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The title of Chapter 014 is "Camorrista."

Official Blurb[]

On the night of Firo's promotion ritual, the Martillos' speakeasy is infiltrated by thieves![1]

Characters in order of Appearance[]


Underneath Alveare's floorboards, Molsa Martillo interrogates Firo Prochainezo as per the beginning stage of the promotion ritual, with other Martillo executives looking on. Once Firo passes the interrogation, they prepare to move onto the next stage.

One floor up, Lia Lin-Shan leads Isaac & Miria to a booth in the back. Once she leaves to find them cheap liquor, Isaac and Miria case the joint with the intention of stealing the Martillos' money later on. At the sound of faint voices, Isaac turns in the direction of a back room.

In the secret meeting room, Firo and Maiza Avaro preprae to have a knife duel, with Kanshichirou Yaguruma standing witness. Maiza has the early lead, demonstrating skill and speed that shock and throw Firo off-kilter; however, Firo eventually manages to win the match by cutting Maiza's arm. Molsa acknowledges Firo's victory and thus his promotion to an executive role, prompting Randy and Pezzo to lead the executives in congratulations.

Overhead, Isaac and Miria push the back room's barrels aside to reveal several bullet holes in the floor. At the holes and the voices coming through more strongly, Isaac concludes the office is in the basement. Then, he and Miria flinch at the sound of Lia crying out: rushing over to them in a panic, she warns them to move away and that it is dangerous.

Below, Molsa fires off a salute to celebrate the birth of their new executive. Firo notices that the bloodstain on Maiza's torn sleeve has vanished, but the sound of Miria screaming, "Isaac's been killed!" distracts him from any inquiry. He, Maiza, and others hurry upstairs to find Lia and Miria kneeling by Isaac's side, the bullet having ripped through the tip of Isaac's shoe. Startled, Maiza and Firo simultaneously recognize Isaac and Miria as the customers they bumped into at the hat shop.

Over at Coraggioso, Dallas Genoard marvels at the sight of a cut on his left palm regenerating. His and his friends' newfound immortality promises them a clear advantage in their revenge against Firo, with their immediately prior slaughter of several Gandor men as proof. Newly confident, he resolves to slaughter Firo once he and his friends deliver the crate to Szilard Quates.