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Endings Index

The following is an index of all fifty-nine endings available for the Nintendo DS game. Each ending has a title and number, and all feature voiced commentary from Firo Prochainezo save for Ending 3, which is accompanied by commentary from Upham instead.

Endings 7-40 occur during the Local Train Episode; 40-59 occur during the Express Train episode. Endings which are only available once one completes Local Train, Express Train, and the bonus episode are marked with a ♦ symbol.

List of Endings[]

The scroll box below contains a list of all ending titles.

Principle Endings
  • Ending 1: "Local Train" Episode
  • Ending 2: "Express Train" Episode
  • Ending 3: A Delightful Young Man Episode
  • Ending 4: Brave of Death Episode♦
  • Endings 5-6: The Special Quiz Episode♦
Local Train Episode Endings
  • Ending 7: Who Was the Ruthless Killer?
  • Ending 8: The Beauty of Clear Eyes♦
  • Ending 9: Don't Chant His Name!♦
  • Ending 10: A Critical Mis-Identification
  • Ending 11: A Ticket That Summons Tragedy
  • Ending 12: The Beloved Caught in the Ricochet...
  • Ending 13: A Red Monster Devours the Killers♦
  • Ending 14: Victory for the Terrorists
  • Ending 15: Victory for the Killers
  • Ending 16: The Legend of the Strongest Chef!♦
  • Ending 17: Santa Claus is Late
  • Ending 18: The Terrorist In Love
  • Ending 19: Wine With a Married Woman
  • Ending 20: A Fated Love♦
  • Ending 21: Vamp!♦
  • Ending 22: The Monster's Name is Isaac♦
  • Ending 23: In the Corner of a Cheap Bar...♦
  • Ending 24: A Red Monster Devours the Delinquents
  • Ending 25: Junk Jacuzzi♦
  • Ending 26: The Curse of Playing Train♦
  • Ending 27: Showdown between Isaac and Ladd
  • Ending 28: Calm Down, Donny!
  • Ending 29: A Red Monster Devours the Jokers
  • Ending 30: A Red Monster Devours the Evildoers
  • Ending 31: Ladd in the Sights
  • Ending 32: Terrorists + Bombs = Bad
  • Ending 33: The Lemures' Leader is a Bomb Queen♦
  • Ending 34: Is This What They Call "Tsundere?"
  • Ending 35: The Way of the Warrior is Strength Under Fire!
  • Ending 36: Everything Goes Boom
  • Ending 37: She Follows After Him
  • Ending 38: He Follows After Her
  • Ending 39: Chané Disappears With the Dawn♦
  • Ending 40: At Least He Spared His Life...♦
Express Train Endings
  • Ending 41: At That Time, the Killers...♦
  • Ending 42: Czes, the Ruthless Killer
  • Ending 43: The Girl Misspoke
  • Ending 44: Czes, Why?
  • Ending 45: He Leaves with the Caboose♦
  • Ending 46: The Worst Chance Meeting
  • Ending 47: Mary was Safe...
  • Ending 48: The Train Continues Through the Fog♦
  • Ending 49: A Red Monster Devours the Immortal♦
  • Ending 50: Oops... He Fired♦
  • Ending 51: Czes Surrenders to the Strange Red Man♦
  • Ending 52: Czes is Deceived by the Red Monster
  • Ending 53: Gakuen Kino♦
  • Ending 54: His Fiancée's Name is Rachel♦
  • Ending 55: Don't You Dare Cheat on Me♦
  • Ending 56: Lua Dies for Love
  • Ending 57: Happy Ending♦
  • Ending 58: Misfortune Falls Like Dominoes♦
  • Ending 59: Was it Really an Accident?

Principle Endings[]

These endings conclude significant "arcs." Endings 1, 2, and 3 are canon endings; Endings 4 and 5 conclude sizable non-canon arcs available post-game.

"Local Train" Episode

Firo's Commentary: "Congratulations! The train reached New York safely. But there sure are a lot of mysteries left, huh? If you want to know more of the truth, try the Special Express line next."

Summary: This Ending follows the canon ending of 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Local, featuring Jacuzzi Splot's showdowns with Goose Perkins and the Rail Tracer and the Flying Pussyfoot's arrival in New York City. It is reached by making exclusively canon choices throughout the episode, and its text is unabridged.

"Express Train" Episode

Firo's Commentary: "Congratulations! The train reached New York safely. But apparently there are some people acting up behind the scenes. There’s an extra episode somewhere—check that out."

Summary: This Ending follows the canon ending of 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Express, including the showdown between the Rail Tracer, Ladd Russo, and Chané Laforet and concluding with the epilogues that reveal what happened to everyone after the train's arrival in New York City. It is reached by making exclusively canon choices throughout the game, and its text is unabridged.

A Delightful Young Man Episode

Commentary from Upham of the Lemures: "This is a record of what happened between me and an Immortal who called himself Elmer. As for what happened to the Immortal called Fermet after that, I don’t know. Someone from 'the other side' will probably tell the story someday. But I know that won’t be the role of a coward like me."

How to Reach (Cause): Once the player completes both Local Train and Express Train, the game will inexorably launch this Ending after the credits. This ending is entirely canon, save for a minor retcon, and all dialogue is voiced.

What Happens (Effect):

Scene 1: Turner's point of view, second class car, 8:33 PM. Having been exiled from the dining car, a first class passenger called Turner wanders through a second class car hoping to find either people who are neither the Black Suits or the White Suits, or at least a good hiding spot. He tries to stay alert, but only grows more frightened once he realizes he has no means of defending himself. Furthermore, he cannot bring himself to open a cabin door on the off chance a White Suit is behind it—so he simply progresses throughout the car.

One of the compartment doors opens, much to his panic, and out steps a young man with thick bangs hiding his eyes. The man—Lebreau Fermet Viralesque—kindly asks if Turner is all right, and Turner splutters not to scare him once he discerns Fermet is neither a Black Suit or a White Suit. Fermet asks what is going on, as he has heard multiple frightened people pass his room, before inviting Turner inside the cabin where it is less dangerous.

Turner, indignant that his money has been effectively useless thus far, starts going through his wallet's contents to calm himself down. Fermet notices, but is more concerned with checking the hallway every now and then: "Still, why would he be here...?" Turner asks if he knows the terrorists; Fermet explains that while he does not 'know' the terrorists, per se, he recognized the boy who wandered past his cabin earlier with a girl accompanying him.

Looking a little frightened, Fermet explains that the boy is in fact an adult terrorist with multiple aliases who used some sort of drug to halt his growth. He knows this because he saw a photograph of Czes while working as a former investigator for the BOI—since fired due to causing trouble for an incompetent boss. He refuses Turner's request for him to arrest or kill the train's troublemakers, since he is no longer a BOI agent and would not receive payment.

Relieved to have found a problem solvable with money, Turner slides one of his cash bundles towards him. Fermet pockets the money and Turner's most expensive gemstone as a down payment, and asks Turner to stay put while he investigates the train. Before he leaves, he introduces himself as Victor Talbot.

Scene 2: Turner's point of view, second class cabin, 10:05 PM. With Fermet nowhere to be seen, Turner is starting to wonder if perhaps Fermet took the money and fled. Fermet, i.e. "Victor," enters the room a moment later and announces he has identified a good hiding spot up ahead. He leads Turner toward the back of the train, his out-of-place smile never wavering even as more gunshots are heard in the distance.

They soon reach the corpse of a White Suit, lying in the corridor near a closet. Turner yelps, but "Victor" assures him that the White Suit's murderer—the aforementioned boy—is currently in another car. Shuddering, Turner expresses doubt that someone like that could have overpowered a grown man; he is swiftly reminded that the boy is actually over twenty years old and has committed several brutal crimes. "Victor" then warns him not to trust anyone on the train, to not hesitate even when encountering women and children.

Noticing a rifle next to the corpse, "Victor" retrieves it and offers it to turner as self-defense. Though Turner knows how to use a gun due to past hunting trips, he is still nervous when he accepts it—so Fermet encourages him by saying it is only right the protected party should carry the gun. Here, the narration itself emphasizes the strangeness of such a remark: as a former investigator, "Victor" should handle the gun as he presumably has more experience with firefights.

Turner, his confidence boosted now that he is armed, does not think of this as he is already wondering whether or not he was too hasty with his hefty downpayment. However, his newfound confidence vanishes when he turns to find "Victor" missing. He receives no response when he tells "Victor" to stop joking—he never identified the hiding place, for one thing—and finds himself even more scared now that he has only the gun to rely upon.

Scene 3: "Black Suit point of view, freight car, 5:22 AM." Upham is the same Lemur who ran from Ladd Russo and straight into Jacuzzi Splot and Donny, who interrogated him on the Lemures' intentions and armory whereabouts before leaving him tied hand and foot in the last freight compartment.

The scene opens with him still bound in the freight hold, alive but worried that Ladd or the red monster will stumble across him. The delinquents' knots will not budge no matter what he does, so he gives up and thinks to the one he loves: "I hope Miss Chané is okay..."

He then thinks about how he felt after escaping Ladd, before running into Jacuzzi. He may have fled Ladd's clutches, but he rationalizes it on the grounds that he was against Goose Perkins' plan from the beginning—Huey Laforet would not do something like take hostages or kill a child as a warning. Chané may have cooperated with Goose, but she felt the same as Upham and cares about Huey as a person while Goose only cares about what he can get from Huey.

Admittedly Upham was mostly interested in the latter too, as unlike Nader Schasschule he knows that Huey is immortal. Still, he had decided not to follow Goose once Goose implemented Code Beta, intending to jump off the train for the river once it crossed a bridge. Now, he is ashamed that he wanted to escape by himself—he should have at least tried to bring Chané with him. Even though she would have undoubtedly refused, he ought to have tried.

Overcome by self-hatred at his self-interest, he makes another futile attempt to escape the ropes and resigns himself to the fact that being arrested is the best outcome he can hope for.

The door opens, causing Upham to all but have a heart attack as he wonders whether white or red has found him. The twenty-odd man who enters—Elmer C. Albatross—is neither: average-looking, relaxed, and somehow smiling despite the hellish situation. He asks what Upham is doing tied up; baffled, Upham wonders at his relaxed attitude considering Upham is clearly a Black Suit and whether he can convince Elmer of his innocence and to untie him.

No convincing is needed, as Elmer unties Upham's feet without prompting. After Upham stands, he unties Upham's hands at his request. Thoroughly rattled, Upham bends down to retrieve the knife hidden in his shoe's heel and rushes to press it against Elmer's throat. Elmer, though startled, remains smiling. Shaking and guilt-ridden, Upham says Elmer should have expected this if he knew he was with the terrorists, intending to interrogate him at knifepoint.

With a, "Sorry, that's not gonna get you anywhere," Elmer grabs Upham's hand and stabs the knife into his own throat. Panicking, Upham yanks his hand free and falls backward, mumbling that it is not his fault. Once Elmer starts bleeding in reveres, his guilt changes to fear and he demands to know who Elmer is. Elmer waves himself off as a passing by observer, and then says, "So you're one of the terrorists?"

Upham is no longer articulate enough to respond. Mistaking the source of Upham's distress, Elmer assures him, "You don't have to say if you don't want to... It's just, taking the whole train as hostages seems a little weird to me." Then, abruptly, he says Huey's name. The recognition in Upham's expression leaves him delighted that his "guess was correct," and after he thanks Upham for confirming it, he suggests that Upham smile as a prize.

Connecting the dots, Upham asks if Elmer has the same sort of body as Master Huey's. Elmer affirms that he is immortal, but requests that Upham keep his immortality a secret. He then asks, "This isn't [Huey's] plan, right?" as Huey promised him and Monica not to involve outsiders in non-experiments—not to mention this does not seem like Huey's style. Upham asks if Elmer knows Huey, which prompts Elmer to introduce himself.

Scene 4: The creeping shadow, freight cars, 5:22 AM. At the same time, a shadow creeps about within the train. It is not a Black Suit; White Suit, delinquent, innocent passenger, the young boy nor the young girl, the sturdy cook, the gray wizard, the stowaway, the mustachioed pig, the red monster, or even human—it is the personification of desire itself. It moves silently and swiftly throughout the train, hiding when necessary and all the while searching for something.

Stopping in the middle of the freight car, it observes its surroundings and mutters, "...Strange.... Where could he have gone? Did he jump off the train?" Its mouth twists. "Or did someone throw him?" Chuckling, it says that "everything's set" and Czes should have fun no matter whom he encounters—though it muses it might be fun if Czes were shot by someone as pathetic as the mustached pig. It heads for the caboose wearing an expression of pure ecstasy, unaware that he is about to meet someone else entirely.

Scene 5: Upham's point of view, freight car, 5:26 AM. (First person). Upham is utterly confused. While he admits he probably should not have swung a knife at the man nice enough to untie him, Elmer had been fairly suspicious. And then Elmer stabbed his throat with Upham's knife and turned out to be immortal—one who knows Huey, for that matter, though he claims they are not similar.

Regardless, Upham decides to stay with Elmer for the time being and introduces himself. The train has yet to reach the river, and while Elmer is creepy he does not seem malicious. Elmer wonders if Huey gripes about him in private, but Upham is too low-ranking to have any idea of an answer, so Elmer continues babbling about Huey as they head for the conductors' cabin together. This is Elmer's idea rather than Upham's, as he worries the plan for the Lemur conductor to murder the second conductor may have gone awry like so much else had that night.

Elmer attempts to get Upham to smile by citing an Asian proverb, suggesting that being happy about something small may potentially lead to more happiness. What is important is that Upham can believe in his own smile. Upham shakes his head, finding the request too difficult, and Elmer's smile turns a bit sad as he mumbles, "That's something I can't do, after all..."

Before Upham can ask him what he means, Elmer opens the door to the conductors' room to reveal the gruesome corpses of the Lemur conductor and Dune. That the Lemur conductor is the one with a bullet in his brain confuses Upham, who wonders if the monster can use a gun too.

As Upham struggles with his confusion and fear versus his need to throw up, Elmer surveys the room and wonders what on earth happened to make Dune's body like that. He saw a few more corpses in similar conditions on his way to the freight hold and questions Upham, who denies knowing anything and remains unsettled by Elmer's continued composure. Elmer's concern for the deceased's families' wellbeing further bewilders him, and he wonders if Elmer's attitude stems from his immortality—if maybe the reason Huey does not involve bystanders is so that he can become similarly composed.

Thinking of Huey makes him think of Chané, whose wellbeing is his concern. Just as he is worrying for her safety, a man's voice devoid of ill or good will says, "Out of my way." He turns right as the man swings a knife down, the blade slicing through Upham's shoulder and down his arm. Upham screams. Certain of his imminent demise, he takes out his own knife. Elmer and Fermet recognize each other and are mutually surprised, not that Upham cares; he uses the opportunity to stab Fermet multiple times in the stomach, and does not stop until Fermet slumps over.

Suddenly aware that he is shaking, Upham stops to wonder who the man is. Clutching his shoulder, he goes to flip the body over with his foot—and is met with the sight of blood retreating into the stab wounds. Elmer moves between him and Fermet as Fermet recovers, advising Upham to keep applying pressure to his wound and to keep his arm elevated. Then, he turns to Fermet. "Are you okay? That must've hurt."

Description: Fermet laughing.

Fermet, still on the floor, laughs for a full minute at the question. Upham is initially petrified by the laughter for some time before he manages more coherent thoughts. To him, the laughter is mocking his pain and crushing his soul; it is the laugh of one enjoying himself to the fullest and something more than that, striking terror into the hearts of those who hear it.

Fermet is still laughing as he stands up, his bangs hiding his eyes no matter how Upham peers at them. His laughter only delights Elmer, who takes it as a sign Fermet is all right, so Fermet pulls himself together and says he was laughing at Elmer's ability to appear when he is least expected. He asks if Elmer was looking for him, but Elmer insists them meeting is a coincidence before helping Upham wrap his shoulder.

Thanking him, Upham says he wants to ask one question before he potentially passes out: "What the hell is that guy?"

With a troubled smile, ELmer introduces Fermet by his full name but warns Upham against returning the favor, as becoming close to Fermet runs a high risk of having an uhappy life. He will not stop Upham if he really wants to approach Fermet, but he does not recommend it. Despite Elmer's weird smile, Upham believes him. Fermet stabbed him simply because he was in the way rather than out of any particular resentment, and he is more afraid than angry—of Fermet and Elmer.

Completely recovered from the stabbing, Fermet lightly asks if Elmer has a grudge against him, to introduce him in such a manner. When Elmer suggests he drop the act, his smile goes from polite to malicious. He accuses Elmer of being the same "unpleasant bastard" as always, his brain just as rotten as it was two hundred years ago.

Elmer proposes they collaborate on a way to use that 'rotten stuff' once they reach Fermet, an idea which repulses Fermet. "You know what you are? You're disgusting. You're an offense! Just die! I couldn't even stand to eat you—a single glimpse of your brain would rot mine to the core!" He launches into a rant about how much he loathes and rejects Elmer's existence, sneering that Elmer should join Huey in prison if he is touch-starved. Upham does not miss Huey's name but is not overly surprised, as Fermet appears to be immortal as well.

Still smiling, Elmer says he has nothing against homosexuality and that Fermet should not so liberally assume that of a friendship between men—besides, he and Huey both had girlfriends (retcon). When he brings up Czes, Fermet affirms that he loves Czes like he loves all things sweet and beautiful, regardless of their gender. His expression ecstatic, he says what he loves most of all is watching something beautiful twist and plummet and decay—so perhaps the feeling is a little different from love.

Upham continues to be thoroughly lost as the two continue talking, unable to figure out why their conversation is so weird beyond the fact they are having it in a bloodstained cabin next two two corpses. Elmer gives Fermet his latest idea on how Fermet and those close to him can all be happy—i.e. for Fermet to eternally live with someone who would be happy having their beauty twisted into ugliness—and that he is still trying to make everyone in the world happy, including Fermet, disgusts Fermet to his core.

Fermet says as much as he retreats backward, admitting that he is terrified of Elmer because he cannot understand him. Noticing the gory state of the corpses for the first time, he asks Elmer if he thinks the two conductors were happy when they died; as much as Elmer "talks big," he could not even make those two happy.

Elmer agrees that it is a shame. For a second or two, he is solemn. Then, he brightly insists he can surely find someone who can make Fermet happy if he searches around the globe. Fermet accuses him of being a hypocrite, given that he evidently does not care for the dead, but Elmer argues that some people's unhappy deaths are no reason that other people cannot be happy, nor are they enough of a reason for him to stop hoping for people to smile. After all, he has only ever done so for the sake of self-satisfaction.

Fermet laughs, remarking that Elmer's selfishness is thus only coincidentally good for those around him, and says he is going to be sick. After all the trouble he went to in stowing away, to find Elmer here...! He asks if Elmer even used his real name for the passenger list, to which Elmer explains he bought two tickets off of an elderly couple who decided not to board at the last minute. He offers one of the tickets to Fermet, though he muses one of them will have to dress as a woman if the police check the tickets.

Even the thought of a pretend marriage with Elmer makes Fermet nauseous, and he reminds Elmer they would not be able to use aliases if asked for their names. Upham, still struggling mightily to follow the discussion, wonders if there are some sort of rules to being immortal—Huey never said as much to Goose.

Just then, Fermet looks at him. After confirming the three of them are the only alive people present, he mutters "Die" and dashes forward with Upham's discarded knife in hand. Elmer moves in front of Upham to take the blade in his stead, chiding Fermet for being so quick to try and kill people. Twisting the knife, Fermet explains he has to kill Upham because Upham has seen his true face. Besides, Upham's death would make him happy, and Elmer is all about other people's happiness.

He twists the knife further, causing blood to spill down and then up. Elmer's smile does not waver; as Upham would not be happy to die, Fermet should just overcome his own unease so that both of them can be happy. Fermet calls him ridiculous, pointing out that the man Elmer is sacrificing himself for is afraid of him.

Upham is aware that Fermet is using him in an attempt to challenge over, but Fermet is right: Upham is afraid of him and Elmer, not the violence itself. He hates himself for how calmly he is able to analyze it, and for fearing Elmer even though Elmer has done nothing but help him. Even so, he continues to find Elmer creepy and does not want to be in his vicinity.

Elmer has no problem with being feared by Upham. Ignoring the knife in his stomach he grabs Fermet's arms and starts dragging him to the door leading to the outside. "You're joking," Fermet says with a strained laugh, but Elmer is not and he attempts to stab Elmer again. Failing that, he hisses for Elmer to release him.

Elmer does not, as he has a feeling Fermet remaining on the train will only spell unhappiness for a number of people. However, he will be happy to find Fermet a suitable companion later on, once he calms down. Upham, tense as he is, realizes that Elmer is absolutely earnest in what he is saying.

Fermet grasps Elmer's collar with his free hand, intending to drag Elmer down with him. But Elmer expected this and is not worried, as it will only mean pain rather than death. He encourages Fermet to smile—his own smile comes off as perhaps a little sad to Upham—and rushes to pull Fermet out the door. Just before the men fall, Upham unconsciously reaches out and seizes Elmer's arm. Fermet initially tries to keep his hold on the color, but eventually sneers "I'll make you pay for this someday" before falling off the train with an insane laugh.

Upham's shoulder and arm are in severe pain from the exertion, and Elmer expresses his appreciation for the save as he had truly thought he would have to fall with Fermet. With a sigh, Upham asks why Elmer keeps saving him—why he untied Upham at all despite guessing he was a terrorist. Elmer explains that, in seeing Upham on the verge of tears, he had only wanted to try and make him smile. But Upham is a "tough one" who has been scowling nonstop...

That Elmer would let himself be stabbed for "something like that" (coupled with his subsequent request for Upham to smile," only make Upham angrier. Elmer insists that smiles are important to him above all else; at a loss for how to respond, Upham collapses into the cabin's chair and concludes Fermet was right when he said Elmer was too different from everyone else. He finds Elmer creepier than Fermet, though he recognizes this is at odds with how he pulled Elmer back into the train.

When he notices Elmer is looking toward the hallway, he follows his gaze and has a second near-cardiac arrest at the sight of a man absolutely drenched in other people's blood. Thinking this man may have killed the other Black Suits, Upham opens his mouth to scream—and the red figure says, "Excuse me, sirs, but I can't have you wandering into the conductors' cabin on your own."

Elmer affably assures him they will leave posthaste, so the man goes ahead and asks what they are doing, noting Upham's injury as he approaches them. Upham wonders what he will do if this is the person responsible for the Black Suits' deaths, and the thought of the man recognizing him as a Black Suit sends him into a panic.

in the next moment, a knife which Upham recognizes as Chané's stabs through the cabin wall and nicks the red figure's ear. Puzzled, the red figures performs the scheduled light signal and excuses himself to the roof.

Giving up on figuring out the red figure's identity, Elmer decides to check on the dining car for now. Without thinking, Upham says he will instead return to the freight car, not having a plan beyond staying well away from Elmer. He does at least manage a "thank you" before Elmer leaves, though he waves it off when Elmer asks what for; apparently Elmer has forgotten that he saved Upham, but Upham realizes that is simply how he is.

As he watches the 'abnormality' leave his life, he subsequently realizes that he is a coward. Faced with two bonafide Immortals, he realizes he does not want to "be a part of that," not sure if he could stay sane with the eternal knowledge that there are people like Elmer in the world. He would rather die as himself, as a human.

However, as long as he thinks of them as characters in a world separate from him, he can think of them as being a little 'cool'. He smiles a little as he thinks of that delightful young man, the "Smile Junkie"—who is no longer around to see his smile. Upham does not try to catch up to him, as he might lose his smile if he had to make eye contact with Elmer and acknowledge they exist in the same world.

Clutching his aching shoulder, he returns to the freight car and considers possible next courses of action, including: jumping into the river and escaping; sitting tight and waiting for the police to arrest him; staging a huge turnabout by gathering his remaining comrades—he may have many options or none at all. All he knows is that he wants to choose something and take hold of it with his own two hands.

Although he thinks of Chané, he is sure that she is on the "other side" with Fermet and Elmer and does not have the courage to stand alongside her. Someone from that side will have to protect her instead. He cries a little, either ashamed at his powerlessness or from the pain in ihs shoulder, or both.

With the train drawing ever closer to New York City, Upham stands and resolves to move forward, one step at a time until he reaches a fork between escape and the future. He simultaneously pities and envies Elmer for having to make such decisions for eternity, and makes a choice.

Notes: 1710 and 1711 make it clear that Elmer never had a girlfriend. However, as this Ending was written before either of those novels were published, it is likely Elmer's line refers to a planned romance between him and Niki.

Brave of Death Episode

Firo's Commentary: "That’s taking the suspension of disbelief too far! A devil or something switched out the cars, okay? Let’s go with that. You know, like, ‘Well, no matter."

How to Reach (Cause): When Jacuzzi Splot hears Nice Holystone's bombs from the dining car late in the Local Train episode, say that they are definitely Nice's doing.

What Happens (Effect): Jacuzzi is confident they are Nice's bombs because he can distinguish them by sound. The rest of his conversation with Jon Panel and Fang Lin-Shan proceeds as per canon until Jacuzzi leaves. Jon remarks that he sees the aura of two dragons on Jacuzzi's back and wonders if the tiger has awakened.

Once Jacuzzi arrives in the first class car, he finds that all the Black Suits have been defeated by two men and several flunkies: the first is a white man called Joe with a mohawk and Donny's height; and the second is wearing a white mask decorated with brightly colored dragons. The rest have been hired by Turner, having found a way to put his money to use.

Turner has captured Nice, intending to have 'some fun' with her as he evidently likes scarred women. Jacuzzi objects; unimpressed, Turner and the masked man exit the car and leave Joe to dispose of Jacuzzi. Joe does not succeed, as Gregoire the cook intervenes and trounces him—though Jacuzzi does not initially recognize him as the cook. Then, Gregoire explains that Turner's hired group are all members of a secret, elite organization of fighters called the Money Dragon who have clandestinely affected history for centuries.

Gregoire reveals that he used to be a member of Money Dragon, which is why he is unwilling to help Jacuzzi fight the rest of the organization and save Nice. However, he is willing to teach Jacuzzi an acupuncture technique that will prepare him in a matter of minutes, and he carries out the acupuncture with a fish knife. The procedure is painless and bloodless, but Gregoire assures him it will hurt immensely in twenty minutes—so he had better vanquish Money Dragon before then.

Armed with a machine gun, Jacuzzi enters the next car and finds it empty and white, all hallway and no cabin. A katana-wielding man called Togo Kon'uemon corners Jacuzzi against the far wall of the car and slices the machine gun in half, but Jacuzzi elects to flee to the next car rather than fight unnecessarily.

The next car is themed like a Wild west saloon, filled with cowboys to match. Jon mans the bar, having been dragged their via an inexplicable secret passage. A cowboy called Gary at the bar mockingly tells Jacuzzi that the bar does not serve milk, but does not threaten him; none of the cowboys fight empty-handed opponents, women, or children.

Togo bursts into the bar, and as he is an armed man, all of the cowboys draw their guns. As the samurai and cowboys square off, Jacuzzi and Jon make their escape. The cabin they escape to is decorated in an ostentatiously Chinese manner, its master a childish blonde woman wearing a qipao. The woman—Nancy—introduces herself as "the Chinese kunoichi," someone who emotionally manipulates their targets to trust them before assassinating them.

Already on guard, Jacuzzi begs her to settle things peacefully in the mode of his plea to the Russo Family men the night before. She wonders if Jacuzzi is attempting to emotionally manipulate her, but her chest grows tight as he blushes and tears up. Jon explains that Jacuzzi's eyes seal an impossibly strong demon, whose magic Jacuzzi can borrow in part. Where Jacuzzi doubts Jon, Nancy believes him and opens a window to make a quick escape. Before she flees, she tells Jacuzzi he is not allowed to die before she kills him. Jon is amazed Jacuzzi does not know what kind of effect his crying has on women.

The final car's theme is that of a high-class restaurant, and Jacuzzi reaches it just in time to stop Turner from "getting to the good part." Turner orders the masked man—Money Dragon's boss—to attack Jacuzzi, but the man is actually in Manfred Beriam's pay and knocks out Turner instead. Jacuzzi and Nice both think the masked man's voice sounds familiar, and he removes his mask to reveal a face identical to Jacuzzi's.

This man is Bress (alt. translated as Blaise), Jacuzzi's younger and never-aforementioned brother. After falling out of an Arizonan tower some time ago and being rescued by a man wandering the desert, he has since trained with Money Dragon and is doing all this in order to win Nice's heart. For all that he always beat Jacuzzi in intelligence and physical ability, he could never beat him with regards to Nice's affections.

Jon protests that the lack of foreshadowing regarding Jacuzzi's brother does not make for a good story. Furthermore, not only is it unfair for Bress to try and claim Jacuzzi's one unique thing, Jacuzzi is genuinely glad to see Bress alive. Nice in turn explains why she loves Jacuzzi, and Bress responds to their gentle words by attempting to claim he is a fake Jacuzzi. His attempt achieves nothing.

Fang arrives, having made it through the cars due to a "weird monster" making all of Money Dragon apologize for their actions. The pain from Gregoire's acupuncture finally hits Jacuzzi, at which point Turner regains consciousness and hurls fake cards at him. Nancy arrives not after, she and Nice beg Jacuzzi to pull through, and an ensuing explosion rips through the car and sends everyone sky-high.

When the train pulls into Pennsylvania Station, Jacuzzi is wrapped up like a mummy. Both Nancy and Nice are at his side, glaring at each other.

Implications: Most of the night did proceed as in canon, but what happens to Goose Perkins and other characters following the canon divergence remains unclear.

The Special Quiz Episode

Firo's Commentary (Episode 5, good end): "Isn’t this gonna piss people off?"

Firo's Commentary (Episode 6, bad end): "Isn’t this gonna piss people off? ...Wait, does this guy know that?"

How to Reach (Cause): As the Young Conductor telling ghost stories, choose to tell the story of the "Special Quiz."

What Happens (Effect): This choice toggles the player into an alternate universe where a secret society runs and participates in high-stakes trivia quizzes. The biggest game of the year just so happens to be set on the Flying Pussyfoot with the Young Conductor as its Quiz Master. It turns out that the Lemur conductor is also a member of the secret society.

Over in the dining car, Isaac Dian claims to Miria and Jacuzzi Splot that when one eats a herbivore, one is essentially eating meat and vegetables. A buzzer goes off, and Claire enters the car to correct him. So begins the Special Quiz Game, which everyone but Jacuzzi is in on. Jacuzzi is confused, but Nice assures him there is nothing to fear. After explaining the rules, Claire starts the game with the catchphrase, "Who's ready to go to New York?!"

The first question is as follows: This year is a leap year: true or false? "Trues" go to first class, "Falses" to second class. The answer is “false”–1931 was not a leap year.

If Jacuzzi answers "true", he is sent to first class and encounters Vicky in one of the cars. Vicky doesn’t know what a leap year is, but he trusts his luck and intuition and has "these," patting his pockets in indication. Claire enters and explains "true" was wrong, remarking that they would have been right if the year was 2008. Jacuzzi fails to understand why a date from the next century is relevant; someone on the other side of the fourth wall notes that this very NDS game was released in 2008.

All those who answered incorrectly must drop out of the game, for there is no penalty game in the first ground. Vicky wants to keep playing and so threatens Claire with his guns, which gives him a penalty rather than what he wants. The penalty in this case is having his arms ground off to the elbow against the railroad tracks. Failing a question at any point, the first question included, leads the player to Ending 6, but leaves them trapped in Quiz World.

If Jacuzzi answers "false", he and Nice head to a second-class car and wait a little while. While they do, they hear unearthly screams outside the train. When Claire arrives he is somewhat bloody (but not as blood-soaked as the Rail Tracer sprite), and he makes the same 2008 remark as he does in the "true" path.

The second question is as follows: "The enormous stock market crash of two years ago happened on a Monday, so that day is known as Black Monday. True or false?"

Regardless of whether the player=as-Jacuzzi chooses right or wrong, the narration points out that Jacuzzi's Gang has nothing to do with the stock market. (Turner, meanwhile, has many opinions). Truth be told, the 1929 crash was on Black Tuesday; as Claire explains, Black Monday happened in 1987.

The final Round One question is as follows: "The order of planets by distance from the sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: True or False?"

When Jacuzzi chooses correctly, Claire remarks that Pluto is demoted to dwarf planet in 2008.

Round two begins, and from this point forward failing a question will result in a penalty game. Jacuzzi is concerned, but Nice assures him the rules generally forbid murder as a penalty and that second-round penalties are relatively mild. Claire joins them to say, "Don’t worry. I’d never create a penalty game that would kill me," though Jacuzzi suspects that what would kill Claire and what would kill most people are two entirely different things. Jacuzzi is, in any case, correct.

Round two is structured around a scavenger hunt: the questions are hidden in envelopes somewhere within the cabins. The task is to find an envelope–only one and bring it to Claire up on the roof of the fuel car. Stockpiling envelopes and opening the envelopes on one’s own are both strictly forbidden, and only five people will progress to the next round.

If the player-as-Jacuzzi answers whatever question they find incorrectly, they and other disqualified participants are told to gather in the caboose. The penalty game is that they must walk; Claire detaches the caboose and, once it comes to a stop, instructs the ex-players to make the fifty mile walk to the nearest station.

If Jacuzzi selects their question's correct answer, he is told he is the second person to quality for the next round. The other person is Isaac, though Miria is permitted to accompany him as his cheer section so long as she agrees to accept any penalty game alongside him. Three more competitors make the cut: Chané Laforet, Ladd Russo, and Czeslaw Meyer under the alias 'Thomas' (having introduced himself to Jacuzzi as Thomas earlier). Though he is in the presence of other Immortals, he seems to get away with essentially agreeing, "Oh, right, Thomas, that’s me."

Chané had earlier been disqualified, but was allowed back into the game after she caught a cheater. The cheater subsequently shrunk in height. Incidentally, provided Jacuzzi wins, he will be the second newbie in Special Quiz history to do so.

The questions for round three are answered individually, once again by moving to a given cabin. The cabins for the wrong answers have been converted into penalty games for this round. If Jacuzzi answers his question correctly, he and Isaac—the only other participant to do so—travel to the top of the Empire State Building for the final round.

The final round is a rapid-fire system in which Jacuzzi and Isaac each have buzzers. Whoever buzzes in first gets to answer, and whoever reaches ten points first wins the game. Jacuzzi finds himself hard-pressed, not only because Isaac is more familiar with the game, but also because Isaac possesses a large amount of absurdly random knowledge. But when Isaac does not know something he knows he does not know it, in which cases Jacuzzi has plenty of time to think.

Eventually they wind up at a 9-9 tie, with the next question asking what is is the latest state added to the United States of America. Isaac does not seem to know this one, so Jacuzzi buzzes in. If he chooses the correct answer (Arizona), he wins not only five million dollars but a year's supply of stew, courtesy of Gregoire becoming his live-in cook for the year's duration. Jacuzzi asks if this is a penalty game. Claire says it really is just a normal bonus prize, but admits the bonus prizes are generally goofy.

Isaac and Miria are sincerely happy for him from the bottom of their hearts, and Jacuzzi thinks of buying Nice some fancy clothes (though the narration points out that she would probably prefer bombs).

Implications: The narration mentions that Ladd and Goose Perkins chose the Flying Pussyfoot for their plans specifically because of the Quiz Society's invitation, but the Quiz proceeding would imply that the Flying Pussyfoot incident does not happen. Meanwhile, Jacuzzi is uninjured, rich, and has food for the next year ensured courtesy of Gregoire.

Local Train Episode Endings[]

Who Was the Ruthless Killer?

Firo's Commentary: "It may seem irrational at first glance, but there’s a reason this happened. Well, it’s still irrational that it happened to Jacuzzi, though."

How to Reach (Cause): As Jacuzzi Splot, pat Czeslaw Meyer on the head when he bumps into you in the dining car instead of accepting his apology.

What happens (Effect): Czes slaps Jacuzzi's hand away on instinct. He calms down a little when Jacuzzi says he was not going to hit him; however, after he introduces himself with his real name and Nice Holystone pats his head, he is visibly sick with fear. Jacuzzi reaches out to check his forehead for a fever; Czes withdraws from his touch and excuses himself to the bathroom, claiming motion sickness. When he does not return after ten minutes, Jacuzzi goes looking for him—only for a 'mysterious assailant' to thump him on the head and throw him off the train.

Implications: Jacuzzi is dead; however, there is no guarantee Czeslaw believes him to be the only immortal on the train. For the Express Train ending which results from this choice, see Ending 42.

The Beauty of Clear Eyes

Firo's Commentary: "Oh come on, Jacuzzi’s a bootlegger, remember? He wouldn’t do this."

How to Reach (Cause): When Czeslaw Meyer barrels into Jacuzzi Splot in the dining car, choose to lecture him.

What Happens (Effect): Jacuzzi notices that all of Czes' smiles are the same; suspicious, he asks Czes who he 'really' is. Czes is alarmed when he unintentionally introduces himself with his real name, though he dons his 'innocent child' act nonetheless. Not fooled, Jacuzzi scolds him for trying to deceive people on the grounds that he will grow up to be a bad person.

As he is lecturing Czes on being a 'good child', Vicky and the Black Suits burst into the dining car. He points them out to Czes as examples of "bad people" he ought to avoid becoming, and ignores them when they remind him to lie on the floor. When they further threaten him, he has Donny silence them so he can continue his lecture.

Once Ladd Russo bursts into the car, Jacuzzi immediately marches up to him and drags him over to one of the counter's barstools. Ladd does not resist as he would normally do; there is something odd about Jacuzzi, something oddly...luminescent. Jacuzzi resumes his sermon, and continues long into the night...

The next morning, the Flying Pussyfoot arrives in New York City on time with nothing unusual having happened overnight. Jacuzzi exits onto the platform glowing brighter than ever, and is swiftly encircled by multiple passengers. Among them are Ladd, Czes, and Goose Perkins, who all apologize for their violent and selfish actions. Meanwhile, Isaac & Miria make a pun about Buddhism.

Implications: Jacuzzi's sudden display of Buddha-like powers allows the train to complete its journey without incident. Any involvement (or lack thereof) of Claire Stanfield is never specified.

Don't Chant His Name!

Firo's Commentary: "How should I put this… Don't look at me if we get sued. By everyone."

How to Reach (Cause): As the Young Conductor, choose to tell the story of… The Stinger-Finger Bee Man!!

What Happens (Effect): The older conductor already knows the story of the Stinger-Finger Bee Man, which as far as he knows is one of those "chant his name five times in front of a mirror" types. While the Young Conductor is disappointed he cannot recount the story, he suggests they try it nonetheless. Conveniently, the caboose happens to have a heretofore unmentioned full-length mirror.

The Young Conductor admits that he could never work up the nerve to try it on his own, but now that he is with the Older Conductor... Before the Young Conductor can continue, the Older Conductor steps outside to handle the scheduled light signal. When he reenters the caboose, he is surprised to find it empty and the exterior door slightly ajar. He checks outside the door, but still finds nothing out of the ordinary.

Upon entering the caboose for a second time, the Older Conductor hears the buzzing of countless incests, and feels stingers wrap around his neck like fingers.

The Flying Pussyfoot does not reach New York City.

Implications: The Young Conductor may not be Claire Stanfield.

A Critical Mis-Identification

Firo's Commentary: "Don’t you think that Jacuzzi kid is a little more active than that?"

How to Reach (Cause): Upon hearing that the Young Conductor knows how to keep the Rail Tracer from coming, you-as-Jacuzzi Splot are given a choice of three options; choose to turn to Nice Holystone for comfort.

What Happens (Effect): Afraid that the Rail Tracer might intercept him on the way to the caboose, Jacuzzi elects to wait in the dining car until the Conductor makes his rounds. In the meantime, he keeps an eye on the door leading to the second-class cars. When the door opens and a white-suited man walks in, Jacuzzi assumes he is the Young Conductor and rushes toward him, begging for his aid. The man is actually the White Suit Vicky, who decides to make Jacuzzi his first victim. He shoots Jacuzzi in the stomach, commencing the dining car assault.

Implications: Jacuzzi is dead, again.

A Ticket That Summons Tragedy

Firo's Commentary: "So wait, how does the story of the ticket to disaster end? C’mon, don’t tell stories if you don’t know the ending."

How to Reach (Cause): You are given a choice of what ghost story the Young Conductor tells. Choose "A Ticket to tragedy" instead of "The Rail Tracer."

What Happens (Effect): The Young Conductor and Isaac Dian both tell the story of a rail company that distributed free tickets to attract business. Afterwards, the company called the housewives' of the ticket recipients to solicit their opinions. However, nine out of ten of the housewives said–

—Here the Lemur Conductor cuts the Young Conductor off, while Isaac loses the story's thread. Instead of Jon Panel encouraging Jacuzzi Splot to go ask the Young Conductor what happens next, Isaac asks Natalie Beriam what she thinks the families said. She supposes that they expressed their gratitude; Isaac concludes that the “tragedy” presumably refers to the sad people who refused the free tickets and missed a pleasant journey.

This is when the Lemures (only them, at first) burst into the dining car and order everyone onto the floor. A minute later, Dune bursts in, followed shortly by Ladd Russo. They shoot the Lemures. Everyone in the dining car who is neither immortal or able to escape in time dies. By the end of the night, the White Suits control the train.

Implications: As Dune is alive, and as the Young Conductor does not tell the story of the Rail Tracer, it may be inferred that the Young Conductor was an ordinary person and murdered at the Lemur Conductor's hands (this is confirmed in Ending 41, where the victim is revealed to be Tony). Dune must have caught the Lemur Conductor by surprise and killed him, giving the White Suits an advantage.

It is implied that Rachel and Gregoire manage to escape in time, but Jacuzzi, Nice Holystone, Jon Panel, Fang Lin-Shan, and possibly Donny are dead along with Natalie and Mary Beriam. Although the three immortals Czeslaw Meyer, Isaac, and Miria Harvent are guaranteed to survive, Czes' paranoia makes it highly likely that he will devour the couple as they regenerate.

The Beloved Caught in the Ricochet...

Firo's Commentary: "Apparently, Ladd generally avoids buckshot and machine guns and the like because he doesn’t like stuff like this. More importantly, he’s not the kind of guy who just sits around and waits. Try again with that in mind."

How to Reach (Cause): When Lua Klein suggests following Vicky into the dining car, choose-as-Ladd Russo to remain in the passenger room.

What Happens (Effect): Ladd moans that he does want to follow Vicky because he might accidentally kill Vicky in a fit of jealousy (and Lua says he should do whatever he wants), and then he might get carried away and kill men, women, children and the gamut of the animal kingdom. As he is rattling off animals, a Black Suit barges into the room and–is promptly punched out by Ladd.

Realizing that more Black Suits lurk in the hall, Ladd has the other White Suit pretend to be holding him up with the fallen Black Suit’s machine gun in order to draw them closer. He takes out one with a quick punch or two; but the other White Suit, who wasn’t fully up on the plan, only barely manages to stop the other Black Suit from shooting him. As Black Suit #2 pulls the trigger, White Suit #2 kicks the aim out of the way so that the bullets shoot harmlessly…

…Or so he intended. When Ladd turns to tell Lua he intends to check the dining car after all, he finds her fatally shot. She dies in his arms. "Losing her, Ladd realized for the first time how much Lua meant to him. How much he’d wanted to kill her. But now he’d never be able to."

Implications: Lua is dead. What Ladd does after the fact is left unsaid.

A Red Monster Devours the Killers

Firo's Commentary: "Well, it’s a ‘good end’ for the normal passengers, right?"

How to Reach (Cause): Upon hearing that the Young Conductor knows how to keep the Rail Tracer from coming, run towards the first class cabins (as Jacuzzi Splot). Alternately, once the hidden IF paths open up, choose the most out-of-character choice of all: calm down and think about this reasonably.

What Happens (Effect): Rather than running toward the caboose as intended, Jacuzzi accidentally heads in the wrong direction. Nice Holystone follows. He does not run afoul of the Black Suits, per se, but they are concerned about what he was muttering to himself and resolve to capture him eventually.

Alternately, Jacuzzi takes a few deep breaths to stabilize himself and Nice tries to convince him that he is overreacting to a fairy tale. Undeterred, Jacuzzi looks for support in his belief, and finds it in Isaac, Miria, and Mary Beriam. That is when Jon Panel remembers: the way to avoid the Rail Tracer is to believe this story. (Isaac and Miria conclude that explains why they have never seen a Rail Tracer). Conversation resumes.

The two alternate paths rejoin here. Events proceed up to the showdown in the dining car fairly normally, except that Nick is not one of the dining car hijackers. But as Ladd Russo enters the car, something strange happens: all the lights go out. He still manages to fell one of the Black Suits, but fails to hear any bodies hit the floor. Sensing another presence above him, he looks up and sees a kind of red monster overhead.

In a few moments, the lights come back on. The panicked passengers try to figure out what happened, but there are no hints to be found. The White Suits, the Black Suits, even Vicky’s corpse–are nowhere to be seen.

Implications: Claire Stanfield's murder of Ladd Russo means that the White Suits are without their leader and strongest member in one fell swoop. The Lemures at this point in time should still have a decent enough number of men to continue being a threat for a little while longer.

Victory for the Terrorists

Firo's Commentary: "Definitely the worst ending for that Mary girl. That said, I’m guessing a certain Rail Tracer will make sure this Goose fellow loses both hands at the wrists within a few days."

How to Reach (Cause): When Lua Klein suggests following Vicky to the dining car, Ladd Russo decides to at least check out what is happening in the hall.

What Happens (Effect): When Ladd steps out into the hall, he still is run into by and recognizes Jacuzzi Splot. Since he has not resolved to check out the dining car, he instead decides to follow Jacuzzi towards the back of the train. Cut to the dining car for the three-way showdown, which happens as in canon up until Ladd's missed cue. With Ladd absent, the Black Suits are able to gain control of the car.

Here, the player learns that Jacuzzi and Nice Holystone have been captured: upon spotting a red monster in the caboose, they detached it in order to stop the Rail Tracer. (Nothing is said of Ladd's whereabouts). Goose Perkins is troubled by their detaching of the caboose, but ultimately orders the Black Suits to seize the engine room and defeat the White Suits. In short order, the black suits control the train, and the deal with the senator proceeds smoothly. Rather than killing Mary Beriam up front, they cut off her fingers one by one; Beriam surrenders just before the eighth finger, and the Flying Pussyfoot incident ends with victory for the cold-blooded terrorists.

Implications: All of the White Suits, Ladd and Lua included, are down. Jacuzzi and Nice's detachment of the caboose successfully separated Claire from the rest of the train, thus making him late for his rendezvous with the Gandor Family; more urgently, the loss of Claire seems to guarantee victory for either the Black Suits or White Suits no matter what. Mary, meanwhile, is missing seven out of ten fingers.

In addition, a Black Suit victory ensures that Huey Laforet will not go to Alcatraz. For the Express Train ending which results from this choice, see Ending 45.

Victory for the Killers

Firo's Commentary: "That’s the kind of person Ladd is."

How to Reach (Cause): Playing as Ladd; there are three Black Suits in the dining car when he arrives. He takes one out, and one runs. Choose to immediately follow the fleeing Black Suit for this ending.

What Happens (Effect): Ladd shoots the remaining Black Suit instead of boxing him to death, and pursues the escaping Black Suit to the outside connecting platform. Catching up with him, Ladd promises that he will give him a quick death if he answers all of Ladd’s questions. The Black Suit does, and closes his eyes when Ladd raises his pistol—only for Ladd to fire a bullet at the sky. He had said the death itself would be quick but not when the death would be, and spends the next ten minutes toying with the Black SUit until the man is begging him to get on with the deed.

Once he finally kills the Black Suit, Ladd returns to the dining car and rejoins with some other White Suits there. They take the train shortly.

Implications: Claire Stanfield is conspicuously absent from this ending, considering he is more than able to handle the White Suits. It is possible that Jacuzzi Splot still managed to detach the caboose prior to this ending, thus preventing Claire from further intervention.

The Legend of the Strongest Chef!

Firo's Commentary: "You might be able to learn more about who this cook is if you play through the rest of the story."

How to Reach (Cause): As Ladd Russo in the dining car: once the injured Black Suit escapes, ponder whether or not to chase after him.

What Happens (Effect): Ladd releases the Black Suit he was using as a human shield (the same Black Suit he boxes to death in canon) and wonders out loud whether he should chase after the one who escaped. The Black Suit he released does not care at all; he tries to crawl away from Ladd, staying out of his line of vision, but Ladd notices him regardless. Forced to change courses, the Black Suit vaults over the bar and hides behind the counter. Ladd shoots in that direction, which is also the direction of the kitchen. Just as he goes to see if his shots rang true, the Black Suit flies at him in midair—thrown by someone or something. Not a moment later, Ladd feels someone grip the back of his neck and press him into the floor.

That 'someone' is the cook, who takes enormous pride in having never once wasted food throughout his professional career—only for Ladd to have come along and shot holes into his stewpot with a machine gun, spilling half the stew onto the floor Ladd apologizes, with gradually increasing sincerity as he realizes how strong the cook is. He wants to at least turn his head and see the man for himself, but the cook is too strong. The cook lifts Ladd up and throws him off the train, and Ladd does not bother to brace for impact–he twists his body to try to achieve something else, but ultimately breaks practically every bone in his body upon hitting the ground. His final thought: Goddamnit, I should have braced for impact. It was too dark to even see the cook’s face!

Implications: Ladd is dead. Both stew and pot are no more, which means no stew for Jon Panel and Fang Lin-Shan to bestow upon Jacuzzi's Gang.

Santa Claus is Late

Firo's Commentary: "Ladd will use machine guns if he’s surrounded by enemies, though. Not that it matters."

How to Reach (Cause): As Ladd Russo, choose to chase the escaping Black Suit after boxing the Black Suit who stays in the dining car.

What Happens (Effect): Boxing the one Black Suit goes as in canon, but Ladd heads towards first class as opposed to the rest of the White Suits arriving. After he leaves, Turner engages in xenophobia and racism for which he is exiled fro the dining car.

In the first class cabin, Goose Perkins and Spike are wondering if the White Suits are a trial. They turn away from the door and from Chané Laforet–and so do not see her realize that something is coming. Ladd shoots into the room with the machine gun, killing Goose, Spike, and the other Black Suits, but Chané manages to avoid the bullet spray by taking cover behind the other Black Suits. Ladd babbles on about being Santa Claus, come a week late to give them their gift of bullets, but his ramblings are cut short when Chané hurls a knife at him. He blocks it with the mouth of the machine gun; she tries again; he blocks again and she ducks behind the furniture just before he shoots up the room. He kills all the remaining Black Suits save for Chané, who escapes through the window.

Implications: Goose, Spike, and multiple Black Suits are dead, costing the Lemures, their leader, sniper, and several of their men. With their deaths, Ladd and the White Suits have gained ground in the battle for control of the train; however, Chané and the Rail Tracer are alive and thus should still pose a considerable threat to the White Suits in their own rights.

The Terrorist in Love

Firo's Commentary: "Whoa, whoa, isn’t this exactly what Isaac and Miria were talking about in ending 19? What a lech!"

How to Reach (Cause): As Goose Perkins, choose to escort Natalie Beriam to second class.

What Happens (Effect): Goose offers to “comfort” Natalie, his intentions blatantly physical. Natalie, not knowing how else to respond, tries to protest but eventually has to follow him to second class. He searches for a room where they can be alone. “Ladies first,” he says, opening the door for her; she tries again to protest that she is married to no avail. He shoves her into the room and follows her in, but as soon as he enters the room he is shot by a White Suit.

Implications: Goose's death leaves the Lemures without a leader. Natalie presumably is subsequently captured by the White Suits.

Wine With a Married Woman

Firo's Commentary: "And thus, the case was closed… wait, there’s no way this would happen! Everything that happens after Isaac and Miria show up is completely unbelievable!

How to Reach (Cause): Goose Perkins sits down to eat with Natalie Beriam in the dining car.

What Happens (Effect): Goose prepares a table and sits down to dine with Natalie and discuss her daughter Mary. Jon Panel brings them both wine. Goose asks Natalie why, if the White Suits were looking for both of them and took Mary, she is still sitting in the dining car. Natalie claims that someone protected her–the same man in a gunman's outfit who just left the dining car to search for Mary (Isaac Dian. She thinks her lie is safe–but then Isaac and Miria return, since Isaac had forgotten his hat. Goose asks him if he is the “hero” who protected Natalie. Isaac answers, “You bet! I’m a hero, alright! But since I’ve done wrong, I guess that makes me an antihero,” which Goose begrudgingly takes as evidence Natalie is telling the truth.

Isaac and Miria conclude that Goose is Natalie’s husband and apologize for interrupting. When Goose explains that her husband is Senator Beriam, Isaac and Miria accuse him of trying to hit on her, instead. This leaves Goose slightly flustered, and his fellow Black Suits play along. Eventually the whole cabin is watching as he reaches for Natalie—only to be accused of assaulting her. He laments his misfortune, and the ending draws to a close.

Implications: Aside from the time spent on the dinner, and Goose's personal humiliation, there are no obvious major consequences of this ending. GOose and the Lemures still have control of the dining car, and he presumably has the option of escorting her to first class as he does in canon.

A Fated Love

Firo's Commentary: "Ennis, help. I’m out of good comebacks."

How to Reach (Cause): As Goose Perkins, when deciding what to do about Natalie Beriam, ask her to dance.

What Happens (Effect): Natalie is crying by this point, so Goose drops to one knee and offers her a handkerchief. She dries her eyes, and they gaze at each other for a second. "Background music starts playing" - according to the game's narration - and Goose asks her to dance. Somehow, all the tables are gone as well, and she takes his hand and does dance with him, she and Goose both unable to take their eyes off each other. Goose says that he has come to understand the meaning of his life: it was his destiny to fall in love with her. When the atmospheric music stops, Natalie presses herself to him. "At this time, Natalie was neither a wife nor a mother; she was simply a woman newly fallen in love."

Implications: The narration assures the player that a substantial amount of chaos still occurs on the train overnight, with nothing to suggest that the chaos is outside of the norm.


Firo's Commentary: "Apparently the publisher, MediaWorks, decided that they were free to add some inside jokes here. …Wait, who was that?"

How to Reach (Cause): When Miria Harvent asks what the name of Frankenstein's monster is, answer "Bram Stoker."

What Happens (Effect): Isaac confidently answers that the name of the monster was Bram Stoker–properly speaking, Abraham Stoker. Miria is impressed with how much he knows. Just then, there is the sound of glass breaking, and something red bursts through the window. Isaac and Miria are both startled, and just as Isaac is trying to assure Miria that it was nothing (perhaps a crow), they notice red letters on the hallway wall. The letters exclaim that the two of them are too foolish to be borne, and that Bram Stoker is the name of the author who wrote Dracula and spread that image of vampires across the world. Furthermore, crows do not fly at night as they have night blindness.

Isaac investigates the red letters and finds them to be blood. Who could have written it–a vampire? An invisible man vampire? Miria screams–he is going to suck her blood! They hold each other, shaking, and find a new set of bloody letters, this time on the floor.

[While it is true that I am a vampire, I have no intention of sucking your blood. Or, to speak more accurately, I do not have the ability to do so. If you wish to know about me, the vampire known as Gerhardt von Waldstein, I encourage you to read the story called Vamp!. It is advertised as the story of the least vampiric vampire.]

Isaac and Miria are, at this point, convinced that there is indeed an invisible man vampire in the hallway with them, and they make a quick escape.

On the ceiling of the hallway, one last set of blood letters appears:

[Dear, dear, it seems that nothing will calm that couple down.]

Implications: That the player ought to purchase and read Vamp! as soon as possible, if they have not already done so.

The Monster's Name is Isaac

Firo's Commentary: "This won’t be the last we see of Isaac. I’m sure we’ll see an Isaac II, and an Isaac III… Obviously this is ‘all a dream,’ but who’s dreaming this shit?"

How to Reach (Cause): In the question of what Frankenstein's monster’s name is, answer that you—Isaac Dian—are the monster.

What Happens (Effect): After a moment's hesitation, Isaac explains he has been hiding it for a while, but the truth is–he’s Frankenstein’s monster! Miria had no idea! She thinks for a second, and then inquires if that means the monster’s name is Isaac. Isaac does not answer. She asks again–still nothing, which she finds odd; even when Isaac is dead asleep, he usually sleep talks back at her. Isaac abruptly turns around, and his face is ashen gray–he looks just like Frankenstein’s monster. He shoves her into a room, where she passes out for a few hours.

When she comes to, the train is stopped and everyone is gone. She wanders through the train and finally finds Isaac sitting at the bar in the dining car, bemoaning the fact that Dr. Frankenstein didn’t give him a companion–artificial humans are not meant to be alone. Miria approaches him and asks if he means like a bride; he confirms, and she offers to be his bride. Like the Bride of Frankenstein! While she is a little scared of his appearance, he is still Isaac no matter what. Isaac proposes on the spot, and they decide to stay together going forward.

Miria remembers her earlier question and repeats it: what is the name of Frankenstein’s monster? The answer is, of course, Isaac.

Implications: The Flying Pussyfoot has stopped in its tracks.

In the Corner of a Cheap Bar...

Firo's Commentary: "No no no, this is all wrong. First of all, it’s correct that the monster had no name, and Miria would never say something like this. But it’s true that Isaac is an idiot… aagh, it’s all messed up. Just do this over, alright?"

How to Reach (Cause): When pressed by Miria Harvent to reveal the name of Frankenstein’s monster, answer that you cannot remember.

What Happens (Effect): Isaac ponders for a moment and then admits that he has forgotten the monster’s name. He is lighthearted about it, but something in Miria breaks. Something that seemed so important to her up until that moment, but now seems cheap and flimsy.

A moment later, Isaac pulls himself together and realizes he cannot remember the name because the monster never had one. But Miria rejects his answer and calls him an idiot, saying she cannot believe she never realized it before; she berates him for his stupidity and says she never wants to see him again. Confused by this sudden turn of events, Isaac embraces her shoulders and begs her to make up with him—but she elbows him away and tells him never to come after her again. Isaac is never able to forget what it looks like to see her walk away from him.

Years later, in a dusty old bar somewhere in the USA, Isaac is nursing a drink while an old man tries to comfort him (while calling him 'Anne', perhaps thinking him in drag)). Time soothes the pain of heartbreak, the old man assures him; someday, once he is grown, Isaac ('Anne') will be able to treasure the memory of the past despite the pain he is in now. Isaac objects that it is hopeless–he only realized this recently, but he has not been aging for a long time. The old man in turn realizes that Isaac has been coming to this bar since the old man was a child...

Isaac turns back to his drink. To live forever without Miria is endless torture to him.

Implications: Isaac and Miria seem fated to spend eternity without each other.

A Red Monster Devours the Delinquents

Firo's Commentary: "That’s what you get for abandoning your friends when there’s a monster on the loose. ...I mean, I do feel sorry for them."

How to Reach (Cause): When Jacuzzi Splot decides how to proceed after seeing the massacre in the dining car, decide to prioritize the train robbery over helping people.

What Happens (Effect): Jacuzzi plans to go back for his friends later, but he considers it most important that the goods do not reach New York City as they are dangerous high-grade explosives. They return to their cabin to wait until they can act. However, when they go to complete the robbery, the Rail Tracer attacks.

Implications: Thanks to Jacuzzi's out-of-character choice, Jacuzzi's Gang is dead.

Junk Jacuzzi

Firo's Commentary: "Everyone who thought, ‘Wow, Jacuzzi’s cool when he snaps’ is a terrible person. I mean, I thought it too."

How to Reach (Cause): When Jacuzzi in the caboose tries to decide what to do about the chaos taking place on the train, choose “Kill before we can be killed.”

What Happens (Effect): The conversation between him, Nice Holystone, and Donny closely follows the canon conversation, this time concluding that he needs to specifically kill the Black Suits and the Rail Tracer, not just get rid of them. Nice notices a bit of a mad light in Jacuzzi’s eyes but says nothing, and she and Donny still support him without reserve. They head back towards the front of the train.

On the way, they encounter Nick and Jack where they have been tied up in the freight hold. Jack has still been boxed to within an inch of his life by Ladd Russo, and Jacuzzi mentally adds the White Suits to the list of people who need to be taken care of–in fact, he moves them to the top of the list for Jack’s sake.

When they thus come across Ladd, Lua Klein, and Who in the freight car with two dead Black Suits, Nice hurls three sticks of dynamite at them. Thinking quick, Ladd grabs two of them and throws them out the open door of the freight car, also grabbing Lua to protect her. He kicks the other towards Who and shouts for him to get rid of it. But Who, standing in the hall, does not think quite as fast as Ladd (nor are there any open windows in the hall). By the time he thinks to break a window and toss the stick through it, it is too late and the dynamite explodes.

Ladd can tell just by looking that Who is dead, so he turns his attention to the boy standing at the other end of the hall: “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Jacuzzi?”

He is trying to rattle Jacuzzo by saying his name, but the tactic fails; Jacuzzi advances towards him with a light smile and determined eyes. Ladd punches him away–once, twice, ten times, but each time Jacuzzi gets back up and advances towards him again with the same light smile. Finally, he reaches Ladd and wraps his arms around him, and another explosion fills the car.

Ladd briefly regains consciousness to see that both of Jacuzzi’s arms have been blown away to the elbows. Apparently, he had been hiding lit dynamite in his sleeves. Ladd calls Lua’s name one last time, and then his heart stops.

Implications: Ladd and Who are dead, and Jacuzzi has half-arms.

The Curse of Playing Train

Firo's Commentary: "I mean, you knew it would end this way when you chose that choice, right? If you’ve got an image you’re trying to preserve, touch the screen and try again."

How to Reach (Cause): When prompted to choose what Jacuzzi Splot says to Ladd Russo (in canon: tell him that the conductors are dead), say, "You’re the driver, I’m the conductor!"

What Happens (Effect): Jacuzzi points at Ladd and declares, "You’re the driver, I’m the conductor!" Ladd is initially confused, but when Jacuzzi says it a second time, he starts hallucinating trains and chants, "Chugga chugga choo choo!" which prompts confusion from Lua Klein. Jacuzzi then says "Chugga chugga choo choo!" back to him, prompting confusion from Nice Holystone. The two clasp hands; Jacuzzi shouts, "You’re the driver, I’m the conductor,” and Ladd shouts “I’m the driver, you’re the conductor," and they dash towards the front of the train–through third class, second, the dining car, first class, until they vanish from the train entirely.

Shortly thereafter, a new urban legend begins to circulate: that if you’re near train tracks in the middle of the night, you may see two men running along the rails. Do not move close enough to hear what they are chanting, because if you hear them chanting “Chugga chugga choo choo,” you will fall under their spell...

Implications: Two key players of the Flying Pussyfoot incident have gone missing, drastically impacting future events.

Showdown between Isaac and Ladd

Firo's Commentary: "Isaac’s not half-bad when he puts his mind to it. This may not have been the right time for it, though..."

How to Reach (Cause): Encountering Jacuzzi Splot, Ladd Russo asks if something happened in the conductor’s car to harden him up. Have Jacuzzi answer that the conductor made fun of him.

What Happens (Effect): Jacuzzi does this to test Ladd’s reaction–to see if Ladd killed the conductor. However, Ladd answers that the conductor would probably do something like that, as if he knows him. He then decides to head back towards the dining car (as opposed to going to see the dead conductor as in canon).

The player's point of view switches to Isaac & Miria, and they see Ladd and some White Suits walking into a second-class room with a child. Concluding that this is a hostage situation, they decide to stage a rescue; they creep up to the door, and Isaac peeks underneath just in time to see Ladd shoot Czeslaw Meyer in the head.

Despite not knowing Czes very well, Isaac bursts into the cabin to protest. He and Ladd engage in a short exchange (with Miria joining in), and Ladd briefly pretends regret but then turns around and shoots Isaac. Nevertheless, Isaac gets back up, supported by Miria. ("Wow, Isaac, you’re like an immortal hero!" / "I sure am! But since I’ve done wrong, an anti-hero!") At this point Ladd is only half-listening, more preoccupied with Isaac's lack of gunshot wound. Isaac concludes that his sheriff’s badges stopped the bullet thanks to the protection of Czes' spirit.

Then Isaac leaps at Ladd and they tussle–Isaac intending to throw Ladd off the train even if he goes down with him. He clings to Ladd even as Ladd proceeds to gouge out both of Isaac’s eyes with his thumbs, and the two roll off the train and under the tracks. Isaac eventually recovers. Ladd does not.

Implications: Ladd is dead, and Isaac is at least in some way aware of his immortality. For the Express Train ending to this choice, see Ending 49.

Calm Down, Donny!

Firo's Commentary: "Nothing wrong with that choice–you just had bad luck."

How to Reach (Cause): Decide to look for Isaac & Miria after checking on the dining car.

What Happens (Effect): Jacuzzi's Gang clambers onto the roof to cross over to the dining car. This includes Jack, who is injured from an earlier encounter with Ladd Russo. As they are crossing the roof, however, Donny starts shouting: Jack has suddenly started coughing up blood. They hurry down into the first-class car,. but a surprise encounter with some Black Suits results in Jacuzzi and his friends gunned down.

Implications: Jacuzzi's group is dead. This ending hinges on the wellbeing of Jack, who in canon (and other gameplay routes) is left in a room to rest.

A Red Monster Devours the Jokers

Firo's Commentary: "Don’t worry, someday they’ll clear up this misunderstanding, and they’ll laugh at being thrown off the train. Hang on, would it be my job to clear up the misunderstanding? No way, that sounds like a pain. Touch the screen and try again. I’m begging you."

How to Reach (Cause): Jacuzzi Splot decides not to search for Isaac & Miria.

What Happens (Effect): Since Jacuzzi does not run across them outside the conductors' room, Isaac and Miria continue extolling his virtues at length: on how Jacuzzi is a better person than them; about how awful they have been, stealing from the Mafia and murdering all those children, which they still have nightmares about. The narration clarifies at this point that when they stole some chocolate, they assumed that all the children in the area starved to death. Which they have further blown out of proportion by perceiving it as having murdered a vast number of children.

Further compounding this, Isaac declares that the two of them are ruthless, and that they will kill everyone else on the train to find Jacuzzi if necessary.

To his misfortune, he says this within earshot of the Rail Tracer. The Rail Tracer creeps up on them, without their noticing... and Isaac and Miria vanish from the train.

Implications: Isaac and Miria are no longer on the train. Not only will Isaac be unavailable to give Jacuzzi the pep talk he needs to save the passengers, he and Miria will not be there to rescue Czes and earn his trust.

A Red Monster Devours the Evildoers

Firo's Commentary: "Don’t brag about your crimes… But lecturing aside… There’s not a lot of room on this train. Putting too many people in one place is just inviting confusion."

How to Reach (Cause): Have Jacuzzi Splot take everyone when he goes to search for Isaac & Miria.

What Happens (Effect) Jacuzzi's Gang drops Jack off along the way. This delays them enough that Isaac and Miria are able to have essentially the same conversation that they do in Ending 29, including the line about being ruthless. Once Jacuzzi's team arrives, Isaac and Miria are delighted–the fact that he has escaped must mean he’s a good person. He insists otherwise; not only did he kill all those people the other day, he is now planning a train robbery–but then again, Isaac and Miria have already committed a train robbery.

Having overheard all of this, the Rail Tracer murders Jacuzzi's group alongside Isaac and Miria.

Implications: Jacuzzi, Nice Holystone, Donny, and Nick are all dead. Isaac and Miria will regenerate, but whether or not the Rail Tracer will linger and happen to witness it is unknown. For the Express Train ending which results from this choice, see Ending 50.

Ladd in the Sights

Firo's Commentary: "The Black Suits are a team, remember? Actually, you may be able to learn something if you ask the other Black Suits..."

How to Reach (Cause): As Ladd Russo, choose to continue fighting Chané Laforet rather than retreat.

What Happens (Effect): Ladd and Chané continue their fight–only for Ladd to hear a gunshot and see a sniper over by the first class car. Spike fatally shoots him.

Implications: Ladd is dead.

Terrorists + Bombs = Bad

Firo's Commentary: "Apparently Nice is a bomb freak. She probably wouldn’t tell others about the explosives that easily."

How to Reach (Cause): This is when Nick and Nice have been captured by Goose Perkins; when prompted, choose to tell him the whole truth.

What Happens (Effect): Goose does not believe that they are innocents because Nick burst into the dining car with a knife. Nice claims Nick was tripping on marijuana at the time, but Goose uses this to call into question whether they actually saw the Rail Tracer. This is when the player is offered a choice of how much to tell him.

Tell Goose everything and naturally he is immediately interested in the smuggled explosives. He leaves to go check on them, and Nice tries to figure a way of out their situation. Ultimately, she never has the chance to put any kind of plan into action. The explosives give the Black Suits a hearty advantage; not only do they take the train, they later bomb a few locations in New York City. The federal government concedes to their demands, freeing Huey Laforet. However, this is the last history knows of Huey or the Lemures...

Implications: Multiple New York locations have been explosively harmed. Huey's disappearance is left ambiguous; while he could have gone underground, it is also possible that he was devoured by another Immortal such as Renee Parmedes Branvillier. For the Express Train ending this choice leads to, see Ending 54.

The Lemures' Leader is a Bomb Queen

Firo's Commentary: "In order to save Nice from this, Jacuzzi teams up with Victor and becomes an investigator... But there’s not enough ROM to tell you that story. Sorry, you’ll just have to imagine it."

How to Reach (Cause): When choosing how Nice Holystone should respond to Goose Perkins, have her ask to join the Lemures.

What Happens (Effect): Reasoning that she can earn a little time to plan if she temporarily joins them, Nice offers her explosives expertise as well as the explosives Jacuzzi's Gang is stealing. To her surprise, Goose is more than open to this idea and allows her to join them.

She does—and her mad bomber side fully wakens.

Nice stays with the Lemures throughout and after the Flying Pussyfoot incident, spending the next five years terrorizing New York with her bombings. These five years culminate with a grand finale: when she and Chané Laforet finally launch an attack on Alcatraz in order to free Huey Laforet.

Implications: If taken at face value, this implies Huey remained in Alcatraz for five years despite the Lemures managing to be fairly formidable with Nice's bombs at their disposal. It is alternatively possible that Huey may have escaped in the interim without telling the Lemures, whose hijacking of the Flying Pussyfoot he never authorized. Meanwhile, Jacuzzi is now a member of the BOI/FBI and actively working with Victor Talbot for Nice's sake.

Is This What They Call "Tsundere?"

Firo's Commentary: "Nothing to say to this one. That bastard Edward is always making fun of me with shit like this."

How to Reach (Cause): Playing as Isaac Dian, you are given a choice of what to say to Jacuzzi Splot (the canon choice is the "gun in your heart" line). Choose instead "Fall for a tramp and you’ll get your heart broken, Missy."

What Happens (Effect): Isaac 'realizes' that Jacuzzi has fallen in love with him—but alas, his heart belongs to Miria. Though Jacuzzi protests that Isaac has it all wrong, even Donny starts to believe Isaac and expresses surprise–he thought Jacuzzi was in love with Nice. Jacuzzi protests further that he is not into men–("Isn't that some kind of illness?")—but Donny reassures him that some men like men, that it is a preference and not an illness at all.

Regardless, Jacuzzi is sure he is not in love with Isaac. Isaac and Miria try to convince him that it is fine and natural to be in love with someone as 'cool' as Isaac, but Jacuzzi has had enough; he asks them to stop making fun of him and runs out of the storage room.

Isaac wonders if he was mistaken, but Miria assures him that the problem was the presence of other people in the room. In any case, Isaac insists he will take responsibility for hurting Jacuzzi. When Donny asks how, Isaac explains that he and Miria will jump off the train; when Miria asks why, Isaac points out it would hurt Jacuzzi to see the woman he (Isaac) loves.

Miria realizes Isaac is right, and they fearlessly leap from the train together. After they jump, Donny waits a few seconds before saying, "..He's pretty cool. I think I’ve fallen in love, too."

Implications: Isaac and Miria have removed themselves from the train. Jacuzzi recklessly exiting the freight hold may result in dangerous encounters.

The Way of the Warrior is Strength Under Fire!

Firo's Commentary: "A good ending. Congrats! If you want to know what happened to the train after that, try changing what Jacuzzi shouts at the end. Think gunman, not samurai."

How to Reach (Cause): Playing as Isaac Dian, you are given a choice of what to say to Jacuzzi Splot (the canon choice is the "gun in your heart" line). Choose instead "You will find the meaning of 'bushido' when you die."

What Happens (Effect): At the end of the fight with Goose Perkins, Jacuzzi throws himself at Goose, shouting, "A samurai never fears death!" He grabs him and leaps off the train with him. Goose’s flamethrower explodes, and Jacuzzi passes out.

The sunrise wakes him up, whereupon he is surprised to find himself alive. While he is not unscathed, Goose’s body shielded him from much of the explosion and the vegetation along the rails broke his fall. He looks from side to side, smiles a little, and starts walking towards New York City, where people are waiting for him.

Implications: Goose is dead; Jacuzzi is not.

Everything Goes Boom

Firo's Commentary: "Man, this Goose character doesn’t have much luck, huh?"

How to Reach (Cause): Attempt to bargain with Goose Perkins.

What Happens (Effect): Instead of handing over her explosives when Goose asks, Nice flicks her lighter on and asks to bargain–threatening to light her bombs if he becomes rough. Goose agrees with surprising ease, but asks to think about it for a bit before they begin. Ten, twenty, thirty seconds pass–and just as Nice is about to speak, Goose smirks and concludes that she had not already lit any of the dynamite. With that, he raises his gun and shoots a single shot right into her missing eye, claiming that he does not want to mar her pretty face any further.

The bullet ignites the cherry bomb under her eyepatch, and the ensuing explosion ignites the twelve sticks of dynamite. According to the narration, Jacuzzi Splot was close enough to be caught in the blast as well.

Implications: Goose, Nice, Nick, and Jacuzzi are all dead. Given the combined power of the explosives, a good section of the train likely met the same fate.

She Follows After Him

Firo's Commentary: "No. This isn’t how it ended. If you believe that, touch the screen and try again."

How to Reach (Cause): When Goose Perkins asks Nice Holystone to turn over her explosives, turn over most of them–but retain one, light the fuse, and hurl it at him.

What Happens (Effect): Goose drops the rest of the explosives and catches the lit one. Nice seizes those and she and Nick split while Goose juggles the lit stick of dynamite, somehow managing to drop it on the floor rather than throwing it out the window. Just as he is calmed down enough to try to pick it up again, it goes off.

The issue: In her rush, Nice was unable to judge the strength of the dynamite she chose. Unlike the ones she was throwing before Goose came in, this one had significant enough power to not only destroy the room they were captive in but an adjacent room and part of the hallway. Goose and a nameless Black Suit are down, and one other person. Nice goes to examine the other person and becomes very, very quiet.

"Nick," she says, "your eyes are better than mine. Please, come here and take a look at this person. Tell me I’m seeing this wrong."

She is not: the person is—was—Jacuzzi Splot.For the next you minutes, she simply cries. Then, with the rest of the dynamite spread out, and poised to light them, she orders Nick to run away as far and fast as he can. Nick tries to dissuade her, but she gathers Jacuzzi and the dynamite into her arms and he realizes she cannot be persuaded. He runs, and behind him, Nice's life is taken by her own bombs.

Implications: Goose, Nice, and Jacuzzi are all dead. The car is badly damaged.

He Follows After Her

Firo's Commentary: "If you don’t like this ending, touch the screen and give it another try. Here’s a hint: Nice knows her own appearance is unusual. So she knows that she can’t pass herself off as a normal person."

How to Reach (Cause): When Nice Holystone and Nick are under scrutiny from Goose Perkins, choose to tell him nothing.

What Happens (Effect): Goose deduces at once from Nice’s appearance that she is no mere civilian. He physically assaults her in an attempt to make her talk; she does not–he expresses regret that he did not employ real torture–but before he can turn on Nick, he hears that something is amiss in the dining car and has to go investigate. Before he leaves, he gives Nice one last kick in the face, which knocks her out.

Around five hours pass (12 AM to 5 AM), but eventually Nice is hazily conscious again and is describing to Nick how to use her dynamite against the Black Suits from where she is laid on the bed. Once they start to run low on dynamite, Nick decides they should escape; he wraps her in sheets and attaches a rope with the intention of hauling her up to the roof—but when he goes to open the window, Goose kicks him back inside and follows.

Via the door, Jacuzzi bursts into the room toting a machine gun. Goose hides under the bed (thinking it still contains Nice and will be good cover) while Jacuzzi shoots up the place, unaware of both the dynamite stick on the floor and the stray bullet which has set if off.

The ensuing explosion kills Goose, who is close to it, while Jacuzzi and Nick escape the worst. Nice does not, already fading by the time Jacuzzi rushes to her side. Her last words are, "Don’t cry, Jacuzzi–I’m happy to die here, in your arms, from an explosion"–probably, though the latter half is inaudible because she is so weak. She dies in Jacuzzi's arms.

Jacuzzi picks up one of Goose’s guns and shoots himself in the temple.

Implications: Goose, Nice, and Jacuzzi are all dead.

Chané Disappears With the Dawn

Firo's Commentary: "You got here because you threw ‘him’ off the train in the Express Train episode. Sure, he killed a lot of people, but he saved a lot of people’s lives, too."

How to Reach (Cause): This Ending results from choosing to tackle Claire Stanfield off the train during the Ladd-Claire fight.

What Happens (Effect): This choice has multiple separate consequences, and the ending is explored across multiple scenes.

When Ladd tackles Claire, he ends up leaping off the train with both Claire and Lua Klein in his arms. Claire reveals that the noose's knot was fake, complains that Ladd has made him late, and saves Lua while leaving Ladd to fend for himself.

The effects of Claire's absence on the train are felt almost immediately. In the engine room, the elderly engineers finally hear Nice Holystone's explosions. Without Claire there to pass off Nice Holystone's explosions as a robber posse chasing the train (and instruct them to not stop the train no matter what), the engineers decide to pull the brakes. An awful scraping noise sounds throughout the cars, and the train begins to slow.

Chané Laforet, thinking that the two forces who were the most potent threats—Ladd and Claire—are gone, decides to descend from the roof and re-enter the train. This happens in the nick of time, as she drops down just before Spike can shoot her. As Claire is no longer around to remove Spike from the train, Spike remains on the train here for longer than he does in canon.

In the meantime, Jacuzzi's Gang seizes control of the dining car and Jacuzzi heads to first class to reunite with Nice. When they climb up onto the roof, Spike snipes Jacuzzi (and, presumably, Nice).

Back in the dining car, Jacuzzi's friends appear to have the solid advantage—only for Goose Perkins to enter through the other door and torch the dining car via his flamethrower. All present, including the Black Suits who had been locked inside the car, burn to death. Once Spike rejoins him, Goose administers new orders: to slaughter everyone remaining in the train, as while their plan to free Huey Laforet may have failed, they can at least eliminate witnesses.

As soon as Goose and Spike exit the dining car, Chané slits both of their throats and hops off the now-stationary train. Determined to save Huey on her own, she disappears into the morning mist.

Implications: Jacuzzi, Nice, Goose, Spike, and everyone else in the dining car are dead. Chané is alive, though she and Claire have both been delayed in reaching New York City. For the Express Train ending, see Ending 58.

At Least He Spared His Life...

Firo's Commentary: "I know it’s not really my place to apologize, but… I’m gonna apologize in Claire’s place. I’m sorry! Please forgive him! He’s not usually this childish... .......No, I guess he’s pretty childish. Just–pretend he was bitten by a dinosaur here and forget all about this!"

How to Reach (Cause): This is a Local Train ending resulting from the Express Train choice for Claire to slug Jacuzzi Splot rather than letting Jacuzzi defeat the Rail Tracer. See Ending 59 for the counterpart ending.

What Happens (Effect): Claire is jealous enough of Nice and Jacuzzi's bond that he accidentally punches Jacuzzi in the face. The impact breaks Jacuzzi's nose and possibly his neck, and Claire ducks behind the train so that Nice cannot see what happened.

Nice, devastated and sobbing, recalls how Jacuzzi got his facial tattoo so that she could recognize him despite the damage to her eyesight. She is terrified at the thought that she will never be able to recognize anyone clearly again. Then she feels someone tap her shoulder. She turns and does not see who tapped her, but Jacuzzi is there–alive, albeit barely. Fred the gray wizard/doctor tends to him and saves his life, but it still takes him almost half a year before he can walk on his own again.

Because of Nice’s poor eyesight, she does not see the word "sorry" written next to Jacuzzi's body. As the word is written in Jacuzzi's blood, this is for the best.

Implications: Jacuzzi is alive, something that is not necessarily clear in Ending 59.

Express Train Endings[]

At That Time, the Killers...

Firo's Commentary: "Wait, so what’s the real ending of the ‘Ticket to Tragedy’ story? Hmm… yeah, I guess if Claire hadn’t been around, it might’ve gone like this."

How to Reach (Cause): This is an Express Train ending that results from the Local Train choice to tell the “ticket to tragedy” ghost story.

What Happens (Effect): The aforementioned Local Train choice first leads the player to Local Train Ending 11. Now that Express Train is open, a new scene opens up in Express Train that reveals how the scene in the caboose played out in "Ticket to Tragedy."

Before shooting the Young Conductor, the Lemur conductor demands that he finish his story. The Young Conductor explains that nine out of ten of the housewives surveyed about their train journey answered with, "What train journey?" The Lemur conductor infers the husbands used the tickets to treat others to rides, finding the story boring overall. He says that the Young Conductor’s ticket creates a much deeper tragedy than that, and then shoots the Young Conductor and looks down at his corpse.

“You really do look a lot like Claire, Tony. If only you hadn’t agreed to switch shifts with him, he would have died rather than you.”

The narration points out that this is not the case, and then explains: Claire, in a hurry to get to New York City and help out the Gandors, switched shifts with Tony and took an earlier train to New York. Thus, Tony was the “Young Conductor” here, emphasis on the “was.”

A man clad all in white—Ladd Russo—enters the room and kicks the Lemur conductor in the face, knocking him out. Dune follows shortly thereafter and wonders both conductors are down for the count–was there another fake conductor? Shrugging the matter off, he takes the Lemur conductor’s uniform and then tortures him until he has all the information he needs on the Lemures’ plan. He and Ladd take care of the Black Suits in the freight car and commandeer their guns. The White suits take the train.

Implications: This Ending confirms that the Young Conductor who told the story in Ending 11 was not Claire after all. The train did not stop despite the death of both trained conductors, meaning that the White Suits either managed to perform the scheduled light signals in the conductors' stead, or more likely took over the engine room. This Ending also suggests that Claire and Tony look similar to each other, though Tony is depicted as an old man in the 2007 anime.

Czes, the Ruthless Killer

Firo's Commentary: "There is nothing more terrifying to an Immortal than having someone pat their head with their right hand. I'm sure that Czes isn't this evil anymore, though."

How to Reach (Cause): This is the Express Train conclusion to the Local Train choice to have Jacuzzi Splot pat Czeslaw Meyer's head after Czes barrels into him in the dining car. For the Local Train ending to this choice, see Ending 7.

What Happens (Effect): Czes oscillates between having panic attacks over right hands and attempting to calm himself down. When Nice Holystone pats his head with her left hand, he jumps and somehow manages to calm himself—but he still looks sick with fear, so Jacuzzi asks if he is all right. Just as Czes is wondering why Jacuzzi is taking such an interest in him, Jacuzzi reaches out with his right hand to take Czes’ temperature. Concluding that Jacuzzi must be the Immortal, Czes jerks backward and excuses himself "to the bathroom." In actuality, he lies in wait for Jacuzzi and hits him over the head with a hammer when he comes by.

When Jacuzzi's blood fails to return to his body, Czes realizes he was Mortal all along. Muttering, "You scared the hell out of me," he shoves Jacuzzi off the train rather than have to deal with the corpse. Then, as if nothing happened, he returns to the dining car.

Implications: Jacuzzi is dead. Since the Immortal remains at large, Czes still has a motive to try to have the dining car passengers slaughtered later on.

The Girl Misspoke

Firo's Commentary: "It can’t have ended in such a sad way. If that’s how you feel, touch the screen and give it another try."

How to Reach (Cause): Choose to bring Mary Beriam along rather than hiding her somewhere in the train.

What Happens (Effect): Czeslaw Meyer considers dropping Mary off somewhere; but if he did that and she wound up dead, he would consider it equivalent to having betrayed her. Unwilling to betray someone who trusts him in the way "that man" betrayed him, he briefly considers the broom closet but ultimately moves on with her tagging along.

Eventually they make it to the freight cars, where Czes discovers some Black Suit victims of the Rail Tracer in one of the rooms. He wonders what could have done that, considering the White Suits, another Immortal, and even the Rail Tracer as possible culprits—though he dismisses the last one as impossible. At the sound of approaching White Suits, he pulls Mary into a nearby room intending to have her hide while he exits to handle Ladd Russo. What he does not realize is that Mary has effectively reached her emotional limit.

The point of view switches to Ladd, who overhears an ongoing argument between Mary—terrified of being left alone—and Czes, who explains all he wants to do is go try bargaining with the man outside. Mary protests that the old man (オジサン) is scary and Czes will get hurt, and well before Czes has managed to convince her otherwise, Ladd kicks the door open, demanding to know if he is the man in question.

Czes protectively moves in front of Mary and says he wanted to meet Ladd because his "boxing is incredible, mister (お兄さん)!" But he is a little too confident and smug for Ladd’s liking, and Ladd smacks him out of the way with the butt of his rifle and then aims at Mary. He gives her a chance to beg for her life; at first, she is too scared to even scream and keeps crying. Czes struggles to stand and attract Ladd’s attention, insisting that she is not involved, but another white Suit enters to subdue him. Ladd gives Mary another ten seconds to beg. This time, she manages it, but she says “オジサン” again and he shoots off her head.

His nonchalant reason for the murder infuriates Czes, who charges at Ladd with the long scalpel he has already used to kill the other White Suit. Ladd shoots him in the leg. When Czes rises a few moments later, unmistakably clean of blood, Ladd shoots him again. Lua Klein, who was outside the storage car and was not expecting to hear rifle shots, starts to enter but he warns her to stay back–there is a monster inside.

Instead of making another run at Ladd, Czes presses a button in the wall of the car, opening up a secret compartment. Just as Ladd goes to follow him, an explosion occurs which blasts Ladd, Lua, and Czes to pieces. Czes, being the sole Immortal, recovers.

As he crept into the secret compartment, Czes had mentally apologized to Mary: I’m sorry. I should have left you somewhere safe. But I didn’t abandon you, and I didn’t betray you. Please understand that much.

Implications: Mary, Ladd, and Lua are all dead. If Czes used the explosives he intended to sell to the Runorata Family, then some or all of them are no longer in play.

Czes, Why?

Firo's Commentary: "Czes wouldn’t do something like this. ...I’m sure of it. So please, touch the screen and try again."

How to Reach (Cause): Given the choice of what Czeslaw Meyer should do about Mary Beriam, choose to kill her.

What Happens (Effect): Czes decides to kill Mary before she gets in his way via strangulation, as it is a bloodless murder method. So he looks for something to do it with–and then realizes that something perfect is right in front of him. He checks the closest cabin and, finding it empty, enters it with her and locks the door.

Mary asks if they will be safe there, and Czes assures her they will. “If you say so, Czes, I trust you,” Mary says, and Czes almost has a twinge of... 'something', but since he is acting more merciless than usual and he is trying to ignore the feeling, he does not pick up on it.

He compliments her necklace and asks to see it for a moment. When he goes to clasp it around her neck, he uses it to strangle her; she protests, struggles, and soon ceases struggling. Czes holds the necklace tight around her throat for five minutes out of caution, and when he releases it, she slumps to the floor. He goes to hide her body, but freezes when he glimpses her face. Her expression is the same one he turned towards "that man" every day: the face of a person who has been betrayed by someone they trust.

Overwhelmed by guilt and shame, Czes flees the room and out onto the connecting platforms between cars, asking himself how he could do such a thing; he asks for Mary’s forgiveness but immediately corrects himself, knowing he cannot and should not. He ducks under the guardrail and throws himself off the train in such a way that guarantees that he will fall underneath and be dragged along with it. The act will not pay for his sin, he knows, but he at least wants to make sure he suffers–he wants to punish himself.

Implications: Mary is dead. Czes threw himself off the train, his grip on sanity in shambles. Without Mary, the Lemures may choose to threaten Natalie Beriam's life in their negotations with Manfred Beriam. Czes' early absence means he never has his encounters with Ladd or Claire, which means Isaac and Miria will not be in a position to rescue him physically and emotionally later on. It also changes the probability of Isaac and Miria's rope adventure, which played an important role in the Jacuzzi-Goose confrontation.

Given Czes' state of mind in this Ending, his original plan to devour Maiza Avaro and Begg Garrott upon arriving in New York may also change.

He Leaves with the Caboose

Firo's Commentary: "Welp. That's Claire for ya."

How to Reach (Cause): This is the Express Train conclusion to the Local Train choice for Ladd Russo to check out the hall instead of heading straight to the dining car. For the Local Train Ending to this choice, see Ending 14.

What Happens (Effect): Ladd decides to follow after Jacuzzi Splot rather than go to the dining car. He catches up to Jacuzzi as he is panicking over the carnage in the caboose, and has fun spooking Jacuzzi for a little bit until a blood-soaked man appears. Jacuzzi screeches the Rail Tracer's name and sprints away, and Claire muses, “...I didn’t even introduce myself yet??”

Then, as Ladd tries to swing at him, Claire upsets his balance. Ladd cannot get a firm footing because of all the blood coating the floor, and this continues for a little while until they hear a creaking sound and a shock runs through the cabin. Ladd manages to get his footing and stand again–but Claire’s lost interest in him, having realized what just happened: Jacuzzi must have detached the last train car. He is both impressed ("Maybe he really exists, too, if he’s able to do something I didn’t expect") and annoyed ("I’m not going to make it to New York on time") but most of all bored with Ladd; "Good-bye, phantom," he says, and the screen flashes red then black with the sound of Claire killing Ladd.

Implications: This Ending reveals what happened to Ladd in Ending 14. The long-term consequences, as depicted in Ending 14, entail a Black Suit victory and Mary Beriam losing seven fingers.

The Worst Chance Meeting

Firo's Commentary: "In a way, this may be a happy ending for Czes, since he doesn’t have to go through hell."

How to Reach (Cause): After Czeslaw Meyer sees a few Black Suit victims of the Rail Tracer in the freight room with the telegraph, the plater is able to choose his next course of action; choose to stay put and wait for Ladd Russo there.

What Happens (Effect): Unbeknownst to Czes, Ladd has already investigated this room. An hour passes without any sign of Ladd; instead, more Black Suits come to investigate what happened to their comrades. Czes tries to sneak away–but one of them spots him and guns him down with his machine gun, jumpy and spooked after seeing the gruesome corpses. His companions ask him why he is shooting a child, considering that the passengers are supposed to be hostage, but he merely shrugs. "Well, he’s dead now." The Black Suits toss Czes' corpse off the train. By the time he recovers, the Flying Pussyfoot is retreating into the distance.

Implications: Czes missing an encounter with Ladd causes him to miss a torture session with Claire later on. Without Czes the chances of Isaac & Miria falling off the train are reduced; without Isaac, Miria, and Czes' interference in Jacuzzi Splot and Goose Perkins' showdown, Goose's flamethrower will likely remain undamaged. The absence of a torture session, however, opens up a new period of time for Claire to take action—and thus all manner of opportunities for him to affect future events and people, including Goose.

Meanwhile, Czes not meeting Isaac and Miria means he does not have his change of heart—and thus will devour Maiza Avaro and Begg Garrott once he reaches New York. If and when he discovers Firo Prochainezo and other 1930 Immortals while there, he may attempt to devour them as well.

Mary was Safe...

Firo's Commentary: "It would have been nice to show Czes playing an active role, but unfortunately there’s no time for that. Try another choice!"

How to Reach (Cause): Choose to walk toward the dining car in search of Ladd Russo.

What Happens (Effect): Czeslaw Meyer concludes that he may have passed by Ladd by accident already and decides to head back to the dining car to look for him. Rather than finding Ladd, he stumbles across a White Suit's corpse outside the closet he left Mary Beriam in. His heart starts pounding and he rushes towards the closet to see just how bad it is–but is relieved to not see her corpse there. He concludes that the Black Suits must have captured her and resolves to look for clues to her whereabouts as well as for Ladd.

He finds neither on his way to the dining car, and just as he reaches it–he walks right into a Black Suit. Thinking Czes is in some way connected to the Beriams, the Black Suit escorts him to first class as a new hostage. The Beriams and Czes are mutually relieved to see each other safe, and while “captive” may not be the best situation for the Beriams, Czes feels fairly secure given the absence of nearby Immortals. He promises Mary that they will have a chance to escape, and once they do, he will protect her properly this time.

According to the narration's summary, he does exactly that. The woman in fatigues rescues them some time later, and Czes keeps his promise to protect Mary for the rest of the night.

Implications: If Czes remains with the Beriams for the rest of the evening, then he presumably did not have his encounters with Ladd and Claire.

The Train Continues Through the Fog

Firo's Commentary: "This is a terrifying conclusion for a lot of reasons–he can’t even die."

How to Reach (Cause): When deciding how Czeslaw Meyer will search for the White Suits’ leader, decide to travel to the caboose by going across the roof.

What Happens (Effect): Czes climbs up onto the roof, where conditions are very windy and extremely foggy. Realizing that the journey will not be as easy as he thought, he has no choice but to crawl if he wants to traverse the roof. It takes quite some time, but he finally reaches the caboose and climbs down. Since nothing in the caboose is out of place, he proceeds through it and searches the back end of the train.

Much to his frustration, the White Suits are nowhere to be found. Furthermore, his surroundings are eerily quiet–as if even the sound of the tracks is muffled. Inside the train, Czes has yet to run into anyone. Outside, the fog is even thicker than before.

Soon the situation is far worse than frustrating when he comes across the freight car where he had earlier found the bloody corpses: the corpses, blood, all of it has vanished without a trace. Alarmed, Czes checks the secret compartment where his bombs should be and finds nothing. He runs through the train in a panic, but no one is there. He is all alone on this train, and it seems to no longer be bound for New York...

Implications: Either Czes accidentally entered an alternate dimension, or all the people really did vanish.

A Red Monster Devours the Immortal

Firo's Commentary: "I guess there’s no way to keep Czes from meeting this fate... If you want to find a different route, touch the screen."

How to Reach (Cause): This is the Express Train conclusion to the Local Train choice for Jacuzzi Splot to lie to Ladd Russo that in the caboose, the conductor teased him. For the Local Train ending, see Ending 27.

What Happens (Effect): Jacuzzi lies in order to gauge whether Ladd killed the conductor; thus unaware that anything happened to Dune, Ladd does not head towards the caboose and encounters Czes in the second-class cars instead. Isaac and Miria come across them just as Ladd’s blowing Czes’s head off.

It is revealed that the only reason Ladd falsely apologized was because his gun was not loaded. He loads it, he shoots Isaac. Isaac revives, but as he and Miria are oblivious to their immortality they conclude that the bullet hit Isaac’s sheriff badge because Czes was protecting him. Isaac and Ladd tussle and fall off the train together.

Czes, who lay low after reviving, hears enough of their conversation to panic at the first mention of Isaac not being wounded. However, he in some measure accepts the sheriff badge explanation (though mentally berates them for randomly deciding he is their guardian angel), as he finds it impossible to believe they are Immortals. Thus, he continues to lay low until the cabin clears out and then attempts to climb onto the roof.

Claire swiftly intercepts him, and proceeds to trace him along the rails.

Implications: Ladd is dead, and Isaac has been removed from the train. Czes does not attempt to devour Miria, as he does not realizes she and Isaac are Immortal.

Oops... He Fired

Firo's Commentary: "Maybe Spike wouldn’t have shot Chané if Nice and Nick had been on the roof. If you want to have Nice and Nick take a different action, touch the screen and try a different action in the Local Train Episode."

How to Reach (Cause): This is an Express Train ending that results from the Local Train choice for Nice Holystone and Nick to accompany Jacuzzi Splot and Donny towards the back of the train to look for Isaac and Miria. See Ending 30 for the Local Train events.

What Happens (Effect): The ending initially skips straight to Chané Laforet waiting on the roof to meet with Ladd Russo. As the fight between Chané and Ladd begins, and Ladd goes to escape, the point of view shifts to Spike—who is readying his sniper rifle and keeping it trained on Chané. At one point, she leaps over his camping spot and he observes, "White, huh? I guess Chane’s purer than I thought!"

When Chané goes to leap over the next car, Spike has the chance to take a perfect shot—when she is mid-leap and unable to change direction. He takes it, and a scarlet flower blooms in Chane’s head. Then, he realizes his hasty mistake–Code Beta has not yet taken effect. He ducks into the first class car to apologize, but Goose Perkins is only irritated, not angry. While her death is a little earlier than planned, it is not obstructively so.

Ladd, however, is angry and then some. He bursts into the room, shoots Spike in both knees and both shoulders, and then kills Goose and all present Black Suits. Spike, he keeps alive; he wants to have some 'fun' with Spike as revenge for killing Ladd’s prey.

Implications: Chané, Goose, and multiple Black Suits are dead. Ladd will likely kill Spike after he is finished toying with him; before he does, he may potentially interrogate Spike for information (as he does with a nameless Black Suit in canon following this first fight with Chané). If Spike dies here, he will never meet Vanishing Bunny and enter Manfred Beriam's employ.

Czes Surrenders to the Strange Red Man

Firo's Commentary: "This might be fortunate, actually. Claire is scarier than the Runoratas."

How to Reach (Cause): As Czeslaw Meyer, when negotiating with Ladd Russo, attempt to ask him to save all the passengers in the dining car.

What Happens (Effect): Czes is attempting to gauge what kind of person Ladd is. When Ladd proves utterly uninterested in saving the passengers, Czes reverts to his original/canon plan, and the scene concludes as in canon.

However, when Czes meets Claire Stanfield—after trying to introduce himself as Thomas and being killed once—tries the same gimmick: first, he asks Claire to rescue the passengers. Claire accuses him of changing requests, causing Czes to realize that he heard his earlier negotiations with Ladd. Czes claims that the request to kill the passengers was an attempt to stay on the white suits’ good side.

Claire deliberately accepts the first request, saying that he will rescue the passengers while Czes remains put and does nothing for the rest of the night. Realizing what danger he will be in if he refuses, Czes decides to obey. He gives up on finding the Immortals in the dining car for the night, planning on resuming the search once he has made his deal with the Runorata Family.

However, the bombs he had intended to sell to the Runoratas are stolen by Jacuzzi's Gang before the train reaches its destination. Fearing revenge from the Runoratas, Czes flees New York without visiting Maiza Avaro or Begg Garrott.

Implications: As with other endings, the confrontation between Jacuzzi Splot and Goose Perkins will proceed differently if the rope is not there to sweep Goose off his feet. Though his meetings with Maiza and Begg do not take place here, he likely still plans on devouring both at some later point in time as he never had his change of heart.

Czes is Deceived by the Red Monster

Firo's Commentary: "I guess Czes can be kind of trusting sometimes. If you want to see other endings, touch the screen and try again."

How to Reach (Cause): As Czeslaw Meyer, when given the chance to introduce yourself to Claire Stanfield, introduce yourself as Czes rather than Thomas.

What Happens (Effect): Czes recognizes the Rail Tracer as the Young Conductor; whom he does not remember being in the dining car when he said his real name. Concluding that the Young Conductor cannot be the Immortal, Czes introduces himself by his real name—the one on the official passenger list.

Lacking, then, the chance to confront him in this particular lie, Claire kills him once and watches him revive. (Unlike in the anime, Claire did not witness him regenerate in the freight car and was fairly shocked to see him walking around later). Czes then tries to make with him the same deal he tried to make with Ladd Russo, and while Claire appears to be interested, he has two conditions: that Czes shows him the location of the explosives he intends to sell to the Runorata Family, and that Czes pays him thirty thousand dolalrs. Having decided that Claire is merely a money-crazed maniac who happened to overhear his conversation with Ladd, Czes has no qualms about working with something like that if it it will guarantee his safety; he agrees to show Claire where the bombs are.

Once he does, Claire reveals his true colors. He informs Czes of his Gandor Family ties and that he cannot allow the Runoratas to acquire Czes' explosives. With that, he throws Czes off the train.

Implications: Czes is no longer on the train. As Claire now knows the intended purpose of the bombs, he may intend to secure them for the Gandors' sake rather than allow them to fall in others' hands. This does not bode well for Jacuzzi's Gang and their train robbery.

Gakuen Kino

Firo's Commentary: "Just because they’re the same publisher doesn’t mean you can just go hogwild with this!

"By the way, the words 'Rail Tracer' show up in another series the author of Gakuen Kino is writing, Lillia and Treize, so if you’re interested, check it out! All right, commercial over!"

How to Reach (Cause): Have Czeslaw Meyer introduce himself to Claire Stanfield as 'Kino'.

What Happens (Effect): The narration remarks Czes meant to choose just a random assortment of syllables, but for some reason it came out as the kanji 木乃 with pronunciation kana キノ. Before anyone can puzzle out why this is, there are voices from outside the train: a young male voice remarks that Czes' name is Kino too, answered by a young female voice saying, “Aw, man, but I’ve been waiting to make my big entrance…”

A girl in a school uniform bursts into the train via a window, her uniform a summer one despite it being December. She looks completely different from those around her, as if she’d been crafted by a different character designer. The narration points out that the narration style has also changed.

Kino—the girl–accuses Czes of impersonating her, but Czes argues that such a thing was not his intention. The male voice suggests that it has to do with the Personal Information Protection Law, something the narration decries as both anachronistic and not relevant before explaining the voice belongs to a phone strap named Hermes. Why a phone strap can talk is a long and complicated story, but if the player is interested, they should check out Gakuen Kino.

Either Kino or Hermes says, "Enough with the commercial, let’s get back to the story," and the narration agrees.

In the meantime, Clair has ripped out Czes’s throat as he does in canon. Kino is aghast and asks him why he would do such a thing to a small child. but Claire counters that Czes is not a child at all. More importantly, he wants to know if Kino have a ticket. Hermes chides her for stowing away and exacerbating the situation, so Kino looks for some kind of distraction.

“Whoa, what’s going on?!” she cries, pointing behind Claire. Though Claire is less than impressed, he says the same thing when he turns around and finds Czes smirking at them both, alive and throat intact. Czes explains that he is immortal, and Claire wonders whether he should do away with the immortal brat or the stowaway girl first.

Kino is highly indignant at being threatened when she is only a guest, but changes her mind when Hermes points out that they can hardly sacrifice a child. Deciding that he is right, she pulls a WZ63 submachine gun out of her pouch—a gun which the narration points out does not exist in the 1930s. Regardless, Kino aims at Claire and pulls the trigger, but he escapes into the hall without injury.

Kino puts her submachine gun away and takes Czes’s hand. "Quick, let’s get away before he comes back. We don’t want him to chase us."

Hermes asks, "Are we bringing him with us, Kino?"

"Of course! If he’s immortal, he’ll be better than a bulletproof vest!"

So Kino pulls Czes out of the train.

The narration concludes with the following: "And thus, Czes’s participation in the world of Baccano! comes to an end. Hopefully, he will do well in the world of Gakuen Kino. Please look forward to his next appearance! Clap clap clap.”

Implications: Czes, having escaped Baccano! through a rift in space and time, at least does so before he endures his torture session with Claire.

His Fiancée's Name is Rachel

Firo's Commentary: "When I see how fast Claire moves, I seriously start to wonder if we’re both human. ...But hang on, there are some dangerous guys on this train! What happens with them?!"

How to Reach (Cause): This is an Express Train ending resulting from the Local Train choice to have Nice Holystone tell Goose Perkins everything when he asks, resulting in the Black Suits securing Czeslaw Meyer's bombs and taking the train. For the Local Train ending, see Ending 32.

What Happens (Effect): Before the end of the night, Rachel witnesses Claire Stanfield grinding Czes' body along the train tracks as in canon. Instead of re-entering the train to resume slaughtering the Black Suits and White Suits, Claire decides to confront her rather than let her go for a second time. He sneaks up on her, grabs her arm, and demands that she meets him first class.

Rachel does, and she is heartbroken that Claire is spilling so much blood on the trains that she–loves. She had not realized that she loves the trains—the trains her father loved. When Claire arrives, she begs for him to kill her—to do whatever he wants to her—but in exchange, she asks for her blood to be the last blood spilled on this train. Clair is a little troubled by this, because he had only been planning to scare her a bit before tying her up and later handing her over to the police. He tells her that there are still people he needs to kill, and he will not stop for a random stranger’s request.

However, if Rachel were his fiancée, that would be a different matter. He asks if she will marry him, and she immediately answers that she will. Surprised, Claire asks, "Uh what? Don’t you think you should think about it a little more than that?"

But Rachel feels that she should be punished for hitching all those free rides, and she is willing to be sacrificed if it means saving the rest of the train. While Claire is of the mind that marrying him should not be a punishment, he is quite excited that someone finally accepted his on-the-spot proposal; so, they exchange introductions, he gets carried away telling her about himself and they sit on the couch in the first class cabin and talk for hours.

Implications: The Black Suits win due to Claire becoming besotted with Rachel. As he falls in love with Rachel and not Chané, Chané's future changes as well.

Don't You Dare Cheat on Me

Firo's Commentary: "Looks like you need some kind of information to shake Chané up. Anyway, wow, look at these lovebirds go. ...Lucky bastards."

How to Reach (Cause): When choosing how Ladd Russo should respond to Chané Laforet, do run, but choose to drop down into the train and get behind her.

What Happens (Effect): Ladd makes his escape and drops back down into the train; Chané follows him cautiously and heads towards the back of the train. After verifying which way she went, Ladd heads in the opposite direction.

This means that he does not run into the Black Suits who have just been told Code Beta is in effect, and so does not interrogate one of them for information. Thus, when he arrives on the roof to engage with Chané once more, he has no information with which he can throw her off-kilter. Neither of them can get a good read off each other as they fight, and Chané appears to be gaining the upper hand when Lua Klein appears at the edge of the car to warn Ladd about not fighting the red monster. Chane recognizes her as the woman who was with Ladd earlier, and she takes advantage of Ladd’s hesitation by attacking him–but he assume she is headed for Lua. He grabs Lua, wraps his arms around her, and leaps off the train with her into some bushes that break their fall.

As they stand, Ladd's still a bit worked up from the fight and swears that he will kill Chané someday. Lua looks at him, face unreadable, and asks if he wants to kill her more than he wants to kill Lua. Treating this as the accusation of cheating that it is, Ladd refutes it at once and places his hand around her throat. The narration ends with, "Then they stopped using their lips for speaking and, just for a moment, were the very picture of a normal couple."

Implications: As Ladd does not disclose the Black Suits' plans and how Chané and Huey Laforet opposed them, Claire does not know Chané's stance and may attempt to kill her (provided he does not deduce her true feelings through other means).

Lua Dies for Love

Firo's Commentary: "Wow, Claire actually took a hit here. He gets pretty thrown off when things don’t go according to his plan. If you’re worried about Lua, touch the screen and try again."

How to Reach (Cause): Choose to continue Ladd Russo's fight with Claire Stanfield rather than rushing to save Lua Klein.

What Happens (Effect): Ladd attempts a punch with each hand, but Claire catches each of them with his own palms. He is even less impressed with Ladd than he was before. "Wow, I knew you were trash, but to abandon your fiancée to keep fighting me? You're the worst trash there is." He is not expecting Ladd to headbutt him in the face, however, so Ladd manages to evade him and run towards the end of the car where Lua is—or rather, was.

Lua has already thrown herself off the train, because to be killed by someone other than Ladd would be the cruelest kind of betrayal. Worse than an ordinary couple cheating on someone: more like committing a lovers’ suicide with a complete stranger. So she decides that if she leaps from the train herself, before Claire’s rope can hang her, her death will be a suicide rather than murder at Claire's hands. Seeing this, Ladd leaps off the train as well.

Left behind, Claire massages where he was hit, looks after where Ladd fell, and starts talking in Chané Laforet's general direction: "Well, that was sure something. Like I said, he did jump off the train of his own accord. But I was expecting something a little more like..."

Cut to Ladd. His left leg broke on impact with the ground but he is nonetheless alive, and he drags himself in the direction of where Lua fell. "Wait for me, Lua. I’m coming. I’m gonna finish you off."

Implications: Ladd survived the fall and will kill Lua once he reaches her, provided she has not died by that time.

Happy Ending

Firo's Commentary: "Look, I’m always being teased about this shit so I hate this kind of joke so much I could die–you know that, right? Sit tight for a second. ...Ulp, I think I’m gonna be sick. Just try again, all right? Please. Ennis! Ennis, help!"

How to Reach (Cause): As Ladd Russo, propose to Claire Stanfield while fighting him on the rooftop.

What Happens (Effect): In the middle of running at Claire, Ladd stops and shouts, "Marry me!"

There is a stunned silence from Claire, Lua, and Chané Laforet. Claire’s noose still lands around Lua’s throat, but everyone is so stunned that no one even bats an eyelid when the false knot comes undone. Finally Lua says, "...Ladd...?” and all rouse themselves. Claire says, "Um, sorry? You realize I’m a guy, right?" to which Ladd replies, "What’s your point!” Claire points out that Ladd has a fiancée, but Ladd insists, "I’ll break up with her! Sorry, Lua, you’re the woman I want to kill most in the world, but I want to kill this guy ten times more than I want to kill you!"

Finally Claire concludes that he is fine with this, and they agree to get married. A few months later, once Claire has bought himself a new name, he and Ladd can be seen walking together in New York, arm-in-arm. They lived happily ever after.

Implications: Lua has been abandoned by the man she loves—the man who was supposed to kill her. With her heart broken as it is, there is a high chance she will kill herself.

Misfortune Falls Like Dominoes

Firo's Commentary: "...I don’t know what to say. But if you want a different ending than this one, there’s one thing to keep in mind: Don’t throw Claire off the train. I know he made things rough for Czes, but this is even worse, right?"

How to Reach (Cause): During the fight between Ladd Russo and Claire Stanfield, choose to tackle Claire.

What Happens (Effect): This choice precipitates several separate consequences. For those that involve Jacuzzi's Gang, Chané Laforet, and the Lemures, see Ending 39.

Ladd tackling Claire results in him leaping off the train with both Lua and Claire in his arms. Claire reveals that the knot around Lua’s neck was fake and chastises Ladd for making him late; while he saves Lua, he leaves Ladd to fend for himself.

Over on the train, the two elderly engineers start hearing explosions as caused by Nice Holystone in first class. Without Claire to convince them a robber posse is chasing the train and to not stop the train at all costs, they throw the brakes. A horrendous scraping noise sounds out throughout the cars as the train begins to slow.

Czeslaw Meyer is still trapped beneath the train at this time, with the parts of his body that were ground off against the tracks still quite some distance away. As his consciousness fades in and out, he tries to convince himself that if he opens his eyes, he will be back on the Advena Avis and the events of the last 200 years have been a horrible nightmare.

When he opens his eyes, he instead sees Isaac Dian reaching for him–and sees the blood that has fallen from Isaac’s cut hand float back upwards and be sucked back into the cut. Isaac is an Immortal, and even once Isaac unties him, Czes’s right hand is still gone. He despairs–and then the brakes are thrown. The sudden change in momentum almost shakes Czes from the train, but Isaac holds him fast. Czes is still barely holding onto consciousness at this point, desperate to not be eaten.

Once the train stops, Miria Harvent leaps to the ground. Neither she nor Isaac notice as the rest of Czes’s body rejoins him. As soon as he has his right hand, he places it on Isaac’s head, and thinks, I want to eat.

And then he screams.

The first thought that enters his head is Isaac’s relief at finding Czes alive, at seeing him open his eyes and lift his hand. Following after is purity and kindness and goodness. Isaac was not trying to eat him, ignorant not just to the concept of devouring but to his own immortality. The contrast between Isaac’s innocence and the betrayal and horrors that Czes has lived through is too great to bear, and he screams.

Miria, meanwhile, is utterly lost. Czes' body has inexplicably reformed, while Isaac's has disappeared—leaving only his gunman outfit behind. When Czes stops screaming, she calls out to him. "Czes? Do you know what happened to Isaac? You were right there, so you must’ve seen him, right?"

He does not respond. She tries, "Can you hear me?" but he cannot; once she is close enough, she realizes his eyes are vacant. Unable to cope with the enormity of what he has just done and the contrast between Isaac’s personality and everything h has experienced up until now, Czes has shut down completely.

Miria sinks to her knees and wails: "Isaac? Isaac, where are you? Isaac, don’t leave me..."

Implications: Czes ate Isaac and completely shut down. Isaac's existence has vanished—and Miria knows it, knows something is terribly wrong. She is doomed to spend eternity without him unless she figures out the means of following in his wake.

Was it Really an Accident?

Firo's Commentary: "What the hell, Claire, this is too much! Say something, come on... aagh, he got away! Well, you know, er… how should I put this... Look, do me a favor. Just make this not happen, okay? Touch the screen, you know the rest."

How to Reach (Cause): As Claire Stanfield, punch Jacuzzi Splot in the face instead of letting him defeat the Rail Tracer. For the Local Train ending which results from this choice, see Ending 40.

What Happens (Effect): After Claire waxes poetic about Jacuzzi's eyes, he notices Nice Holystone and her desperate love and worry for Jacuzzi. Claire, not having such a person in his life, feels a little bit jealous. When Jacuzzi charges at him, he punches Jacuzzi's face without thinking and with full force. The punch breaks Jacuzzi's nose and possibly worse, causing him to pass out.

Claire seizes Jacuzzi and hurries toward the opposite end of the train, as Jacuzzi dropped one of the primed explosives he was holding before Claire could catch it. An explosion follows second later, and Claire concludes it at least looks like an accident.

After handling a few issues, he returns to the caboose with one of the same bombs Jacuzzi was carrying. He destroys the caboose in a bid to pass off Dune's corpse as his own, and as a way of saying farewell to the train.

Implications: This ending leaves Jacuzzi's fate up in the air, though Ending 40 will confirm that Jacuzzi survives.