The ensuing conversation is bizarre, and at one point Shaft sarcastically suggests that Graham should drench himself in medical alcohol to cool himself off via evaporation. Meanwhile, Graham decides that the newcomer is the Messiah. 

Later on, Graham takes Shaft's suggestion to heart and soaks himself in medical alcohol at one of their hideouts. The fumes intoxicate him to the point of unconsciousness, and the newcomer – who introduces himself as Elmer – takes Graham to a doctor. His kindness further endears him to Graham. 

Once Graham recovers, the two kindred spirits (and Shaft and company) head for the Jane Doe and get along splendidly. Graham learns that Elmer wants to make everyone in the world smile, a dream which he finds impossible - not to mention, Elmer would have to cause pain and suffering in order to achieve it. So why the fixation? Elmer's response is simple: "Because it'll make me happy." The answer satisfies Graham. 

A man in a long coat enters the speakeasy, but Graham is so engrossed in his conversation that he does not notice the customer until he looms over his seat. He immediately recognizes him as Raz Smith, and is ecstatic at their reunion. After enthusing over the thirty-odd guns in Smith's coat, he introduces Elmer to Smith as "the Messiah." Smith is intrigued by Elmer's personal mission. 

Smith gifts five of his guns to Graham, and closes his eyes to pontificate on how guns are the tangible form of madness. While his eyes are closed, Graham manages to perfectly dismantle all five guns. It has always been one of his life goals to dismantle a gun, and now that he has dismantled five he is overwhelmingly satisfied. Smith is a tad upset at this turn of events, but he reassembles one of the guns just as quickly as Graham had dismantled it. He proceeds to reassemble the others at similar speeds. 

Graham, Elmer, and Smith drink together for a little while, and Smith eventually departs to deal with a client.  

Toward the end of the evening, Graham agrees to help Elmer find Mark (the boy from earlier). That night, Elmer, Graham, and his crew split up and search the alleyways for Mark in the pouring rain. Shaft, Graham, and Elmer form one group of three.  

Graham asks Elmer why he is looking for Mark as they search, and Elmer answers that he just wants to know if Mark can ever be happy. Graham is confused, and Elmer elaborates: he just wants to know if a "serial killer who tried to kill himself" can ever be happy. Graham and Shaft promise to keep Mark's identity as Ice Pick Thompson a secret. 

A few minutes later, the trio spot Carl walking down the street, sans umbrella. Graham pokes Carl in the back with his wrench, startling him, and after some nattering admits he has forgotten the reporter's name. He also refers to how earlier that day he acknowledged the he himself is "the enemy of humanity." Elmer and Graham engage in a brief philosophical discussion over whether everyone dying happy is a good thing, but eventually manage to return to the matter at hand.  

Carl says that he is only out to enjoy the rain, and asks what the three of them are doing at such an hour and such weather: "Not hunting for Ice Pick Thompson, are we?" He had meant it as a quip, but Graham enthusiastically exclaims that that is exactly what they are doing. He asks if Carl has seen an unremarkable 'brat' running around with an ice pick.  

Over the course of thirty minutes, Graham, Elmer, and Shaft learn Mark's address from "a certain newspaper company" and head to his place of residence. Much to their surprise, they encounter Smith in the entranceway; when Shaft explains that they are looking for a boy called Mark, Smith somberly replies that he has just killed him. He dds that they may accompany him to where he will meet his client if they so desire. 

The three decide to follow him, and Graham peppers him with questions as they walk: did he really kill Mark, and did he kill Mark in that apartment? Smith affirms that he did, and Shaft whispers to Graham that the situation is even more dangerous now that they are involved with a murder. Graham, who is friends with the likes of Ladd Russo, is not too fussed. 

Smith comes to a stop by a building near Grand Central Station. He says his client is in the building, but from now on he and Graham's group are no longer associated. Whatever Graham and company choose to do is their business and he has had no part in influencing them. Elmer asks if Smith really did kill Mark, and at Smith's emphatic affirmative he whispers something into his ear. Once Smith enters the building, Graham worries that they might be interfering with Smith's plans; meanwhile, Shaft wants to know what Elmer said to Smith – but the sounds of clanging metal and gunshots from the building's interior belay Elmer's response. 

Upon heading inside, the trio discovers Smith surrounded by several men, Maria Barcelito, and Gandor capo Nicola Cassetti. Graham cries out in indignation at Smith's plight, but Smith is none too happy that Graham followed him inside. 

Nicola and Graham, who have a past history, recognize each other immediately. Nicola asks how Graham knows Smith; meanwhile, Graham wants to know why Smith is fighting the Gandors after they trounced him back in January. When Nicola sympathetically explains that Smith is Ice Pick Thompson, Graham insists that Smith is innocent: though Smith might be an assassin, he has never actually killed someone before.  

After a moment's silence, Smith protests that he is Ice Pick Thompson, and that he has killed four men so far. Graham is completely bewildered; Smith clarifies that he did not murder those men for money, but for vengeance. He proceeds to give the Gandor men a long and detailed account of the events that led him to murder. Graham realizes partway through the story that Smith is just reusing Mark's past, and he and Maria stop listening in favor of debating whether her katanas can slice through his wrench. 

When Smith is finished, Nicola signals for his men to confiscate Smith's firearms. Graham hurls his wrench at the space between Nicola and Smith (it embeds itself in the wall) and announces that he will not let Smith go without a fight. Nicola asks if he really intends to help Ice Pick Thompson, and Graham points out that he hangs out with a "homicidal lunatic." Nicola gestures for his men to lower their guns, since the police are probably trying to figure out where the earlier gunshots came from. He intends on handling the situation himself. Smith asks Graham how strong Nicola is, and Graham admits that Nicola's beat him six to one.  

Maria wants to join in despite Nicola's orders, and as she and Nicola prepare for a fight, Graham asks Smith what Elmer whispered earlier. Elmer explains that Smith's smile had been fake when he said he killed Mark, so he concluded that Smith was either lying or felt remorse for the death. Either way, he believed Smith to be a good person. With a bitter chuckle, Smith notes that Elmer was 'pretty insane' himself, but says that he will talk about 'it' later – assuming they survive the fight.  

The battle never happens: Nicola orders his men to stand down, having heard a commotion outside. Twenty delinquent members of Graham's gang crowd the street outside the building, and in the entryway is Shaft, pale and exhausted. Gasping for breath, he complains to Graham that it was very difficult to round up "all the guys" at such hour, and adds that he has also contacted Jacuzzi's gang at Millionaires' Row. They should arrive shortly. He flashes Graham a thumbs up, and Graham (utterly surprised) cannot help but wonder if Shaft has gone a little overboard. (Is Shaft going to wage war with humanity? Is he humanity's true enemy? Will Graham be able to stop Shaft's reign of terror?) 

Nicola denies Maria permission to fight the delinquents, and heads for the exit. Before he leaves, he asks Smith to confirm that he was not the one who killed Lisha Darken. Smith assures him that he did not, and reveals that Lisha's killer is really Lester – his previous client. 

In the aftermath of the incident, Carl speaks with Graham and his gang one more time. Later, Graham and Shaft meet with Smith and Mark at the Jane Doe speakeasy. Smith has taken on Mark as his underling, something that Graham approves of highly. Shaft's correction of 'underling' to 'apprentice' sends Graham off into another of his rants, which Carl (recently arrived) listens to surreptitiously. Shaft pokes fun at Graham for going with "the nameless boy with memory loss story" (presumably referring to whatever cover story Graham used for Mark while talking with Carl), and Graham quickly covers his mouth, remind him that the secret of Ice Pick Thompson is to stay between them. 

1934 Edit

Over the next two years, Graham's gang continues its various criminal activities, making a fair amount of commotion in territories controlled by large mafia families. This is partly not their fault - they were forced to expand after allocating Jacuzzi's gang some of their territory. Nonetheless, the large mafia families do not take kindly to their actions.  

Relief comes in the form of an offer from the Russo Family: Graham is hired by Placido Russo in December to travel to Chicago and capture the Lamia, a gang Graham calls "circus performers." He, Shaft, and several other of his gang members dutifully board a transcontinental express to Chicago. Inspired by Ladd's efforts aboard the Flying Pussyfoot two years prior, and wanting his Chicago arrival to be memorable, Graham decides that this is the perfect opportunity to try robbing a train.  

Once aboard the train, Shaft and two other gang members attempt to rob Gustav St. Germain and Carol, who happen to occupy one of the first class compartments. Gustav easily takes care of them, and when Graham reaches the car he finds his men on the floor and in pain. Hiding in the hallway, he hears Gustav inform Carol that he'd made an "educated guess" that they were going to be attacked while on the train. Graham coldly demands Gustav's identity from the hallway. After Gustav introduces himself, Graham in turn explains how he and his men decided to rob some 'blue bloods' on their way to Chicago. He'd very much like to know how Gustav came by his 'educated guess,' and asks if one of his men betrayed him.

Gustav demurs from answering, which infuriates Graham; he launches into a rant about how he'd thought the 'bastards' who can afford First-Class would all be tax-evading criminals, but the presence of Carol has now taken all the excitement out of the robbery. He insists that Gustav answer his question; the man is willing to negotiate (information for information), so Graham decides he will delay dislocating their joints for now. Gustav wryly notes that Graham is putting prices on people's heads, and Graham retorts that it is no different from putting prices on information.

Gustav invites Graham into the cabin for tea, and then relates to him the events of 1931 Another Junk Railroad - including the incident in which Graham mistakenly kidnapped Chané. Throughout the story, he speaks of Graham in the third person - but at the end it is clear that he knows that the man in front of him is Graham, since he describes the motives that led to Graham robbing this very train.

Once Gustav is finished, Graham stops slapping his wrench against his palm and silence fills the cabin. Gustav smiles and asks if Graham is satisfied. Graham cackles that he understands everything - Gustav really only needed to tell him the last part (which explained how he knew that Graham was going to rob the train), but he retold the "whole damn story" of what happened two years ago. In the end, Graham was just a tool for Gustav to tell the story to his young companion.

Gustav advises him to consider the story free of charge, and adds that he thought it would be beneficial for Graham to keep those events in mind on the way to Chicago. Graham laughs again, and admits that he is on his way to make "a beautiful mess" in the city. He is not exactly sure why, but he does know that the Russos mentioned something about 'immortals' and 'Huey Laforet'. Positively delighted with this turn of events, Graham announces that today has been nothing but interesting, and that Gustav's story has brightened it that much more.

After complimenting the tea, he decides to leave Gustav alone and prepares to make his exit. As thanks for the compliment, Gustav informs him that there is a man with a thin mustache in the adjacent First Class cabin. This man carries around cash and jewels so that he can show off his own wealth, and presumably fits the "unpopular miser" rumors that led Graham to the car in the first place. Graham frowns, smiles, and then slams the cabin door open, intending to investigate the tip. He proceeds to shout at his men to get up, having known all along that they already regained consciousness while Gustav was telling his story.

Shaft is the first to stand, complaining that they have done enough already. Graham counters that he is completely uninjured, so there is nothing stopping them from moving on to the proverbial round two. His claim is met with further objections from Shaft, who then brazenly asks Gustav if he could pour him a cup of tea. After remarking that Shaft is bolder than he gave him credit for, Graham warns him to hurry before exiting into the hallway with his other two underlings.

Once Shaft rejoins them, the group proceeds to thoroughly rob the mustached man – the only actual robbery they manage to pull off during the journey. Upon arriving in Chicago, Graham and his men spend the next few days wandering the city to avoid police attention; during this time, he takes the opportunity to show off his old workplace, and recounts his working days to them at least ten times). Meanwhile, the Russos live in constant fear that Graham will get himself arrested.

Eventually Graham does makes his way to the Russo Manor, where he is briefed on the Russos' mission for his crew by Placido himself. Placido explains that he wants Graham to 'invite' some 'guests' over to the family, alive but rendered 'harmless.'

File:LN9 Krieck-Graham.jpg

Graham accepts the job, much to Shaft's alarm, and Placido introduces him to Krieck and two other Russo capos. Krieck's disdain for Graham is not lost on him, but Placido curbs the brewing dispute and signals for Krieck to hand a photograph of the Lamia to Graham. He is immediately fascinated by the diverse bizarreness of the Lamia members, some of whom could have blended in perfectly with a circus troupe. Wary of Graham's motormouth, Placido threatens to put Graham through a meat-grinder should he reveal at any point that he is in cahoots with the Russo Family.

Impatient, Graham leaves to join the search for the Lamia posthaste. He and Shaft encounter two of the Lamia (Rail and Frank) on a bridge near the Wrigley Building - and are surprised to find Gustav and Carol with them (it has been ten days since they arrived in the city). During their confrontation, Rail sarcastically points out that there is no need for Graham to be polite since he is here to kidnap them, and Graham is dismayed by the accusation – only to be dismayed further when he realizes that he is, in fact, kidnapping them.

Rail and Frank attack Graham and his men. When Rail tosses a lit bomb at them with the intent to kill, Graham manages to deflect it just in time – thus saving his men. When Rail throws three small egg grenades his way he survives that too, though his uniform ends up scorched and smoking. Graham eventually subdues them, but more Lamia members (Leeza Laforet, Hong Chi-Mei and Sickle) arrive to defend their comrades. Chi dislocates Graham's shoulder. The pain – compounded with Chi's and Sickle's taunts – causes Graham to recall how he had dislocated all his joints as a child.

Popping his shoulder back into place, he ignores the pain and declares that he will leave Rail and Frank alive, and "not bother with the rest of them." He will break everything. In the ensuing fight, Rail realizes that Graham had been going easy on them before; Graham single-handedly defeats all of them, and the Lamia escape only thanks to Rail's smoke bombs.

Over the next few days, Graham spends his nights drinking at various bars, and then heads off to various squares or abandoned factories to work off his hangover. The activities are deliberately public; he is acting as bait in the hopes that the Lamia will seek him out, believing that they are similar to him. The Lamia do not rise to the bait, and invade Placido's manor instead – which Graham learns only because of Shaft's report. Graham mutters that he has been 'careless,' but that unpredictability is what makes life interesting.

Graham and company head for the Russo manor, where Graham spots Rail and compliments them for managing to blow up his boss's house. Krieck and two capos show up to confront Rail as well, but Graham flings Krieck out of the way; Christopher Shaldred arrives and knocks out the other two capos. Graham recognizes Christopher as Ricardo Russo's bodyguard, and asks if he plans on stopping Graham from charging Rail. Christopher plans on doing just that - not to mention, he heard what Graham did to Chi, Sickle and Frank.

Graham surmises that Christopher wants to fight. Chris admits that he does, but that he is not sure whether he should involve himself or flee instead as he has been useless in combat ever since he lost in a duel the previous year. His remark that Graham could prove his chance at 'rehabilitation' intrigues Graham, and the two fight until Rail runs off and Christopher points out he is unarmed against Graham's wrench.

A car accelerates towards them, but they leap away before it can hit either of them. Graham makes to attack the driver with his wrench, only to realize that the driver is Ricardo – who drives away as soon as Christopher dives into the car. Shaft soon shows up and attempts to drag Graham away by his arm as gunfire and explosions sound off in the distance; since the white-coated scientists do not appear to be interested in them, he believes they should use the opportunity to escape. Graham exclaims that the "one with the red eyes" (Christopher) was fascinating, but he allows Shaft to drag him away.

The next day, Graham delivers a long and wordy lament to his gang over how his heart is filled with sorrow and anger, and suggests that they head to a bar Shaft recommended in order to lighten the mood. The group heads to the Dolce Restaurant, which is empty save for its owner and a customer sitting on a barstool (Graham does not recognize him as The Poet, a member of the Lamia). Graham and the rest of his gang order Kansas style barbecue ribs; the owner heads off to the kitchen, and Graham idly remarks that the establishment seems more like a restaurant than it does a bar. Just as he says this, the Poet - his hat obscuring his eyes - delivers a soliloquy on fasting.

Enraptured by the speech, Graham rushes over to the counter to order a glass of tequila for the "artist," enthusing that he never expected to hear such lovely language in "such a corner" of the city. He celebrates his good fortune while the bartender brings over the tequila. When the Poet does not respond, Graham wonders if he is bashful before immediately feeling guilty for interrupting art in progress. He offers to buy the Poet another drink, but the Poet denies any offense. Graham does not fully understand the Poet's reply, but he admires the other man's spirit and encourages him to drink up.

Sensing that the other man is nervous, Graham stands and promises that he will remember the feelings the Poet has given him for the rest of his life before retreating to the men's bathroom. When he emerges, he finds that the Poet has been joined by Sickle and Christopher - whom he does recognize. He immediately takes out a small, ordinary wrench and chucks it at Christopher, who catches it with ease. Unsurprised, Graham reaches for his giant wrench and lifts it high into the air, overjoyed at their reunion.

Christopher takes the time to order Memphis style barbecue ribs from the quaking owner, and tosses the wrench up and down into the air as he talks. Ricardo's sudden appearance in the entryway distracts Christopher, and the wrench falls upon his head. Ricardo demands an explanation from Christopher, but Graham is impatient to just cut to the fight, since he has promised the owner that they will finish their business before the food arrives. He asks Christopher to shuffle to the right - the other man complies - and explains that this way Ricardo and "the lady in green" (Sickle) will not be involved.

The two start battling, and during the fight Christopher manages to catch Graham's wrench mid-swing. Graham reminisces about the last time someone avoided one of his blows - that someone was a man with red hair, and now it is someone with red eyes. He speculates on whether red is a lucky or unlucky color. Christopher delivers a painful kick to Graham's side, and in response Graham headbutts Christopher's face. The two combatants stop to take a breather, burst out laughing, and then fall silent in preparation to resume fighting.

Sickle delivers a low, sweeping kick that sends the two men tumbling to the ground. She has lost her patience, and intends to incapacitate them both. The ensuing three-way fight causes severe collateral damage to the restaurant, and is finally stopped when Ricardo dumps a bucket of tequila over all three of them and threatens to light them on fire. The owner begs them to stop fighting since today is the thirtieth anniversary of the store, and he and his wife worked so hard to maintain it.

The three of them are rather embarrassed, and Graham is both moved and wracked with guilt at such a touching plea. Ricardo demands an explanation for why Graham and Christopher were fighting, and as the two struggle to come up with an adequate explanation Jacuzzi and his friends run into the store, calling out Graham's name (they travelled all this way to Chicago because they heard Graham was in trouble - and also to help Miria Harvent find Isaac Dian).

Neither Sickle and Graham want to resume the fight, out of respect for the owners. Sickle wants to know where Graham's white-coated employers are. Graham is genuinely confused by the question, and Shaft reminds him about the gun-wielding lab-coats from yesterday's storming of the Russo manor.

Graham reminds Sickle that he still has business with her and others since they are on the Russos' wanted list, but Ricardo interjects that they have not had contact with Placido – which in Ricardo's opinion means the list is no longer valid. In fact, Ricardo thinks that Placido is dead. Graham agonizes over how he should react to the news, much to Shaft's vexation - and further exasperation once he realizes that Graham is drunk, or at the very least quite tipsy.

Once Graham sobers up, he apologizes to Jacuzzi for ignoring him, and promises to make up for it. In the meantime, he regretfully asks if Jacuzzi and his friends would mind helping him fix the restaurant.

The Lamia, Graham, Jacuzzi, and their respective gangs spend the next several hours restoring the restaurant to its former state. While Graham replaces the wallpaper, he talks softly to himself over what he has learned from Jacuzzi - the romantic circumstances of Isaac and Miria, two lost lovers, has moved him greatly. The tranquil atmosphere is shattered when a young member of Jacuzzi's gang darts into the store and cries that Nice Holystone, Miria, and Rail have been kidnapped by men in suits. Jacuzzi's gang erupts into chaos. They depart the store immediately, along with Graham and Shaft.

They regroup at the abandoned factory, where Shaft informs the crowd that Nice and the others have been taken to Nebula's headquarters, according to Russo sources. These sources also said that the kidnappers themselves were probably Nebula employees, and that they seem interested in Rail. Jacuzzi and the rest rush off, leaving Graham and Shaft alone in the factory.

Shaft asks Graham if something is wrong. Shooting him a sharp glance, Graham taps his wrench against the ground and asks for a few words in private - strictly confidential, if Shaft wants. Finally, he asks, "Did you think I was blind?" Shaft eyes him, and Graham brings up how Shaft led the gang to Dolce at "just the right moment" - did Shaft really think that Graham would buy running into the Lamia as an accident?

Shaft fumbles for an excuse, but Graham says he should not bother - they need to go rescue Nice and the others...not to mention, a good chance exists that Nebula really is behind the kidnappings. "I told you, I'm not blind." Grinning, Graham gently pats Shaft on the back with his wrench and says that just this once, he will "let it go" and put his trust in Shaft.

Ten minutes later, Graham, Shaft, Jacuzzi, and company dawdle outside the front doors of Nebula's headquarters. Jacuzzi asks Graham if there is any way they can figure out what's going on inside the building, and Graham recounts how his boss Ladd once single-handedly broke into Nebula's headquarters, killed the guards, and confronted Chairman Cal Muybridge. Therefore, they should follow in Ladd's footsteps by killing their way into the chairman's office.

Jacuzzi grabs Graham by the collar in panic, and the two realize that people are streaming out of the front doors of the building in droves. A sleek car pulls up to the curb, and out step Christopher and Ricardo; Ricardo runs over to them and gasps that Nice and the others are in the building at this very moment, on the thirtieth floor, heading for the roof. Jacuzzi immediately disappears into the building, followed by his gang. Christopher and Graham look at each other, and agree to call off their feud for today.

Graham informs his own gang that while he has left the red-haired man to Ladd and while his red-eyed enemy stands before him, he believes that it would be better to rescue Jacuzzi first. Before they all enter the building, Christopher asks Graham's opinion of the man with the red hair - Graham had not realized that Christopher knew the man too. He bursts into a cheerful song at the chaos unfolding in the building, and Graham glumly observes that Christopher cannot sing at all.

When Graham and his gang reach the rooftop gardens, they find a group of scientists (led by Renee Parmedes Branvillier) facing down Jacuzzi and company, with one of the men pointing a gun at Jacuzzi's face. Graham hurls a wrench at the man's hand, knocking the gun out of his grip. Stepping protectively in front of Jacuzzi, he hoists his oversized wrench and expresses his unhappiness with those currently pointing deadly weapons at "this young couple - two people I consider the most important in the world!" (Nice and Jacuzzi).

Graham and his men rush towards the scientists; meanwhile, Rail leaps over the guardrail and pulls the trigger on one of their bombs, letting it plummet towards the ground. Jacuzzi grabs Rail's arm just in time, and before he slips Nice grabs his arm to stop him from falling. Miria leaps over the railing and takes Rail's other arm, but the winds buffeting her soon cause her to lose her grip. Suddenly - from out of nowhere - Isaac appears, and grabs Miria by the hand. He and Nice pull the other three to safety.

Standing by, Renee inquires if her scientists can still claim self-defense if they shoot "these people" in the legs. One of her researchers points out that Graham might be trouble, so she orders him to shoot Graham's friend in the foot. Before the researcher can shoot Shaft's shoe, Christopher arrives and twists his arm upwards. Graham jibes that Christopher "really took his time." The two of them immediately join forces to knock out the rest of the scientists.

Graham and company enter Ricardo's employ in the wake of Placido's death.

1935 Edit

In February, Shaft drives Graham and Lua Klein to a New Jersey police station, where they expect to reunite with Ladd and celebrate his release from prison. Ladd is gone by the time they reach the station, and after a long lament Graham trundles back into the car. Shaft drives down the road with the intention of going to the train station, but the group is startled when a car comes careening around the corner. Its windshield is shattered, and on top of the car roof is Ladd Russo, who is holding a man in his right arm and pulling a man up through the roof with his metal left arm. The car crashes through the wall of a house. 

Ladd leaps off the car just before it crashes, and dragging the first man with one hand he heads over to Shaft and asks for a ride to New York. Graham exits the car and swings down his wrench atop Ladd's head in delight. The two have an energetic reunion. Ladd introduces his companion as Nader Schasschule, and the two of them get into the car. Graham elects to ride on the roof. 

From the rooftop, Graham gives Shaft directions to the Martillo Family casino. At the casino, Ladd gives Nader money and tells him to win money on Ladd's behalf. At Shaft's suggestion, he, Lua, and Graham head to Fred's Clinic in order to say hello to Who. Much to their chagrin, Who is not at the clinic, and they head back to the casino. Graham descends the stairs to the casino, spots Christopher inside and immediately throws his wrench at the homunculus. Christopher easily deflects the wrench with a kick.

Hopping onto the banister, Graham regales the crowd with a tirade of words on casinos and the unexpected reunion with "that red-eyed bastard" (Christopher). He and Christopher immediately devolve into fighting one another, during which time they bring up Graham's sister. The fight goes on for several minutes, and at some point Graham calls out to Ladd and asks him not to kill Jacuzzi (who is in the casino), since Jacuzzi is his friend and he needs to talk to Ladd about him anyway. Speaking of which, what is Jacuzzi doing here? He comes to a halt and mutters to himself about whether or not this is a reunion. 

Christopher takes Graham's wrench and hurls it at Ladd, who deflects the wrench with his metal arm after Jacuzzi shouts a warning at him. The wrench is sent spinning towards Rail, but Ennis kicks it away just in time. Graham asks Christopher why he attacked Ladd, and Christopher replies that he'd just wondered what Graham would do if he attacked someone Graham cared about. Bloodlust fills Graham's very core, but Ladd's bloodlust is even more overwhelming, and he backs down. 

Ladd asks if he can join the battle, and Graham protests that this is his fight. Ladd hears neither Graham's nor Christopher's answers and attacks Christopher with enthusiasm. Graham waves his wrench impotently and shouts at Ladd that Christopher is his and without him Graham will have no outlet for his sad story - and he will have no choice but to dismantle the casino's slot machines.

Christopher and Ladd cease fighting at the sound of a jackpot going off at a slot machine. The winner is Melvi Dormentaire, who applauds the show once everyone's eyes are upon him. He introduces himself, and Ladd insults his name and says that if he enjoyed the 'show' so much why did he fail to pay for it? Melvi considers those words, and offers Ladds the tokens spilling from the slot machine. 

Graham sucks in a breath and warns Lua and Shaft that this is "truly, exceptionally bad." Melvi is the sort of person Ladd hates the most. Melvi proceeds to win the jackpot on all seven slot machines. A minute later, a man wearing a tailcoat, biker goggles, and gloves descends the staircase, followed by a young teenaged boy, several women, men, and finally the rearguard - who appears to be the biker's twin. The teenaged boy smiles and introduces himself as Carzelio Runorata; he thanks Firo Prochainezo (the casino manager) for agreeing to come to the Runorata Family's party later that month. 

In the ensuing group talk, Melvi angers Ladd by confirming that he believes there is no way he will die here. Ladd immediately charges Melvi, only for Melvi's bodyguard to use a judo throw and slam him into the wall. Graham is shocked, and he glares at the bodyguard with a menacing grin. Ladd attacks the bodyguard again, but the man easily dodges all of his attacks. With one strike, he sends Ladd sprawling to the floor. Firo is excited, but Luck Gandor is unsurprised - and he asks the bodyguard why he likes that disguise so much. 

Put out, the bodyguard removes his false beard, glasses, and hat. Graham and the others are stunned when they recognize his face as Claire Stanfield. Ladd's bloodlust levels go through the roof, and he throws half of the roulette table Claire's way. Christopher moves to attack Claire as well, but Graham stops him, declaring that this is Ladd's fight. The two resume fighting. 

Melvi loudly informs Claire that they have to be off, and Claire leaps over to his side. Ladd, Graham, and Christopher are all out of breath - but Claire has yet to break a sweat. Ladd growls that the fight is not over, and Claire counters that the fight never even begun. If Ladd has a problem with that, he is free to fight him again whenever he wants. Bring a friend, or twenty if he likes. Ladd wants to continue the fight now, but Melvi pulls out a gun and aims it at Lua. 

Melvi, Claire, and Carzelio and his group all exit the casino. Maiza Avaro descends the stairs as they do. In the aftermath, Graham waxes lyrical about how he is torn over what to do next. Eventually he calms down, and talks to Ladd and Lua. 

Over breakfast the next morning, Ladd asks Graham to go check out Fred's Clinic and see if it is open. Graham leaves the restaurant to do just that, only to find a car parked directly in front of its front entrance, blocking passersby from both being able to enter and seeing into the building. Graham's solution is to dismantle the car, which attracts the attention of those who are inside the clinic: its employees Who, Isaac, Miria, Fermet, and their attackers.  

One of the attackers demands to know what Graham thinks he is doing, and Graham gives a rambling explanation of Ladd's orders and the 'trial' that confronted him when he came across the automobile. Isaac and Miria are extremely impressed when Graham claims that he is saving the world in dismantling the car, but the attackers are more concerned with silencing Graham before he attracts rubberneckers. Two of the thugs crawl over the car toward Graham while the third man approaches Who, but Graham easily dislocates the joints of the first thug while a newly arrived Ladd bashes in the teeth of the second. Ladd explains to a confused Who that he heard all the clanging and came over to see what was happening. 

The thugs escape after igniting a smoke bomb. Graham, unconcerned, continues dismantling the car while Ladd reunites with Isaac and is introduced to Miria. Eventually, Graham, Shaft, Ladd, Isaac, and Miria head over to Fred's Poorhouse. While Ladd talks with Nader Schasschule in his room, Graham regales Isaac and Miria with a "sad, sad story" - only Isaac and Miria protest that he should stop, since telling sad stories will make all his happiness run away. Their unexpected response thoroughly bemuses and confuddles Graham. 

The sounds of angry shouts and laughter coupled with metal against metal entice everyone in and around Nader's room down to the first floor to investigate the cafeteria. They find Smith and Maria at odds with Luck trying to mediate between them, and Ladd and Graham comment on the proceedings from their position n the outside hallway. 

Once Luck restores calm, he offers Smith and Alkins a job working for the Gandors as muscle at the upcoming three day party at Ra's Lance, explaining the special circumstances surrounding the party and the Runoratas - including the possibility that the terrorist Huey may be involved. Huey's name instantly invokes a reaction from Ladd and Nader in the hallway, and fed up with Smith's personality Ladd tears into the cafeteria and drives his foot into Smith's back. He reminds Smith that the only reason he is still alive is because Graham likes him so much, and then turns and offers to give Luck a hand for half the price he is paying Smith. 

At midnight, Luck and his brothers Keith and Berga gather all the assassins Luck plans on hiring for Ra's Lance around the billiards table in Coraggioso's basement, including: Graham and Ladd; Smith and Mark; Alkins; and Maria. One more assassin is due to arrive, but given how late they are and how late the time is, Luck decides to go ahead and explain exactly what he has in mind - though he first has to deal with Graham's motormouth and Smith's and Ladd's antagonism.  

The explanation takes twenty to thirty minutes, after which a Gandor man informs Luck that the last member has arrived. Everyone turns to the stairs to get a glimpse of the new arrival. 

When the first day of the party arrives, Graham and the other assassins scatter throughout the area surrounding Ra's Lance with the plan being to meet up at the building should anything unusual happen. 

The next day finds Graham, Ladd, and their followers loitering around one of Little Italy's main streets while waiting for Shaft to arrive with Nader in his car. Ladd asks Nader if he really was at the Ra's Lance party last night like they heard, and it turns out that Nader was - though he claims he was just checking the place out. Graham, who has climbed on top of Shaft's car, bursts into one of his philosophical rants which Shaft advises Nader to just ignore. 

Meanwhile, Ladd gives Nader a black bag full of money and asks him to use the money and make 'a big stink' at the Runoratas' tables during the second day of the party that night - whether that be in the vein of winning or losing is irrelevant. The main thing is that he can garner the Runoratas' attention, at which point Ladd wants him to spread a rumor that Ladd found himself a treasure aboard the Flying Pussyfoot. There is a chance that Nader might be targeted, at which point Ladd can step in and take care of his attackers, thereby putting Ladd in a good mood.  

Eventually he and Nader fall to talking over what makes someone fun or boring for Ladd to kill, and the conversation topic leads Ladd to ask Graham if he thinks it is possible for a coward like Nader or Who to become a hero (Ladd would have said it was impossible). After reasoning it over through one of his usual imaginative yarns (in which a coward faces off against Martians), Graham concludes the same. His world view is rocked when Lua, from Shaft's car, counters his story and argues that the very essence of a coward surviving until he is the last man on Earth (fighting against the Martians just by being alive) is amazing in its own right. In other words, Lua would consider that man a hero. Graham is thunderstruck.  

Nader has to leave to get ready for the casino party, so Graham, Ladd, Lua, and Shaft decide to mosey over to Fred's Clinic so Ladd can thank Doctor Fred for looking after Lua and Who on the Flying Pussyfoot - only to find a crowd of rubberneckers blocking their way to the building. Ladd and Graham shoulder their way through the crowd without much trouble, and then demand that the guards at the entrance let them in. The guards refuse, but Ladd goes inside anyway when someone calls Ladd's name. He tells Graham to wait outside in the interim. 

Several minutes later, and without any warning, a gigantic grizzly bear emerges from the clinic. A pair of recently arrived identical twins use throwing knives to disarm the clinic's guards, announcing that they work for the Runoratas and that they are here to reclaim their master's 'friend'- aka the bear. Graham, meanwhile, is enamored with the bear and cannot wait to 'take it apart', much to Shaft's grief. A bespectacled man named Victor Talbot bursts out of the clinic and shouts at the guards to stop the bear, but Isaac and Miria follow after him and block his way. He is promptly punched by Ladd, who emerges from the clinic right as Isaac and Miria climb on top of the bear. 

The bear takes off, with Isaac and Miria on its back. The twins tear after it on their motorcycles, as do Ladd and his entourage by car - with Shaft driving and Graham doing a handstand on its roof, despite the speed. Victor manages to cling to the car's bumper and hold on despite being dragged across the road during the journey. The entourage passes Luck, Smith, Alkins, and Maria on the way, and Graham waves at them as Shaft's car careens by.  

The chase comes to an end in Central Park, where Graham and the others are confronted with a suspicious setup: a man called Salomé Carpenter has been operating an amplifier - emitting the piercing sound that attracted the bear to the park. Surrounding him are various members of the Larva. Salomé switches off the amplifier at the sight of the bear. 

Graham and the Lamia members who have encountered him before (Sickle, Frank, Chi, etc.) recognize each other, and thus are the first to have some understanding of the situation. Looking around for and spotting the Poet, Graham points his wrench at him and shouts, "It's God! What is the God of Language doing here?!" Ladd gets out of the car and stretches, asking Graham if he and "that bearded guy" are acquainted. Graham, elated, explains that the Poet is a god who can control language while the Poet attempts to explain Graham to Salomé - only he is far more cautious.  

Ladd listens to the Poet with some amount of enjoyment, remarking that he does seem like the sort of person Graham likes. He wonders what would happen if the Poet met Smith, a hypothetical encounter which Graham believes would be cataclysmic for the world. As the two talk, Ladd notices that Salomé is on the verge of ignoring him completely; he darts over and grabs Salomé by the throat. The Lamia rush at Ladd, only for Graham to physically block them, spinning his wrench so fast that its afterimage makes it look like a shield. He chastises them for interrupting Ladd's lecture. 

A Lamia member lunges at him, and he and Ladd team up to take on various members of the Lamia while the twins circle the fray on their motorcycles and various onlookers look on. During the fight, a Lamia member flings their kusari-fundo at Graham, but he catches the chain around his wrench and uses it as part of his own weapon.  

The fighting comes to a brief halt at a tremendous roar courtesy of the bear, and Chané shows up and swipes one of her knives Ladd's way. Graham is conflicted by Chané's arrival, since he does not hate her but also does not want to betray Ladd. He cannot be on neither of their sides, so he must be on both of their sides. Ladd is surprised at the implication that Graham and Chané know each other, distracted enough that he only avoids Chané's knife slicing through his throat at the last second. 

Chané and Ladd proceed to duel, while Graham guards against any Larva members from intervening. Christopher (who had been watching on the outskirts) reveals his presence to the shock of Graham and others, but the duel continues on without pause. Meanwhile, upset at seeing their friends fighting, Isaac and Miria are forced to conclude that given the presence of the bear Ladd and Chané must be practicing for a circus show - some sort of Romeo vs. Juliet duel scene. Graham and Christopher both attempt to envision such a storyline. 

The duel wages on. Graham cannot help but find it beautiful, comparing Ladd and Chané to gears perfectly fitting together – and they do right up until a newly arrived Alkins forcibly breaks up the fight. Ladd points out to Alkins (his temporary ally via the Gandors' job) that Chané is with Huey, which means she must be with the Runoratas – aka anti-Gandor, which means she is an enemy. Alkins sees his point, but notes that it will be faster to take her down in a team effort right as Maria (just arrived, with the rest of Luck's entourage) attacks Chané. 

With that, the fighting resumes – this time with Graham taking on Sickle as Ladd faces off against Chané. The fighting comes to a halt just as quickly at an incredibly loud noise that sends the bear running over to Salomé, Isaac and Miria tumbling off its back. No – not Salomé; Claire Stanfield, holding Salomé's portable speaker. Through the speaker, Claire announces that his employee Melvi Dormentaire will be having a showdown with Firo at Ra's Lance tomorrow, and that Claire's job will be to stand guard outside their room. He invites everyone present who has a bone to pick with him to try and attack him at his post, with the promise that he will not run or hide. 

Engaged, Ladd leaps at Claire and is immediately swatted aside by the bear. The twins point their guns at Ladd for having endangered their master's bear, at which point Victor shoots a bullet into the air and identifies himself as a BOI agent. Not wanting to deal with the police (who will undoubtedly arrive thanks to the gunshot), everyone prepares to disperse - but not before drawing battle lines: one on side are Graham; Ladd; and the Gandor team, on the other are the twins; Chané, the Larva, and the bear. Lua, Shaft, Victor, Isaac, and Miria take no sides.  

Finally, everyone disperses. Graham and Ladd rejoin Shaft and Lua in Shaft's car.  

(To be continued in 1935-E)


Graham's weapon of choice is a large crescent wrench that he can throw like a boomerang (aiming at proper angles when thrown so that it will come back like a boomerang)...or simply use as a blunt instrument of brute force. He can also use it for impressively delicate feats: he has caught everything from bullets to people's throats inside the wrench's vice, and he can dislocate joints as easily as he can unscrew a bolt. All of this makes him far more unorthodox and unpredictable than Ladd, for it is far more difficult to discern a pattern in his fighting.

It is no exaggeration to claim that Graham is one of the most powerful fighters in the series. He was capable of defeating the Lamia (who had recently crippled some of the Russo's top men, including three incomplete immortals), kidnapping Chané Laforet (who had gone toe-to-toe with Ladd on the Flying Pussyfoot), and he even briefly held the Rail Tracer in a stalemate. According to Ladd Russo, Graham is much better than he is in a fight – he just refuses to kill his opponents.

His personality often confuses his enemies, who are unequipped to deal with his frequent mood-swings during a fight. It appears that when his mood changes his fighting style adjusts slightly as well.

Graham is also capable to reassemble and disassemble almost any kind of machinery at an incredibly fast rate

Quotes Edit

  • “Life is insubstantial, so taking it brings me no joy. I don’t like it. I get nothing from it except feelings of guilt. So no, not for me.”
  • "Ahh, tedium is such a crime. It takes the limited amount of time that is given to man and rather than spending it in indolence or drowning it in pleasure, it just sits there, sucking, eating it up. I can't put up with that. Tedium is a crime! Death to tedium! Die die, won't you die-die now, die you, die me!" - Episode 15
  • "Time spent in boredom is good. I think it's what allows the climaxes of life to reach their ultimate state of perfection. At least that's what I'm going to choose to think that the way life has been laid out for us this fine day anyway. ...Simply put, if we're wrong, we're wrong. These are known as the very essence, the very spice of life. There is nothing tedious in the whole world, at least not during these exciting times." - Episode 15
  • "Let me tell you a sad, sad story..." (multiple variants)

Trivia Edit

  • Graham's initial meeting with Ladd is highly different in the anime. In Episode 14, Ladd is sent out to kill the employees of the auto plant Graham works at because they have been sending low quality parts to the Russo Family. As Ladd makes liberal use of his rifle, one of his bullets hits a car. This enrages Graham, and the two fight. Graham loses, but the two become friends anyway. According to the anime, this meeting takes place in 1929.
  • Ladd regards Graham as an honorary little brother of sorts. Graham himself treats Jacuzzi like a little brother in turn.
  • There are many examples of characters mistakenly identifying other characters throughout Baccano!, but Graham's make for some of the most notorious. Not only did he mistakenly think Chané was Eve in 1932, he wrongly assumed that Gustav and Carol were the Poet and Sickle in 1934. In both cases, his assumptions were based off wanted poster descriptions, and involved attempted kidnappings.
  • According to 1935-A: Deep Marble, Graham has challenged the Gandor Family capo Nicola Cassetti to plenty of fights, but Nicola always ends up beating him. As of August 1932, their tally was Nicola's six wins to Graham's one win.
  • Like other characters, Graham's age is kept vague. In 1932, he is said to be "about twenty," but in 1934 he is also described as "about twenty."

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