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I promised! At least let me keep my promise! I told you I'd save you. I told you I'd protect you. So don't run!

–Edith to Roy Maddock, 1932 Drug & The Dominos

Edith (エディフ, Edifu) is Roy Maddock's girlfriend and a waitress who works at the jazz hall Coraggioso.

She is one of the protagonists of 1932 Drug & The Dominos.

Appearance Edit

Edith has long dark brown hair, which is cut shoulder-length in 1932 as punishment for her misdeeds. She wears a dark dress with a white collar.


Edith is a patient and loving woman. Despite Roy's continual inability to break away from his drug habit, she never gives up in trying to save him from himself. She is brave enough to risk her life for him, and determined enough that she takes it entirely upon herself to save him from a very dangerous situation. Mature and owning up to responsibility, she visits the Gandors and confesses that she betrayed them in spite of fearing their retribution.


1932 Drug & The DominosEdit

Edith's ongoing attempts to dissuade her boyfriend, Roy, from using drugs continuously end in failure, leading to a strain in their relationship. At the height of the Gandor-Runorata feud in late December 1931, she and Roy have a huge argument which concludes with her storming off.

When Edith learns that Roy stole a case filled with the Runorata Family's latest drug, she decides that it is up to her to save him and takes the case to Alveare, where she meets with her friend Lia Lin-Shan. Lia agrees to hide the case for her.

One incident involves her securing a suitcase of drugs stolen from the Runorata family and smuggling it to the Martillo speakeasy, Alveare, with the help of Lia Lin-Shan. Edith later pursues Roy after he seemingly vanishes from New York, not realizing that he's gone off the grid in order to find Eve Genoard.

Fearing for Roy's safety, Edith visits the Daily Days and speaks with Henry, an information broker. The two arrange a deal: Henry will give Edith more information on Roy if she can provide him with information on Vino, a man formerly known as Claire Stanfield.


Left with no choice and desperate to save her lover, Edith returns to Coraggioso to speak with her employers, the brothers Keith, Berga, and Luck Gandor. She thus confesses that she has "betrayed" them and Keith's anti-drug policy, explaining that she knowingly abetted Roy with his case of drugs.

The Gandors discuss amongst themselves how to punish Edith, obviously reluctant to punish a woman. Eventually Tick suggests that he cut her hair as punishment instead, so as to spare her the death penalty commonly associated with breaking Omerta. The Gandors agree, and the resulting haircut is more becoming on Edith than her previous one.

Edith then remembers her deal with Henry, and she asks if the Gandors know of a man named 'Vino.' A redhead wh had previously been talking with Tick and now sat attempting to juggle twenty scissors, turns around and identifies himself as the very same. Edith explains her deal with Henry to him, and he follows her to the Daily Days and proceeds to interrogate Henry off the end of a train.

Edith winds up at the Daily Days during Gustavo Bagetta's raid of the building. She reunites with Roy, only for Begg Garott to hold her at gunpoint and demand that Roy shoot himself up with Begg's new drug. After securing Begg's promise to let Edith go, Roy injects the drug into his body - and then slices his wrist open with a jagged piece of glass in an attempt to commit suicide and deny Begg the reaction he'd been seeking.
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Begg Garott holds a gun to Edith's head.

Torn, Begg advises Edith to take Roy and run to the hospital before he (Begg) regenerates, and he shoots himself through the head. Edith manages to deliver Roy to the doctor Fred in time to save his life, and Roy wakes up days later at Fred's Clinic. In the interim, Edith works with the Gandor brothers to cover up Roy's theft of the Runorata truck.

In the end, Edith's job as a waitress is secured, and Roy decides to finally go clean. He also begins working at Fred's Poorhouse (a Gandor-sponsored facility) to pay off his debt to the Gandors per Edith's arrangement with them.

1933-1935 Edit

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