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...Don't you make my brothers any sadder.

–Berga, to Jorgi, The Rolling Bootlegs

Berga Gandor (ベルガ・ガンドール, Beruga Gandōru) is the second oldest Gandor son and heads the Gandor Family alongside his two brothers. He is the most brutish of the three siblings, (excluding Claire Stanfield, their foster brother), and does most of the family's dirty work alongside the family's torture specialist Tick Jefferson.

He and his brothers become complete immortals in November 1930 after accidentally drinking Szilard Quates' Cure-All Elixir.

He grew up with his brothers and foster brother in the same apartment building as Firo. He and his foster brother Claire often rough-housed as children, sometimes accidently hitting Luck or Firo during their brawls—which Berga always lost. Luck says that Keith was the only one who could break them up and he could do it 'just like that'.

After his father died and his foster brother Claire went to work in the circus he and his brothers took over the Gandor Family and greatly expanded their territory.

He is married to Kalia Gandor.