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Us and them, we're all travelers wandering the same desert. We'll see them again, yeah? We can struggle all we want, but it doesn't matter. As long as we don't leave the desert, there's only a few oases, after all. ...Hyahhaa!

Chaini to a fellow delinquent, 1931 Winter: The Time of the Oasis

Chaini (チャイニー Chainī) is a member of Jacuzzi's Gang who participates in the retrieval side of the Flying Pussyfoot robbery in 1931. Despite opposition from Serges and the Lemures, she and the rest of the retrieval team are successful in recovering the train's cargo.

She is usually shadowed by a younger, yet-to-be-named boy who imitates her cry of hyaha at every turn.


Chaini is an Asian woman of short stature who wears thick round glasses. She keeps her black hair short, and is often—but not always—seen wearing a blue dress with gold trim.


Chaini's main claim to fame is her perennial utterance of the interjection hyaha!, which constitutes the majority of her dialogue. On the rare occasion she deigns to speak a full, proper sentence, she has demonstrated startlingly keen insight and clear self-awareness—a capacity for seriousness which often leaves her companions baffled. As she clearly speaks English, her 'hyaha' tendencies are implied to be mischievous fun on her part rather than an actual language barrier.



  • In April 2007, Ryohgo Narita shared a backstory he devised for Chaini on his now defunct blog. As this backstory is yet to be confirmed in the novels and thus subject to change, it currently serves as relevant trivia rather than fact. Said relevant details include: that 'Chaini' is a nickname; that she is twenty years old; that one will find the words 'killing' and 'demon' engraved on each lens if one looks at her glasses closely enough; and that she was abandoned by her parents after they emigrated to the United States. With limited to no English skills as a child, she could only say 'hyaha' for some time before she grew accustomed to the language.
    • Narita reveals that his original profile for Chaini had her as a man, and that he changed his mind after seeing the 2006 manga depict her as a woman.
    • If the blog post's contents are still true, Chaini's follower mimics her due to a lack of comprehension.