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“Depending upon which of these interesting characters you focus, the same incident will behave like the surface of the ocean, changeless yet ever changing. In other words, there may be but one event that has as many stories as there are people to tell them."

since September 2009
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The Story

Baccano! (バッカーノ!), which Narita translates as stupid commotion, is Italian for ruckus. Published as an ongoing light novel series with over twenty volumes published, the titular ruckus takes place across the early 1700s, 1930s, and 2000s in the form of anachronistic story arcs. Though these arcs have their own idiosyncratic plots, they together interlace a grand, overarching narrative three centuries in the making—with events in the 1700s causing shockwaves in 2003. Immortal alchemists, mafiosi, camorristi, bootleggers, assassins, and other larger-than-life individuals find themselves inexorably swept into the spiral eternal...

This sprawling, dense franchise is the first of Narita's works, and takes place in the same universe as Durarara!!, Vamp!, Etsusa Bridge, Wednesdays Smiling with Otsuberu, and Pandora Shark.

The Grand Ruckus

The Rail Tracer

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I hate immortals. The failed sort included… You are a mere human, one who fears death and the loss of the world. Even if we are in different camps, you have my support.

–Senator Manfred Beriam to Tim, 1933 (Last) The Slash -Bloody to Fair-