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The Copycat confesses that they are a 'simple imitator' whose excessive excitement caused them to "mess up" when his plan to sink both Entrance and Exit was so close to succeeding. Despite they efforts, hope was present on both ships. Deciding that they are tired of being a copycat, they declare they will walk as themselves for the first time in quite a while.

Several days later, while Aging is teasing Luchino B. Campanella, their hostage Elmer C. Albatross asks why Luchino hates Huey Laforet so much. Luchino reluctantly answers that it is hate born out of vengeance for himself and his ancestor.

At Elmer's prodding, Luchino admits that his ancestor Huey killed his wife Monica Campanella, Luchino's other ancestor. Over the next three centuries, Monica's bloodline passed down the Mask Maker legacy and a resolve to avenge her from descendant to descendant, with Luchino being the latest generation. When asked whether the desire to avenge an ancestor seems foolish, Elmer replies he will not keep Luchino from a path if that path makes him happy—yet he cannot help but think it is just like him to make sure such a version of 'the story' was passed down the line.

The same day, Victor Talbot holds Nile, Sylvie Lumiere, and Denkurō Tōgō for questioning at an American FBI facility. Victor reminds a testy Nile that all of this is due to him going on a rampage; Nile admits to feeling remorse, and that he regrets not being able to battle Aging before things settled down. Irritated by Nile's apparent lack of remorse, Victor rants about all the overwork the immortals have given him, and vows to take out his rage on Huey until the culprits responsible for the whole incident are caught.

When Denkurō asks who the culprits are, Victor admits that the FBI still is not entirely sure: all the SAMPLE members, including those that were captured or killed, have disappeared. In response to a question from Sylvie, he informs them that Czeslaw Meyer and two other immortals were traveling to Japan via Entrance for a family vacation, and have since arrived at their destination.

The same day, at a tourist attraction in Kyoto, Japan, Firo Prochainezo apologizes to Ennis and Czes for ruining their vacation. He had hoped he could protect Ennis and Czes without using Szilard's memories, avoiding those memories out of fear, but he now realizes utilizing the memories sooner would have led him to solve matters sooner. In promising to not make the same mistake again, he also promises he will always be himself despite having Szilard Quates' and Lebreau's memories.

Shaken, Czes asks him what he means; Firo explains that Szilard devoured an alchemist who had previously devoured someone called Lebreau. After a pause, Czes tells Firo he is very funny.

Back in the FBI facility, Victor asks Denkurō about what became of him following the Advena Avis; from what Victor has heard, Denkurō 'turned into a popsicle' after falling into the ocean near the North Pole. Denkurō is perturbed that that is the version of the story Victor has heard, and, though he considers 'both versions' disgraceful, feels obligated to relate the more accurate one: someone put him to sleep, shut him in a box, and dropped that box into a crevasse. Victor asks who could have done such a thing.

On the ocean, Elmer insists that Huey did not kill Monica; in fact, Monica dying is why Huey is the person he is in the present. The alchemist who did kill Monica was, however, considered by their peers to be as much of a genius as Huey. That alchemist was Lebreau.

In Kyoto, Czes chirps that he will leave Firo and Ennis to their 'alone time' before running away from them both, eventually reaching the top of a stairway on the main approach to a temple. He sits on the stairs to catch his breath but instead has a panic attack, remembering how the Rail Tracer called him out on fearing the unknown, remembering the awful feeling he had about the cruise ship, and wonders why Firo would tell such a lie. Just then, a man on the stairs below asks if he is all right.

The wind dies. With a bashful smile, Fermet remarks it has been a long time since the two of them last saw each other.

In the FBI facility, Denkurō names Fermet as the one who ensnared him.

Back on the ocean, Elmer recalls how Lebreau Fermet Viralesque despised him and tried to avoid talking to him. Fermet always tried to conceal his 'true self', he says, idly commenting the last time they saw each other off-handedly that the last time they saw each other was in either 1931 or 1932. Then, remembering Czes' 2001 rooftop confession, he wonders when Czes devoured Fermet.

In Kyoto, Fermet ascends the stairs while continuing to address Czes in a gentle tone; Czes, his mind crumbling, does not register Fermet's words until Fermet asks, "Have I ever lied to you?"—and with a scream, Czes jerks away yet remains rooted to the spot. When they are only a few steps apart, Fermet guesses Czes must be wondering how Fermet is alive when he devoured him. Relieved that Czes is still himself, Fermet advises him an immortal must have a passion for life if they do not want to become a walking corpse in the Begg Garrott mode.

The narrative identifies Fermet as 'Life' of the Mask Makers, the demolition expert responsible for bringing Carnea Kaufman aboard the ship, and a SAMPLE executive. Meanwhile, Fermet muses that he was so happy to see Czes aboard the Entrance that he nearly took off his mask and goggles right then and there. Luckily for him, Czes never asked him his name at the time. Furthermore, although Fermet has crafted some wonderful toys in his lifetime like Illness, Carnea, and Luchino, Czes is still the most special toy of all. He invites Czes to smile.

As Czes panics, Fermet declares that he is the same Fermet who boarded the Advena Avis—neither a clone nor fake. He then points out the obvious conundrum—if this is the case, then who on earth did Czes devour? Czes reflexively seizes Fermet's head with his right hand, only for Fermet to deduce that Czes in his present state is no longer capable of devouring him. He is correct: all of Czes' instincts scream not to devour the poison that is Fermet.

Czes, depicted as in the palms of Fermet's hands, reacts to Fermet with horror.

Delighted to be correct, Fermet laughs and laughs and laughs until attention from nearby tourists' calms him down. Gently, he pats Czes' head with his right hand and says "Let's play again"—whether tomorrow, or in a hundred years. When Firo finally finds Czes, Czes does not process any of his apologies; the sight of his family finally makes reality sink in, and he screams.

Elsewhere, Fermet enjoys the distant sound of Czes' screams as he walks through town. His cell phone rings; upon accepting Huey's call, he asks if Huey is irked Fermet used his name without permission. Huey denies any ire, since any actions of guinea pigs are actions that still fall within his experiment's parameters. He then says he has heard Fermet gave his compatriots liquor, only for Fermet to cut him off; Fermet claims he only gave three 'disposable tools' the failed version. Those three 'tools'—the gorilla-faced man, and Bride's two secretaries—are sitting in a large station wagon up ahead.

As Fermet heads toward the station wagon, Huey asks what motivated him to sink the Entrance and Exit in the first place. Fermet's answer is entirely serious: when he saw Czes looking so happy, after such a long time, all he wanted was to see tears in his eyes again.


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