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The following is a master timeline of events that occur in the world of Baccano!.

  • All explicit dates mentioned in the light novels, manga, 2007 anime, and audio dramas ought to be included, with those from the light novels taking precedence.
  • Character birth years are approximated from characters' ages which are explicitly specified in-series.
  • Certain historical events which are contextually useful are distinguished by underscores.
  • Critical events are bolded for emphasis. A 'critical event' here denotes an event which crucially impacts the series as a whole (e.g. the 1711 summoning aboard the Advena Avis).
  • All non-historic entries must be sourced. For entries with multiple events requiring multiple sources, sources should be listed in corresponding order with the events.
  • An asterisk * is used to mark suspect dates, i.e. dates that are specified in the novels and either later contradicted or confused.
Date Event(s) Reference
c. 300 BC Ronny I and his metallurgists successfully create the complete homunculus later known as Ronny Schiatto (Ronny II). Ronny II relinquishes his knowledge of the future, and leaves his flask. BACCANO! B.C.300 ~Notorious B·E·Ginning~
sometime during

1400s-1500s AD

Through a summoning, ten alchemists become complete immortals. Out of their generation, only Dalton Strauss, Renee Parmedes Branvillier, and Archangelo have survived to the 1930s. 1935-B: Dr. Feelgreed
1608 AD Ronny is summoned again, by whom unknown. The Rolling Bootlegs
1690 AD Huey Laforet (summer), Monica Campanella, and Elmer C. Albatross are born. As the Child of Calamity and Light of a religious cult, Elmer experiences continual physical abuse at the hands of the cult throughout the ensuing decade. 1705 The Ironic Light Orchestra
1694 AD Sylvie Lumiere is born. 2001 The Children of Bottle
1700 AD

- The Inquisition reaches Huey's village. His mother is tried for witchcraft and put to death, and almost all of his neighbors are burned as heretics. His worldview shattered, he leaves the village in Dalton's company.

- Maribel Boroñal murders Gardi Dormentaire in self-defense. House Dormentaire exiles her to Lotto Valentino to live a new life as 'Monica Campanella', a commoner. Her brother Esperanza C. Boroñal is appointed Lotto Valentino's new governor, and their true relationship is obscured to the public.

- Elmer is rescued by the Church on the day he is due to be sacrificed.

1 Nov - King Charles II of Spain dies.

- 1705
- 1710 Crack Flag
- 1705/2001

c. 1701 AD

Czeslaw Meyer is born.

July - The War of the Spanish Succession begins.

Summer 1705 AD

- Having lost favor with the church, Elmer arrives in Lotto Valentino and meets Huey and Monica, fellow alchemy students at the Third Library. He takes up residence on the Boroñal estate.

- A serial killer known as the Mask Maker terrorizes the streets of Lotto Valentino. The delinquent Rotten Eggs cause general trouble of their own, and Huey's single-handed counterfeit gold operation clashes with the city's underground drug circuit.

- Alchemist Majeedah Batutah sends her pupils Denkurō Tōgō and Zank Rowan to Lotto Valentino in order to investigate and stop the circulation of drugs and counterfeit money in the city.

- Esperanza quashes a citizens' riot, and new Chief of Police Larolf Hancletia is arrested as the leader of the rebellion. Once Huey learns that Monica is the Mask Maker, the Mask Maker identity is reforged as an organization with Huey, Elmer, and Monica as its founding members.

- Niki is rescued from slavery, and finds work as a maid under Begg Garrott and the other alchemists at the Meyer Family's workshop.

1707 AD

Jean-Pierre Accardo meets Lebreau Fermet Viralesque. Maiza Avaro is introduced to Czes.
- Dalton reveals that he is immortal to Fermet, Jean, Begg, and Maiza. Maiza turns over a new leaf, and studies alchemy under Dalton for the next four years.

1709 AD Late Autumn/Winter* - A Dormentaire delegation arrives in Lotto Valentino, led by Carla Alvarez Santoña.

- A new play based off Huey's childhood, written by Jean, is performed in theaters.

1710 AD

- A play based off Gardi's death and Monica's life, written by Jean, opens in theaters at the start of the year. House Dormentaire closes it down months later.

- Monica spends several months in captivity under Dormentaire guard, during which time she gives birth to a healthy infant.

- Fermet murders Monica; her corpse falls into the ocean and is never recovered. Huey disappears from the city and spends the next year traveling.

- Elmer becomes a Dormentaire spy to make Carla smile.

1711 AD - Dormentaire-sponsored alchemists Victor Talbot and Szilard Quates arrive in Lotto Valentino, which is now under Dormentaire control.

- Lucrezia de Dormentaire arrives in Lotto Valentino, where she publicly fakes her death.

- Fermet attempts to murder Niki by sending her to an explosives-rigged basement. She survives the explosion due to Renee pulling her behind a trapdoor, albeit with horrible injuries.

- Huey returns to Lotto Valentino.

- The Advena Avis sets sail for North America with thirty passengers on board. During the voyage, Maiza summons Ronny and learns the secret of the Grand Panacea; all passengers save for Sylvie become immortals.

- Szilard devours thirteen new immortals, including Gretto Avaro.

1711: Whitesmile
- Rolling Bootlegs
1711-1719 AD - The Advena Avis reaches the North American East Coast, and is abandoned at the beach.

- Lucrezia, Avaro Sr., and Niki become complete immortals. Avaro Sr. is experimented on for the next two hundred years.

- Sometime post-1711, Denkurō attempts to walk from America to Japan. Fermet intercepts him in the North Pole and leaves him encased in ice for the next 250 years. Several years after 1711, Sylvie drinks the elixir and becomes immortal. 

Aug 1714 - The War of the Spanish Succession ends.

- 1711
- 2002-B (Denkurō)

1720-1721 AD Fermet returns to Lotto Valentino and pays a visit to Jean. Full of despair, Jean pens a memoir divulging the course of his ill-fated friendship and conceals the completed Accounts in his attic. 1710
1800s AD

c. 1850s-60s - Denkurō's family line dies out around the time Japan opens its borders to the world.

c. 1882-3 - Christopher Shaldred is created, possibly alongside other members of the Lamia.

c. 1892-3 - Christopher loses a fight for the first time when Nile breaks all of his teeth. His replacement teeth are all sharpened into fangs.

- 2001
Bloody to Fair

1904 AD Dolce Restaurant officially opens to the public. 1934 Peter Pan in Chains: Finale
1906-1907 AD Ladd Russo is born. 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Express
1908 AD 26 Jul - The Bureau of Investigation (BOI) is created.
c. 1910 AD Szilard demonstrates his immortality to Barnes the realtor, who becomes an incomplete immortal and begins supervising Szilard's blenders. Rolling Bootlegs
c. 1911 AD Dallas Genoard is born. 1933 <First> The Slash -Cloudy to Rainy-
c. 1912 AD

May - Firo Prochainezo is born in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan.

- Nader Schasschule is born in Illinois.

– Rolling Bootlegs
- 1931 ~ Winter: The Time of the Oasis
c. 1913 AD Tim is born as Tock Jefferson. Cloudy to Rainy
1914 AD World War I begins.
c. 1915 AD Eve Genoard is born. 1932 Drug & The Dominos
1916 AD 21 Feb - 18 Dec - The Battle of Verdun is fought between the Germans and the French on the Western Front. Fred serves at Verdun as a German military doctor, earning terrible burn scars during his service. - Express
c. 1917 AD

- Sonja Bake is born.

Mark Wilmens is born.

- 1932 Summer: Man in the Killer
- Time of the Oasis
1918 AD World War I comes to an end.
c. 1919-1920 AD Rail is created in Huey's laboratory Rhythm. 1934 Alice in Jails: Streets
1920 AD

17 Jan - The National Prohibition Act comes into effect, officially enforcing the Eighteenth Amendment's nationwide prohibition of alcoholic beverages.

Winter* - The Gandor don dies from overwork, and his three sons succeed him. His foster son Claire Stanfield runs away and joins the circus, working alongside GregoireDoubs Hewley, Parrot, and Cookie the bear for the next five years.

Time of the Oasis
c. 1921 AD - The Thompson submachine gun, informally known as the 'tommy gun', enters the civilian arms market.

Nice Holystone and Jacuzzi Splot become an 'item'.

- Turner blames Rachel's father for a major railroad accident.

- 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Local

- Express

c. Dec 1922 AD Carzelio "Cazze" Runorata is born. The Time of the Oasis
c. 1923 AD Gustavo Bagetta joins the Runorata syndicate. - Dominos
c. 1924 AD - Nader's father warns him to stay away from Sonja's family. The same day, Sonja practices shooting her rifle and is told by her parents that guns are their Gods.

- Probably in the same year, Nader promises Sonja that he will become a hero. At some later point, he runs away and starts earning a living as a con artist.

The Time of the Oasis
1925 AD - Firo joins the Martillo Family when he is roughly thirteen years old.

- Jorgi joins the Gandor Family.

- Claire's circus troupe is forced to scatter when they are attacked by a large gang. After he and the ringmaster chase down and defeat their attackers, he pursues a career as an assassin. Through the help of Gregoire he also secures a job as a train conductor, allowing him to travel at no cost all over the country for his assassination work.

c. Aug - Huey and Chané Laforet arrive in Manhattan in search of the young genius Claire Stanfield, only to find him gone. Huey takes note of Tock, and spends the next month observing him.

Sep - Tock runs away from home and is taken under Huey's wing. Now calling himself Tim, he obtains a tattoo and shaves his head.

Sep - Tick Jefferson is sold to Luck Gandor by his stepfather as debt collateral and starts working for the Gandor Family.

Sep - Maria Barcelito inherits her grandfather's katanas and begins studying swordplay.

- Manga Ch07
- Bootlegs
- Oasis
- Cloudy to Rainy
1926 AD Nice is severely scarred by an accidental explosion, which also costs her her right eye. Jacuzzi obtains his signature tattoo. Episode 15
1927 AD

Sep - On the opening day of the Feast of San Gennaro, Donatello 'kidnaps' Keith Gandor. He is devoured by Szilard when his plan fails, and Szilard leaves New York the same year.

6 Oct - The Jazz Singer opens in theaters to rave reviews, ushering in the era of the talkie. Kate Gandor finds herself out of a job with the decline of silent movies; during her unemployment, she meets and falls in love with Keith.

Dec - Gabriel and Juliano foil a group of men's assassination attempt on Carzelio and his father, and pledge their loyalty to Carzelio only.

- Manga chs. 002-004

- Time of the Oasis

1927-1929 AD - The marriages of Keith and Kate and Berga Gandor and Kalia take place.

- c. 1928 AD: A turf war nearly breaks out between the Martillo Family and the Gandor Family, but defuses at the last moment. The two Families officially establish friendly relations.

- c. 1929 AD: Ladd and Graham Specter meet.

- Dominos
- 1929 year comes from Episode 14
1929 AD 14 Feb - Seven members of Chicago's North Side Gang are murdered. The event, known as the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, sparks an anti-mafia public outcry.

29 Oct - The stock market crashes, plunging the world into the Great Depression.

bef. 1930 AD Ennis devours one of the surviving 1711 immortals, awakening her humanity.
1930 AD - Donna Dignis passes away at an unknown date.

Feb - The Castellammarese War, simmering since 1928, breaks out in full.

Oct - Shortly after the Genoard Family patriarch passes away, Isaac and Miria steal the Genoard fortune. Raymond and Jeffrey Genoard take over the family business.

Nov - Lester murders Paula Wilmens.

Nov - Dallas Genoard and his cronies mug a beggar, who is inspired to mug others in turn. The beggar later murders Barnes' blender, who had just managed to complete the Cure-All Elixir.

Nov - Szilard and Ennis return to New York the next day, only to learn that the majority of the completed elixir was destroyed in a fire caused by Randy and Pezzo. Firo switches out his liquor for the elixir. Szilard devours Barnes.

Nov - Pietro Gonzales retrieves a bottle of the elixir from the wreckage and drinks it, becoming a complete immortal.

Nov - The Gandors expose their finance manager Jorgi for embezzlement and dispose of him.

Nov - Dallas and his three companions become incomplete immortals, after which Szilard devours Scott.

Nov - Firo is promoted from associate to executive. Those present at the promotion party unwittingly become complete immortals. While the party is taking place, Dallas and his friends murder Mike and four other members of the Gandor Family.

Nov - The next day, Szilard attempts to devour Maiza. Ennis betrays him, and Firo devours Szilard instead.

Nov - The Gandor brothers dump Dallas, James, and the third companion into the Hudson.

Nov - Edward Noah, Bill Sullivan, and Donald Brown break a surviving bottle of the Cure-All Elixir in front of Superintendent Veld and the rest of Szilard's elderly coterie. Veld later resigns due to an 'embezzlement' scandal, and Edward joins the BOI.

Nov-Dec - Isaac and Miria travel to California, where they spend the next year mining for gold. They do not find any gold, and survive off of the lapis lazuli they mine in the interim.

- Dominos
- Man in the Killer
- Bootlegs
1931 AD 15 Apr - The Castellammarese War ends in Salvatore Maranzano's favor.

10 Sep - Maranzano is murdered on the orders of Charles 'Lucky' Luciano, signalling the beginning of Luciano's so-called 'Night of the Sicilian Vespers'. Bartolo Runorata is one of the Mustache Pete bosses that survives the purge.

Post-Purge - Luciano founds The Commission, a committee of several powerful Mafia families, which he intends to serve as a governing body of the American Mafia. Placido Russo's complaints about his reforms are poorly received.
Dec - Raymond and Jeffrey Genoard are murdered by Gustavo Bagetta, triggering the Runorata takeover of the Genoard Family business. Their murders are covered up as a car accident.

Dec - Gustavo wages war against the Gandors. Meanwhile, the Runoratas search for Roy Maddock, a drug addict who stole a special case of Begg's new drug prototype from a Runorata convoy.

29 Dec - Nader leads a coup against Goose Perkins. His coup fails, and he loses his right hand as punishment. However, he survives his attempted murder thanks to Fred, who happened to be passing by.

29 Dec - The President of the Daily Days arranges a meeting in his office, and orders Nicholas Wayne to check on Lia Lin-Shan and the black case of drugs that Edith gave to her for safekeeping.

29 Dec - Ladd convinces Who to join him in his hijacking plan. That night, Russo capo Sidaris and his subordinates confront Jacuzzi over several robberies his gang committed in Russo shops. Jacuzzi's delinquents murder the Russos and flee the scene.

30 Dec, morning - Isaac and Miria rob the Russos of their entire earnings for the month, dressed as Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth.

30 Dec, evening - Jacques-Rosé Boronial does not board the Flying Pussyfoot, to Rosetta's relief. Fermet stows away and takes over the compartment Jacques-Rosé would have occupied. That night, the Flying Pussyfoot is hijacked by three independent factions en route to New York. Elmer and Fermet unexpectedly reunite on the train.

30 Dec - Victor interrogates Huey in New York, and receives word of the hijackings. That night, a murder attempt on Berga Gandor is made at Firo's casino, and Cazze runs away from home.

30-31 Dec - The members of Vanishing Bunny accidentally kidnap Cazze, and are later involved in thwarting Serges' hostage negotiations alongside Gabriel, Juliano, and Cookie the bear. 

31 Dec - Nader watches Goose die on the railroad tracks. Pamela, Lana, and Sonja find Spike collapsed by the tracks and take him to a doctor. Jacuzzi's retrieval team recover Chané and the smuggled cargo from the river. Ladd is arrested for assault and sent to prison once he recovers his health.

31 Dec, 2:00 PM - The Flying Pussyfoot arrives at New York's Pennsylvania Station, two hours late. The incident is thoroughly covered up by Nebula and Senator Manfred Beriam, and almost all of the surviving White and Black Suits are arrested. Czes and Begg reunite later that day, and Eve and her servants spot Isaac and Miria buying dominoes at a store. Who begins working for Fred.

Post-FPF: Upham, Jack, and Jacuzzi recover in Fred's Clinic, which has recently reopened thanks to Fred's return to New York. Claire purchases the name "Felix Walken" for his own use.

- Dominos
- Local
- 1931 Another Junk Railroad
- Express
1932 AD 1 Jan - Turner files a complaint against the Bureau, claiming that Victor defrauded him aboard the Flying Pussyfoot.

1 Jan - Jon Panel and Fang Lin-Shan enter Eve Genoard's employ on Gregoire's recommendation. Jacuzzi's gang moves into the Genoard manor on Millionaires' Row shortly thereafter.

1 Jan - Henry and Edith make an information deal. Edith later confesses to the Gandors that she has betrayed them and has her hair cut by Tick as punishment, after which Claire extorts information from Henry partly on her behalf.

2 Jan - The Runorata-Gandor feud culminates in a Runorata raid of the Daily Days. Gustavo is incarcerated in the same prison as Ladd, where Ladd eventually assaults him in order to be transferred to Alcatraz. Roy, Laz Smith, and Alkins are taken to Fred's Clinic to convalesce. Once healthy, Roy begins working for the Gandors at Fred's Poorhouse.

2 Jan - Luck gives Eve a map informing her of her brother's location, and Maria Barcelito joins the Gandors. Isaac and Miria have a domino party with the Martillos.

3 Jan - The DD President reviews the last few days with Elean Duga and Nicholas. Huey is transported out of Manhattan to Alcatraz under heavy guard. Several days later, Jacuzzi visits the Daily Days and sells information on the events of the Flying Pussyfoot to Henry.

5 Jan - Keith finally goes home to his wife.

approx. 13-14 Jan - In the Jane Doe speakeasy, Upham spends two days talking about the Flying Pussyfoot to an actor whom he believes is a DD reporter. As a result, Fermet learns Upham's name and later murders the actor at the actor's apartment.

The same day, Graham Specter kidnaps Chané after mistaking her for Eve. Jacuzzi mounts a solo rescue to the warehouse district with the intention of turning himself in, but his friends come to his rescue after receiving advice from Elmer. Chané reunites with Claire, and joins Jacuzzi's gang.

Two days later, est. 16 Jan - With an investigation into the actor's mysterious death underway, Fermet leaves town. The same day, Upham is discharged from Fred's clinic by Who. Minutes later, Elmer stop by the clinic and learns that Who has found no records of Szilard within the clinic's files.

Early 1932 - Spike enters into a working partnership with the Former Felix Walken and starts training Sonja in gunmanship. Pamela and Lana enter Beriam's employ as maids.

1 Jul - The BOI is renamed the United States Bureau of Investigation (USBOI).

Aug - Elmer, who is still looking for Szilard in New York, stops Mark's suicide attempt on the Brooklyn Bridge. He meets Graham and Shaft not long after.

Aug - Serial killer Ice Pick Thompson terrorizes Manhattan. Reporter Carl Dignis investigates. Meanwhile, Lester murders Lisha Darken and frames it as a Thompson murder. When Lester becomes an incomplete immortal, the Gandors take possession of him and eventually bury him under their floorboards.

Aug - Mark becomes Smith's apprentice.

- AJR (Jan)

- Dominos (Jan)

- Man in the Killer (Aug)

July 1933 The USBOI is renamed the Division of Investigation (DOI), which also includes the Bureau of Prohibition.
September 1933 AD

- Dallas and his two cohorts are retrieved from the Hudson by Tim and the Larva. Huey orders the Lamia to help the Larva storm Mist Wall and retrieve the incomplete immortality elixir.

- The Martillos and Gandors send negotiators to deal with Jacuzzi, whose gang has been conducting business on their turfs without authorization.

- 1200 Nebula employees become incomplete immortals without their consent, as orchestrated by Renee.

- The Mist Wall Incident takes place, and is later covered up by Nebula and Senator Beriam. Dallas and Eve reunite. Tick reveals that he knew all along that Tim was his brother. 

- Jacuzzi's gang agrees to give the Martillos a fixed monthly tribute in return for operating on their turf. 

Cloudy to Rainy & Bloody to Fair
Winter 1933 AD Ricardo Russo saves Christopher's life, and the two become friends. Christopher leaves the Lamia without notice to work as Ricardo's bodyguard, and the Lamia assume the worst. 1934 Streets
December 1933 AD 5 Dec - Prohibition comes to an end, and revelers wreck the abandoned cars of the Flying Pussyfoot while celebrating. In accordance with alcohol's legalization, the Alveare speakeasy becomes a restaurant. Express
bef. Dec 1934 AD At some point before the events of the 1934 arc, Sham tries to claim Ricardo for a vessel only to share his mind instead. He begins acquiring new vessels without Huey's authorization. Peter Pan
1934 AD

11 Aug - Alcatraz Island is designated as a federal prison. Al Capone and Ladd are among the first civilians shipped to island for subsequent incarceration.

Nov - Isaac Dian is incarcerated in Alcatraz, where he meets fellow inmate Ladd (and after Firo arrives, Huey). Hilton (via her vessel Leeza Laforet) visits him at least once during his solitary confinement periods. Miria moves in with Jacuzzi's gang during Isaac's absence.

Dec - Victor has Firo incarcerated in Alcatraz as a pretense, having ordered him to investigate how Huey is communicating with the outside world.

Dec - Firo reunites with Isaac and meets Ladd and Huey while in prison. At Sham's request, he steals Huey's left eye and relinquishes it to Sham's vessels. Leeza/Hilton uses her falcon vessels to steal Firo's left eye in retaliation several days later, and Sham eventually delivers Huey's left eye to Renee.

Dec - Misery discharges Isaac from prison, convincing him to give up crime. Isaac formally meets Sham on the train from San Francisco to Chicago. Thanks to a deal with the police, Isaac and Miria's criminal records are wiped clean.

Dec - Graham's gang attempts to hijack a train bound for Chicago, aboard which are Turner, Gustav St. Germain, and Carol. Once they arrive, newly incomplete immortal Placido orders Graham to capture the Lamia for him. Graham ultimately fails and Placido is consequently devoured by Renee during Nebula's raid of the Russo manor. Her researchers manage to capture Frank, but the rest of the Lamia escape.

Dec - Amidst reports of explosions from Elleson Hill, Renee captures hundreds of Hilton's vessels to use as test subjects for her ongoing research into the immortality elixir. Sham reports to Huey that his vessels have been taken as well.

Dec - Jacuzzi and his friends accompany Miria to Chicago in anticipation of Isaac's return. Renee devours Krieck the day the gang arrives, having already devoured Krieck's fellow incomplete immortal Russos by that time.

Dec - Huey breaks out of Alcatraz and heads to Chicago, where he gouges out Renee's right eye, reclaims Frank from her clutches, helps Isaac reunite with Miria, and reunites with Begg. He decides to conduct his experiment in New York instead of Chicago. Meanwhile, Rail joins Jacuzzi's gang.

Dec/Jan - After the events of 1934, Hilton realizes that Sham has betrayed Huey after forcing information from Gustav and Carol at gunpoint.

Jan 1935 AD Firo returns home. Hilton, having developed a crush on him, returns his eye to him via her vessel Annie. 1934
February 1935 AD - Ladd and Nader are released from Alcatraz and protective custody respectively at the same police station and at the same time. Hilton stalks Nader, intending to make him pay for betraying Huey. Meanwhile, Isaac, and Miria secure employment at Fred's Clinic and become Fermet's colleagues.

- The interior of Firo's casino is destroyed. In a diversion arranged by Melvi Dormentaire and Time, seaplanes soar low over Manhattan and fire blanks over the city.

- Melvi orders hits on several people, including Maiza, Kanshichirou Yaguruma, and Edward Noah, and tries and fails to have Isaac and Miria kidnapped. He successfully has Ennis kidnapped, and attempts and fails to devour Luck. Claire acts as Melvi's bodyguard per a contract he made with Huey, planning on showing Melvi hell once their contract is fulfilled.

- Unlike Maiza and Yaguruma, Edward is unable to fight off his attackers and is hospitalized with grave injuries. Fermet soon resigns from his job at the clinic, claiming his father is ill.

- Ladd has a long-awaited reunion with Claire and Chané.

- The Runorata Family hosts a party for the grand opening of its casino at Ra's Lance. In order to keep Ronny from meddling, Melvi has people continuously summon him over the course of the three-day party.

- Huey and Salomé Carpenter prepare to taint New York's municipal water supply, in a grand experiment intended to affect over seven million New Yorkers. This is likely the same experiment Huey originally intended for Chicago in 1934.

July 1935 AD The DOI officially becomes the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at the beginning of Fiscal Year 1936.
Summer 1936 AD Pietro and Dominico rob the Martillos and Gandors and flee to Mexico, where they hope to 'cure' Pietro's immortality. Firo and Luck drive to Mexico in search of the two thieves; at the same time, Isaac and Miria travel to Mexico in search of the Revolution. Audio Drama #2
1939-1945 AD World War II takes place.
1945-1991 AD The Cold War develops. At some point during the Cold War, Nile meets with Victor and reports what he has gone through in the two centuries since the Advena Avis. 2001
c. 1960s AD Denkurō is finally freed from his icy encasement in the North Pole when a Soviet nuclear submarine happens to come across him. The KGB chase him all the way to Germany and shoot him off the Berlin Wall. Over the next two decades, a sympathetic East German keeps him hidden from prying eyes. 2001
1970s AD - Maiza and Czes commence a decades-long road trip in search of the surviving 1711 immortals. Firo stands in as contaiuolo while Maiza is absent.

- c. 1972 AD: Bartolo Runorata passes away, and his grandson Cazze succeeds him as don. Bartolo's death triggers a several mental decline in Begg.

- 1930
- 2002
c. 1980 AD Firo and Ennis marry. Maiza and Czes return home for the wedding, which is reportedly chaotic. 2002
c. 1981 AD Maiza, Czes, and possibly Sylvie and Nile head to Japan in search of Denkurō. They search in and around his hometown for him without success. 2001
1983 AD 8 Apr - The famous illusionist David Copperfield 'vanishes' the Statue of Liberty. It is implied that Pezzo may have consequently swam a lap around Manhattan Island. Bloody to Fair
1985 AD Illness is born into a religious cult and tortured as their 'god'. 2002-A
1986/7 AD Dez Nibiru infiltrates the laboratory of the Northern European Village shortly after the death of his infant son Feldt and makes him one of his vessels. 2001
c. 1988 AD Claudia Walken and Bobby Splot are born. 2002
c. 1989 AD - Charon Walken is born.

9 Nov - The Berlin Wall falls. Denkurō leaves Germany and finally returns home to a much changed Japan by 1991. With his family having died out in the mid-nineteenth century, he ends up wandering the country for lack of a place to stay. 

- 2002
- 2001
c. 1990s AD

c. 1991 AD - Elmer accidentally reunites with Denkurō in Japan's Nikko Edo Village, where Denkurō has found work as a 'ninja.'

1994 AD - Several boys sneak into the 'castle' where Illness lives and try to free her, only to be caught and killed by Illness' father and the other adults.

1995 AD - The father of the boy whom Illness' father personally killed hires the Mask Makers to invade the 'castle' and kill everyone inside it. The Mask Maskers slaughter all of the cult members – Illness' parents, adults, and children – but decide to spare Illness' life and make her one of their own. She spends the next seven years in combat training.

Post-1995 AD - The leader of the Mask Makers abandons his post following his wife's death, taking a good number of his strong subordinates with him. His young teenage son Luchino B. Campanella is left to lead the reduced organization in his wake.

- 2001
- 2002-A
- 2002-B

December 1998 AD 23 Dec - Elmer arrives in an unspecified European country, having traced Szilard's footsteps back to an odd, isolated village and its abandoned castle. All of the villagers avoid him except for Fil.

24 Dec - Still having no luck with the villagers, Elmer cleans up the castle's interior and decorates it for Christmas with Fil's assistance.

25 Dec - The villagers demand that Elmer leave the village and inflict physical violence upon him, only to witness him regenerate. They murder Elmer repeatedly over the next several days, only to cease and deem him an archfiend when he performs some alchemical tricks. He then takes up residence in the village's castle and jokingly demands that the village give him an annual sacrifice. They take him seriously and send him one of the Fil vessels each year.

- At some point during his stay, Elmer infiltrates Bilt Quates' laboratory and guilts him into a promise to atone for having neglected Fil.

Early 2000s AD The edited version of the Flying Pussyfoot incident is finally declassified, and film director John Drox starts work on a movie based off the incident. Drrr!! anime; Narita tweet
2001 AD Summer - Isaac and Miria realize that they have not aged.

23 Dec - Maiza and Czes, accompanied by Sylvie and Nile, arrive in the European village in search of Elmer. They reunite with Elmer that day, and catch and bind him that night.

24 Dec - Elmer escapes his captivity.

26 Dec - Feldt converses with Sylvie and Czes.

2002 AD Feb - The immortals finally learn that Bilt has been continuing Szilard's research on homunculi. Fil murders Dez, earning the wrath of the villagers, and Feldt's kidnapping of Sylvie leads to a showdown between him, Elmer, Nile, and Maiza in a graveyard. With Feldt's last vessel destroyed, Fil gives Feldt one of her vessels to ensure that he lives with what he has done. The immortals spend the next six months working on ways to extend the lifespans of Fil's vessels.

Summer - Celice Artia's infiltration of SAMPLE is compromised at a church in Tokyo, where SAMPLE massacres their attackers. Izaya Orihara takes care of corpse disposal. Drugged, Celice later becomes Bride's temporary 'bride' against her will.

July - The Unnamed Photographer visits Manhattan, where his camera is stolen by Bobby. Firo relates to him the events of The Rolling Bootlegs. With their alchemy work complete, Maiza and Czes return home, and Feldt and Fil accompany the immortals out of the village.

July - Elmer, Sylvie, and Nile meanwhile head to Japan in search of Denkurō, whom they successfully reunite with during their stay. While in Japan, Nile encounters Shizuo Heiwajima in Ikebukuro and fights him on the streets. He ultimately loses to Shizuo with Elmer as an eyewitness.

August - Maiza visits Begg in the hospital.

Aug - The Businessmen murder the head of a drug cartel in South America. The head's daughter Carnea Kaufman becomes the cartel's new boss. Angelo, her bodyguard, seeks revenge for his late boss' death.

Aug - The twin cruise liners Entrance and Exit are seajacked by the Mask Makers, though the Mask Makers' takeover of the Exit goes awry when SAMPLE stages their own uprising aboard the ship. Both uprisings ultimately fail, but not before Illness is captured by SAMPLE. Bride dies and is eaten by a shark, and Angelo later enters the Martillos' employ as a bodyguard.

Aug - Fermet – the true mastermind behind the seajackings – reveals that he is alive to Czes in Kyoto, Japan.

- 2001
- 2002
2003 AD - By 2003, the Advena Avis is on display at a maritime museum on the North American East Coast.

- In February, Feldt/Fil meets Isaac and Miria in the Alveare and regales them with the events of 2001 The Children of Bottle.

- Accardo's Descendant returns to his hometown of Lotto Valentino and discovers the hidden accounts of his ancestor Jean in a chest. Alarmed at the accounts' contents, he conducts research at the Third Library and travels to North America to continue his investigation of the immortals.

- The FBI requests access to the Advena Avis' research material stored in the museum's archives. While Victor is busy howling at his subordinate Jessica Sullivan in an FBI car, the Descendant and Niki accidentally bump into each other nearby. Lucrezia apologizes to the Descendant; Victor does not notice Lucrezia on the sidewalk, but she is fully aware of him.

- Ronny recounts the events of 1935 to Rosetta, who avoided the February incident and thus did not experience it firsthand.

- 1711
- 2001
- 1935-A