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Interlude 2
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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

On the second day of the cruise, Misao calls Hiroko four hours earlier than they had planned and uneasily asks if anything strange is happening on the Entrance. When Hiroko says everything is fine, he confesses that many of the ordinary passengers are giving him an odd feeling: he cites how he has heard 'chanting' or 'singing' and how some of their expressions appear lifeless.

Hiroko suggests that he only feels like a duck out of water because he is not used to being around so many foreigners. Slightly reassured, Misao remarks that he still finds it 'weird' that a "bunch' of the passengers are wearing the same style of red-and-black coats. Though Hiroko supposes the situation is a little odd, she also supposes they could be holding some sort of event on Exit like the film crew is potentially doing on Entrance. Misao wonders why she has not gone to watch; seconds later, their call is dropped.

Puzzled, Hiroko wonders how they can be out of range when their phone call is being routed through a satellite link. A bang sounds in the distance; slowly, she asks herself if it was in fact a gunshot.

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