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2002 [Side A]: Bullet Garden is the twelfth volume of the Baccano! light novel series and the first half of the 2002 arc.


The year 2002. Firo and Ennis are finally on their very belated honeymoon-and for some reason, Czes has been invited to join them on the cruise to Japan. The ship is as luxurious as they come, even crossing paths with its sister ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in a one-of-a-kind event. But with movie stars, stuntmen, hijackers, stowaways, and gunslingers aboard, the voyage is looking to be anything but peaceful...[1]


No. Title
Color Insert 01 The Din Inside Alveare
Color Insert 02 Remarks from Mr. John Drox
Color Insert 03 The Kids on the Ship
Epilogue I Epilogue I

Prologue 1
Prologue 2
Prologue 3
Prologue 4


The Movie-Loving Businessmen
The Sleep-Deprived Hound
The Stowaways Have No Plan
The Star Accepts the World

Introduction The Mastermind Copies Fate
Chapter 1 The Odd Family is Awkward
Interlude 1 Interlude 1
Chapter 2 The Bad Guys Are Busy
Interlude 2 Interlude 2
Chapter 3 All the Passengers Dance in a Garden of Bullets
Interlude 3 Interlude 3
Extra Chapter A Digression A
Afterword Afterword


Cultural References[]

  • The title of the volume is a reference to the band Soundgarden.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


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