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Benjamin (ベンヤミン Benyamin) and Samantha (サマサ Samasa) are longstanding servants of the Genoard Family, and the only two to remain with Eve Genoard following the loss of the Genoard heads and factories in December 1931. When Eve temporarily flees the Genoard manor, they set off in search for her along with their new colleagues Jon Panel and Fang Lin-Shan.


Benjamin is an aging white man with wavy gray hair, blue eyes, and a long, thin face. He wears a standard butler's outfit. 

Samantha is a plump black woman with chin-length black hair. She wears a black-and-white maid's uniform, and for excursions dons a burgundy shawl.


Benjamin carries himself with a respectful poise, reserved and deferential in the manner of a stereotypical steward. A native German, he is terribly offended when people mispronounce his name as Ben-ja-min rather than the correct Ben-ya-min. Though he is generally formal and polite, he displays a faint penchant for mischief and later gives out a passionate shout when rallying to search for Eve.

In contrast, Samantha is a vivacious and spirited woman who is far less socially reserved and far less likely to fret in the face of trouble. Her mixed dialect reflects her well-traveled background. She 

While the two are distinctly different, both have served Eve since her childhood and care for her deeply. When they learn that Henry put Eve in danger in 1932, they independently go so far as to attempt inflicting physical violence upon him. 


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