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BACCANO! Premium DJCD (BACCANO!プレミアムDJCD) was a not-for-sale compact disc that consumers could obtain if they bought the first four DVD volumes of the 2007 anime adaptation at the same campaign rally store.[1] This venture was the first of two stamp rally campaigns associated with the anime, lasting from the release of the first DVD volume on Oct, 24, 2007 (Wed) to March 31, 2008 (Mon).[2]

The first thirty-two minutes feature four voice actors from the 2007 anime, who among other things engage in a Q&A session about their characters and Baccano!. The remaining twenty-two minutes feature discussion from key staff members involved in the anime, light novels, NDS game, and a rare appearance from Ryohgo Narita himself.

Featured Individuals[]

Tracks 01-04[]

Track 05[]


No. Japanese English Length
01. オープニング Opening 05:48
02. スタッフから出演者へ!Q&A Q&A from the Staff to the Performers 16:50
03. なりきりバッカーノ! Baccano! Roleplay 03:34
04. エンディング Ending 05:42
05. スタッフ居酒屋座談会 Staff Conversation at an Izakaya 22:38


  • The Baccano! Roleplay track has each voice actor 'perform' a character that is not their own. The character impressions, in the order that they are performed, are as follows: Aoki-as-Jacuzzi Splot, delivering Jacuzzi's "Put down your guns" speech from Episode 05, Yoshino-as-Ladd Russo, with Ladd's "Livestock" speech from Episode 02, Kobayashi doing a general Eve Genoard impression, and Onosaka as both Isaac and Miria in the "87 times" speech from Episode 04.
  • The CD insert's illustration, provided by Enami Katsumi, features Isaac and Miria in their 2001 clothing from Episode 13 and Firo and Ennis in twenty-first century attire.
  • This DJCD is one of the rare instances where Ryohgo Narita's voice is on record.