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Alcatraz is an island located off the coast of San Francisco, California. It was originally home to a lighthouse and a military facility, but it is most famous for being the site of a high-security federal prison from 11 August 1934 through 21 March 1963. Inmates were usually sent there after causing problems in their old jails. Alcatraz has been the home of some notable inmates, including Al Capone and Robert Stroud, a.k.a. "The Birdman of Alcatraz." As of 2018, the former prison is currently under the supervision of the National Park Service.

In November 1934, Victor Talbot arranges for Isaac Dian to serve a fifty-day sentence in Alcatraz, and sends Firo Prochainezo in after him one month later. Firo's incarceration in Alcatraz is merely a pretense for his true mission: to investigate how Huey Laforet is relaying orders to his followers from prison. While in Alcatraz, Firo reunites with Isaac and meets fellow prisoner Ladd Russo in addition to Huey and Leeza Laforet. Firo, Ladd, and Isaac are all released by February of the following year.

During Huey's incarceration, he lives in a special cell made specifically to house him and him alone. The cell is located underneath the solitary confinement area (which is located under the Broadway hallway), and contains only the barest essentials. This cell is not located on any of Alcatraz's blueprints.

Associated Characters[]


  • Warden James Aloysius Johnston
    • Warden Johnston is a real person: he was the first warden of the Federal Penitentiary, and served from 1934 to 1948.
  • Misery ("Vice warden's assistant")
    • He actually works for the Division of Investigation with Victor Talbot. He was sent to Alcatraz to keep an eye on the immortals)
  • Unnamed guard (vessel of Sham)

Inmates (past and current)[]