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They're a pack of bastards who stole our hard-earned stuff with brute force! That's why we're going to make them realize that we're not just a bunch of livestock to be used. We'll show them that we're strong and smart enough to take them on!

–Bobby to Carnea on the Martillos, 2002 (Side A): Bullet Garden

Bobby Splot (ボビー・スプロット, Bobī Supurotto) is the fourteen year old leader of a group of boys on the Martillo Family's territory, and the great-grandson of Jacuzzi Splot and Nice Holystone.

In 2002, Bobby and his friends stowaway on the cruise liner Entrance, aiming to take revenge on Firo Prochainezo. There, they meet fellow stowaway Carnea Kaufman and are all caught up in the seajacking mayhem aboard the ship.

Bobby is said to eventually become a 'hero' of the Martillos, through events that currently remain a mystery.


Bobby takes after his great-grandfather in looks; he has Jacuzzi's brown hair and eyes. In 2002, he wears a simple white shirt over brown trousers.


Unlike his great-grandfather, Bobby is not a crybaby and often acts without thinking, with his spectacular lack of foresight often landing him and his friends in trouble. His brash and cocky attitude does not help, especially when it comes to girls, though in some cases his brashness is a deliberate response to various incurred humiliations.


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