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People have told me I tend to get carried away for many, many years. I told myself that being called thoughtless was a sort of compliment; I’ve fooled myself that way all this time. But, you see, if you reword that a bit, it just means a fellow who can’t read the atmosphere, doesn’t it?

–Elean, 1932 Drug & The Dominos/Purchase

Elean Duga (エレアン・ドゥーガー, Erean Dūgā) is an information broker at the Daily Days and the copy editor of the newspaper's Chinese edition. He plays a role in aiding Eve Genoard's search for her brother Dallas Genoard.


Elean is a tall black man with curly black hair. He is always seen wearing rose-tinted glasses and a black "traditional Chinese Tang suit."


Ryohgo Narita has described Elean as 'brooding' and 'severely bipolar'. He is well known for his 'depressive episodes', and has used extremely deprecatory language to refer to himself more than once in the novels. However, he largely comes across as well-meaning and good-hearted. He would much rather give a client good news than bad news, which he "truly loathes from the very depths of his heart."


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Story Changes[]

The anime heavily modified the original 1932 timeline, completely cutting out the important secondary plot and several characters associated with said plot. In Elean's case, his role was expanded in the anime versus his role in the light novels. Everything that happens towards the end of the anime—Elean rescuing Eve and accompanying her to the Gandor hideout out of guilt—does not happen in the novels.

Instead, Nicholas and Elean catch wind that Gustavo is planning on attacking the agency. The President tells them to gather all the employees and information for the next day's newspapers and go into hiding (escaping via the sewers), where the employees will continue to work uninterrupted (as the DD Newspaper Agency has never skipped an issue).

Elean, Benjamin, and Samantha camp out on the roof of a building adjacent to the newspaper agency, and Elean observes the unfolding events via binoculars. It is from there that he sees Eve and Roy (accompanied by Claire) enter the building, where Gustavo's showdown with Luck is soon to take place.


  • Like Nicholas, Elean is described as having a "New York accent" in the novels.
  • Elean speaks fluent Chinese.
  • Elean appears to be religious to some extent, as implied when he says in The Slash: Bloody to Fair that "God in his wisdom is equal in all things, and this time's no exception!"