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Prologue 3—The Stowaways Have No Plan
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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Bobby Splot is frantically fleeing from someone who appears instantly by him, no matter where he is. As he flees, he reflects on how he his gang had been 'invincible' until 'he' appeared, and how his parents, grandparents, and great-grandmother had advised him not to provoke the Martillos—warnings he had not taken seriously. He had not been worried when his gang stole an expensive camera from a Japanese tourist on Martillo turf, but everything changed when Martillo chiamatore Ronny Schiatto appeared inside their locked base in order to recover said camera.

Convinced that Ronny was a demon, Bobby had pulled a knife on him—only for the knife to appear in Ronny's hand. Bobby had grabbed the camera and leaped out the window, but escape had been futile.

Just as Ronny grabs Bobby by the arm, Bobby screams and wakes from what had been nothing more than a nightmare. He is stowing away with his companions—nicknamed Tall, Humpty, and Troy—in a lifeboat on the cruise liner Entrance, hidden under a fake floor.Troy says that he gave one of his seven computers to the DD newspaper in exchange for intelligence about the presence of a 'certain individual' on the ship – a Martillo capo whom they plan to rob and hide from once the cruise liner reaches Japan.


This is all meant to be Bobby's vengeance against the Martillos; Tall, Humpty, and Troy all point out the shortcomings of Bobby's plan, including the risks of committing crimes in Japan, sneaking past immigration, and the difficulty of mugging a capo. In fact, they had only agreed to the plan when seeing the capo from afar and deciding that he looked young and weak enough to beat. To their surprise, the capo had been accompanied by a woman and child, whom they assume are his sister and brother.

A sudden bang scares them into thinking they have been discovered, but a moment later they hear a young girl's voice; the fake floor above them opens, and a blonde girl about their age squeezes into their compartment and asks for permission to join them. Bobby, blushing at her appearance, asks who she is. The girl introduces herself as Carnea, and says that she is stowing away.

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