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Dez Nibiru (デズ・ニビル, Dezu Nibiru) was a homunculus created from the research of Szilard Quates. He was initially created in the same lab as Fil but wrested his freedom from the lab's control as a youth, taking his own water with him so that he could make an independent life for himself in the Northern European Village.

Dez married the then headman's daughter and they had an infant son called Feldt, who died in his sleep. He gave the body his own 'water,' and lied to his wife about their son's death. From then on, he lived a double life, as both his son and himself.

Eventually his wife died from illness. Convinced that she would have lived had she had access to modern medicine, he planned to eventually destroy the village and leave for the outside world.

As the mayor of the village, he led the villagers in abusing Fil—who eventually killed the Dez vessel once he revealed he planned to take over the minds of the rest of the villagers. Though the Dez vessel was killed, his consciousness survived in Feldt's body.