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Bilt Quates (ビルト・クェーツ, Biruto Kuētsu) is Szilard Quates' descendant and the overseer of the Northern European Village at the dawn of the twenty-first century.


Bilt is an old man with a large build and white hair, his bushy eyebrows, sideburns, and large mustache highly reminiscent of his ancestor Szilard. When he visits the village as a 'trader', he wears a black military helmet, mask, and goggles so that his face is completely hidden.


Though he bears a striking resemblance to Szilard, Bilt is a moral man who is determined to stop Szilard's research and end the Quates bloodline with himself. He is less proactive and strong-willed than Szilard, as his guilt leads him to avoid investigating the village as thoroughly as his duty requires; however, once he realizes the consequences of his willful ignorance, he shucks passivity and is all the more resolute to bring the village simulation to an end.