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The fifth light novel of Baccano! is 2001 The Children of Bottle.

It was published in February of 2004 and is 344 pages long.

Official SynopsisEdit

The immortal Elmer C. Albatross is a Smile Junkie who'll do whatever it takes for his happy ending – despite not knowing the first thing about happiness. Three hundred years after the passengers of the Advena Avis parted ways, four of them have finally tracked Elmer to a village in Northern Europe where the inhabitants seem to be stuck in their old ways, fearing the visitors as "demons." During their stay, the immortals encounter a strange girl, and their past catches up with them...


No. Title
Color Insert 01 Personal Thoughts on Elmer C. Albatross, Immortal
Color Insert 02 The Girl Called Sylvie Lumiere, Immortal
Color Insert 03 Record Regarding Nile, Immortal (Excerpts)
Color Insert 04 Dialogue Between Isaac and Miria, Immortals
Preface Preface
Prologue Smile Junkie
Chapter 01 Joy Anger Sorrow FUN - Maiza Avaro
Chapter 02 Joy Anger SORROW Fun - Czesław Meyer
Chapter 03 JOY Anger Sorrow Fun - Sylvie Lumiere
Chapter 04 Joy ANGER Sorrow Fun - Nile
Chapter 05 (Smile) - Elmer C. Albatross
Epilogue The Children of Bottle
Afterword Afterword


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