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Lord Avaro is the father of Maiza and Gretto Avaro and the former head of Lotto Valentino's Avaro Family, second only to the Boroñal Family in terms of local power in the 1700s. He is indirectly responsible for the drug trade which pervaded Lotto Valentinian streets by 1705, as the drug the city's residents were manufacturing was a knock-off of a drug he had originally commissioned from Begg Garrott.

Some time after House of Dormentaire takes control of the city and the Advena Avis sets sail for North America in 1711, Lucrezia de Dormentaire has Avaro imbibe the Grand Panacea, thus making him a complete immortal. The Dormentaires experiment on Avaro over the next two hundred years, using his genetic material to create the homunculus Melvi Dormentaire by the 1930s.


Avaro is a short-bearded brunet who wears clothing commensurate with his wealth and status. His son Gretto is the spitting image of him in his youth.


Avaro is a classist, condescending man who views alchemists as tools, holds them and other non-aristocrats in contempt, and has little care for commoners on the whole. His opinion of his sons is not much better; he considers them both disappointments for failing to meet his standards, and his behavior toward them ranges from dismissive and strict to verbally abusive. As a classist preoccupied with his aristocratic 'superiority' and the legacy of the family, he prioritizes maintaining the family's status and reputation over the desires and feelings of his own sons.


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  • While it is possible that Avaro is still alive as of 1935, it is equally possible that another immortal has devoured him by 1935, thus becoming Melvi's new master. No explicit confirmation has yet to be made either way in the 1935 arc.