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Carzelio "Cazze" Runorata (カルーゼル・"カーゼ"・ルノラータ, Karūzeru "Kāze" Runorāta) is Bartolo Runorata's grandson. He is next in line to inherit the Runorata Family.

Carzelio has a very sheltered upbringing due to his status, and is subsequently naive and unfazed by dangerous situations.

On December 30, 1931, Carzelio runs away from home. He ends up meeting Vanishing Bunny, who half-heartedly kidnap him for a ransom, and members of Jacuzzi Splot's gang. He is recovered by his bodyguards, Gabriel and Juliano for a ransom of 50 cents ($7.81 with modern inflation) and gains custody of Cookie the bear, who he renames Charlie (later Charkie).

He reappears in 1935 with Melvi Dormentaire at Firo's casino to invite Firo to the Runorata's casino party at Ra's Lance. He offers to pay for the damage to Firo's casino; Firo refuses. Carzelio then invites Mary Beriam to the party, planning to introduce her to Charkie the bear.

It is confirmed in Time of the Oasis that Carzelio eventually assumes control of the Runorata Family and becomes particularly feared by the gangs of the East. He is called the "pure-hearted dictator" and is known for taming savage beasts.