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The Gandor Family is a small mafia outfit based in Little Italy, Manhattan. It doubled its territory over the course of the 1920s under the leadership of Keith Gandor and his younger brothers Berga and Luck, who warded off other syndicates through non-aggression pacts and often used extreme violence in order to maintain independent territorial control.

While that violence simultaneously protects and terrifies the residents who live in Gandor-controlled territory, the residents are generally grateful for the benefits of said protection as the Gandors make a conscientious effort to 'give back' to the community. Not only do they invest in social welfare projects like Fred's Poorhouse, they cultivate local trust by refusing to deal in drugs and refuse to needlessly endanger innocents' lives. However, the family's need to project an air of unquestionable authority ensures that they make a violent, public show out of those who would defy them (debtors unable to replay loans, traitors, etc.).

As a small syndicate, the family draws upon multiple sources of income to sustain itself. They have benefitted immensely from Prohibition, with the illegal distribution of income serving as one of their primary sources until Prohibition's end in 1933, but also generate profits from underground betting parlors and casinos, loan sharking, extortion, and racketeering. 

The Gandors have enjoyed an amicable relationship with the similarly small Martillo Family Camorra since 1928, when a brewing war between both families was defused at the last moment. Though the Gandors would go on to sign a nonaggression pact with the Runorata Family in January 1932 to end the two families' feud, the bad blood between them has yet to be forgotten. As one of tens of local syndicates invited to and attending the Runorata's casino party in February 1935, the Gandor Family remains wary of Runorata intentions.


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Members and Affiliates (Current and Former)[]

Gandor Triumverate Position Immortal Status
Keith Gandor Don Complete Immortal
Berga Gandor Boss (second-eldest) Complete Immortal
Luck Gandor Boss (third-eldest) Complete Immortal
Second Tier Position Immortal Status
Tick Jefferson Torture Specialist Mortal Human
Maria Barcelito Bodyguard; assassin Mortal Human
Nicola Casetti Capo Mortal Human
Other Members Position Immortal Status
Edith Coraggioso waitress Mortal Human
Jorgi Finances manager (former; executed for betrayal) Mortal Human
Mike and four men Members (d. Nov 1930) Mortal Humans



Immortal Status

Felix Walken Hitman Contractee Mortal Human
Alkins Hired Assassin (Ra's Lance; temporary) Mortal Human
Ladd Russo Hired Assassin (Ra's Lance; temporary) Mortal Human
Graham Specter Hired Assassin (Ra's Lance; temporary) Mortal Human
Laz Smith Hired Assassin (Ra's Lance; temporary) Mortal Human
Mark Wilmens Smith's Apprentice (Ra's Lance; temporary) Mortal Human