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February 2003. Isaac and Miria meet an unnamed individual "in a certain place," who remarks on their odd bell-covered clothes. Isaac and MIria explain why they have sewn the bells onto their clothing, and their optimism reminds the individual of a man they've nicknamed "Happy Ending." The individual describes "Happy Ending" as an odd fellow who only pursues the happiness of others, regardless of whether or not those others are good people or bad people.

The individual responds to a question from Isaac and Miria by saying that he doubts that "Happy Ending" knows whether or not he is actually happy, but knows for certain that 'Happy Ending" is a bad person rather than a good one. Isaac and Miria are confused at the contradiction, but the individual counters that there is no contradiction since not everyone who wishes for happiness are good people.

The individual decides to oblige Isaac and Miria's desire to hear more, since their friends will not be back for a while. They start the story with the tale of a three hundred year old ship.


  • This chapter is unnamed, and the wiki titles it "Preface" for organization's sake.

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