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I wasn’t trying to save the villagers. On the contrary. I hate them. But, more than that…I couldn’t stand the idea of losing this world. And so… And so I killed the headman. I killed Master Dez—no, I killed Dez! I don’t regret it. I’ll never regret it, ever.

–Fil, 2001 The Children of Bottle/Chapter 4

Fil (フィル, Firu) is a homunculus created from the research of Szilard Quates and his descendants, including Bilt Quates. She is a consciousness contained in a water-like liquid that can possess any body that consumes it. Fil inhabits several bodies at the same time, all those of artificially created young girls, due to the fact that her vessels have extremely short lifespans.


Fil's bodies, while not identical, look quite similar to each other with slight variations in facial structure and hairstyle. The base 'template' for the girls appears to feature short blonde hair and green eyes. The bodies themselves do not appear to visibly age.

When first introduced, the Fil vessels are wearing bright red clothes with white cloth accenting the sleeve cuffs reminiscent of Santa Claus' famous costume.


Years of abuse instill within Fil a deep sense of sadness and lacuna of positive emotions before Elmer arrives in the village, rendering her incapable of smiling. Elmer's arrival in the village, bolstered by the arrival of his friends five years later, is what sparks hope in her and makes her want to be able to smile for him.

Her behavior veers toward the meek, apologetic, and submissive on the whole, but internally she harbors a great deal of hatred for Dez Nibiru and the other abusive villagers. That hatred first externally manifests in the form of her murdering Dez, an act which she refuses to regret. Another major instance of Fil assertive acting on her anger is when she gives up a vessel for Feldt and proceeds to slap the vessel/Feldt out of anger, unwilling to let him escape punishment for what he has done.


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  • Fil learned English largely from Elmer.