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The Cure-All Elixir (also referred to as the Finished Product) is a variant of the Grand Panacea masterminded by Szilard Quates and concocted by his subordinates. It took two hundred years of research to reach completion in November 1930, even with Gretto Avaro's incomplete knowledge of the Grand Panacea serving as a 'head start'. The most important byproduct of the Elixir's research is a 'failed' version of it that grants incomplete immortality, i.e. prevention against all manner of death except that of old age.

Like the Grand Panacea, any amount of the Cure-All Elixir will grant complete immortality to whomever or whatever imbibes or is otherwise injected with it. Though its composition is reportedly different to the Grand Panacea, those differences have yet to be explained..

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Barnes and a blender produce thirty-six bottles of the elixir at the Barnes Company Granary when it is completed in November 1930, only to lose the majority of them to a conflagration accidentally caused by Randy and Pezzo. Although Barnes manages to save two of the bottles, Firo Prochainezo later transfers the bottles' contents to two ordinary liquor bottles and fills the original bottles with ordinary alcohol. He shares his two bottles with the Martillo Family at his promotion party that night, and all those who drink their contents unwittingly become complete immortals.

At least two other bottles survive the conflagration: one is rescued from the granary wreckage by Pietro Gonzales, who consumes its contents on the mistaken assumption that it contains alcohol; the other, retrieved from the rubble by agents working for Victor Talbot, is dashed against the ground by Edward Noah in front of Superintendent Veld and its contents set alight.

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