Volume 02 of Shinta Fujimoto's BACCANO! manga adapts the first half of The Rolling Bootlegs.

English Blurb

It's the year 1930. Three years after the Phantom Father incident, Firo is about to get a promotion within the Martillo Family. But the intricate web of fate has other plans in store for him as the elixir of immortality nears its completion, setting off a chain of events that brings together gangsters, alchemists, and everything in between![1]


No. Title
Chapter 06 Day 1
Chapter 07 Encounter
Chapter 08 Lost
Chapter 09 Szilard
Chapter 10 Gandor Family
Chapter 11 Thief Couple
Chapter 12 Ennis
Chapter 13 Tipping Point

Bonus Material

Like the first volume, this volume has bonus material at its end. One of the bonuses is another page of "Carol's Notes," this time featuring a 'photograph' of Edward Noah at the Coraggioso crime scene.


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