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The Advena Avis is a ship that sailed from Lotto Valentino to the North American continent in 1711, carrying a crew of thirty alchemists fleeing local persecution.

During the transatlantic voyage, alchemist Maiza Avaro summons a 'demon' who gives the alchemists the Grand Panacea: an elixir which grants its imbiber complete immortality. Though the elixir is freely distributed to everyone, the 'demon' only shares the recipe with Maiza. All passengers save for Sylvie Lumiere drink the elixir immediately, making Sylvie the sole mortal following the summoning ritual.

A horrific massacre takes place on the Advena Avis shortly thereafter: the alchemist Szilard Quates, desiring the recipe for himself, devours thirteen of the thirty passengers before jumping overboard. Once the Advena Avis arrives in North America, the alchemists abandon it on the beach. By 2003, it is on display at a maritime museum on the North American east coast, the archivists of which are presently studying the research materials which were salvaged from the wreck.

The ship's sails and helm were greatly simplified compared to those of contemporary vessels, thus making it possible for just three people to maneuver the Advena Avis on their own. It is also capable of moving at an incredibly fast pace, though an adequate number of hands is needed for maximum speed.

Procurement and Departure Edit

The Advena Avis is procured from the Mars Family at a great debt. Dalton Strauss devises the passenger list, placing Gretto and Sylvie on it at their request (listing them as the alchemists' assistants). Denkurō Tōgō, Nile, and Zank Rowan are sent to Lotto Valentino by Majeedah Batutah to help with the ship's departure; since the three of them are experienced sailors, the alchemists will depend on them during their voyage.

The Advena Avis has some trouble during its hasty departure from the Lotto Valentino docks. A delegation from House Dormentaire led by Carla Alvarez Santonia attempts to stop the Advena Avis from leaving, and The Mask Makers wreak havoc in the city, setting off explosions left and right. The alchemists manage to shake off the Dormentaire soldiers at the dock, but as they make their way through the waters they are pursued by what they think is a warship. Victor Talbot emerges from his hiding place and confronts the alchemists with a flintlock pistol.

Their confrontation is interrupted when they realize that the warship is not really a warship at all, but a ship carrying three people - one of whom is waving at them. It turns out that the three people are Huey Laforet, Szilard Quates, and Elmer C. Albatross - three last minute addendums to the passenger list courtesy of Dalton.

The ship is scheduled to restock on supplies of food and water from members of Majeedah's floating workshop at the ports it visits on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. If they hear word of danger, the Advena Avis will be joined by escort ships in the Mediterranean. Along the way, Denkurō, Nile, and Zank are expected to instruct the others in the ways of seamanship while keeping the ship afloat.

The Summoning RitualEdit

Maiza Avaro initiates the summoning ritual towards the end of their journey. Standing on a spell circle carved on the deck of the Advena Avis with Gretto and Denkurō, Maiza recites the following incantation:

"I summon thee here to this place. Thou art my heaven's Earth, the night of day. Thou art the darkness of light, the goodness of the wicked. Thou art the one who sees, and the one who is seen. Thou art the creator of all destruction, the lover of all men who thou dost despise."

There seems to be more to the incantation, but the 'demon' cuts Maiza off there, explaining that the simple thought of his being is enough to summon him.

"The words you use to summon me are nothing more than tedious trinkets. I hear your words constantly, especially those you speak inside your head. The simple thought of my being brings me instantly into your midst." 

Maiza is given a bowl that is full of the Grand Panacea; Szilard Quates is the first to drink from it. He is initially skeptical that it is real, but is soon convinced he is immortal when the demon slashes his head, and he comes back to life moments after.


Immediately after the crew becomes immortal, the Demon imparts with several vital pieces of information concerning immortality:

  • By placing their right hand on a person's head and think "I wish to eat", an immortal can devour the person and absorb all their knowledge and experiences.
  • The only way an immortal can die is by having another immortal devour them with their right hand.
  • Immortals must use their real names when conversing with other immortals. Supposedly, any immortal who uses a fake name when talking with another immortal will forget their name forever. However immortals seem to be unable to lie about their identity to another immortal, such as when Czeslaw Meyer is unable to lie about his real name when talking to Isaac and Miria on the Flying Pussyfoot, unaware that they were immortal.
  • Anime only: By placing their right hand on a person's head, an immortal can give knowledge and memories to the person. (Note: This is not so in the novels. However, an immortal may transfer their knowledge and memories to their own homunculi via this method, albeit via their left hand.)

The 'demon' announces that he has given the elixir's recipe to the one who has summoned him - that is, Maiza. Maiza decides that he will keep the recipe a secret; everyone agrees except for Szilard. However, Maiza later changes his mind and and tells half the recipe to his brother Gretto.

(In the 2015 manga, the order of events is reversed - Maiza decides to tell Gretto the full recipe, but stops halfway through after realizing the potential consequences. The discussion with the alchemists happens the next day, and the alchemists agree with Maiza's decision to keep the knowledge to himself).

Szilard is determined to obtain the formula at any cost, and devours a total of thirteen immortals - including Gretto, through whom he obtains half of the formula. He nearly devours Maiza as well, but the alchemists force him overboard.  

Eventually the Advena Avis reaches the New World. The remaining sixteen immortals, knowing Szilard will eventually return and the danger he poses to them, scatter throughout the continent. 

The Fate of the Advena Avis Edit

Once the alchemists reached the North American continent, they left the Advena Avis to rest at the seaside. Eventually the ship is recovered, and as of the twenty-first century is on display in a maritime museum on the American east coast. The ship has been left preserved in its original state, in accordance to the wishes of its passengers. According to the museum curator, they are striving to make this preservation as authentic as possible, so they have left the damage from shipworms along rather than fixed them.

The museum has also managed to recover some of the alchemists' research notes. These papers are currently protected in the museum archives, where they are undergoing study.

Accardo's Descendant visits the museum to look at the Advena Avis in 2003, around the same time the FBI requests access to the ship's preserved research materials. The materials are collected by FBI agent Victor Talbot (one of the original passengers) and FBI Inspector Jessica Sullivan.

Passenger List Edit

Original List Edit

Addendum by Dalton Strauss Edit

Addendum/Stowaway Edit

  • Victor Talbot (hid in a crate in order to detain the ship; Dalton foresaw his actions and added his name as well to the list)

Etymology Edit

In Latin, Advena means "stranger" or "foreigner," and Avis means "omen" or "sign." Thus, the name Advena Avis can be roughly translated as "Sign of Strangers", "Omen of Foreigners" or "Strange Omens."

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the ship is spelled Advenna Avis in the 2007 anime. However, in the official English translations of the 2015 manga and The Rolling Bootlegs, it is spelled Advena Avis. This wiki page has been updated to reflect those translations.
  • The Mars Family (the family who procured the ship) is a vampiric family from Vamp!, one of Ryohgo Narita's other light novel series set in the Naritaverse.
  • The alchemists hailed from various origins, including Northern Europe, Southern Europe, and the Near East.
  • Denkurō was the only Asian aboard the ship, Sylvie was the only woman, and Czeslaw was the only child. Zank was likely the only Polynesian.
    • Szilard Quates was the oldest passenger on the ship.