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The twenty first light novel of Baccano! is 1935-C: The Grateful Bet.

It was published 10 October 2013 and is 312 pages long.

ISBN 9784048660372


The casino party at Ra's Lance has finally begun, and key players from the Flying Pussyfoot and Mist Wall incidents gather there as if they are attracted to it. Is there someone pulling the strings behind the scenes, or is it fate? Meanwhile, members of the Martillo Family have been attacked by Runorata-affiliated Melvi Dormentaire. In the midst of all this is Firo Prochainezo, who steps into the Ra's Lance casino with anger and resolve...and the gambling begins.


  • Extra Chapter 3: The Results of the Research Are Not Publicly Released
  • Chapter 15: It Doesn't Go as They Expect
  • Chapter 16: A Hero Doesn't Appear
  • Chapter 17: The Aristocrats' Splendor Doesn't End
  • Chapter 18: They Don't Break Their Vows
  • Chapter 19: The Tricksters Don't Hesitate
  • Chapter 20: They Can't Make It Through Without Getting Involved
  • Chapter 21: There's No Way Nothing Will Happen
  • Chapter 22: Or Maybe There Is, but No One Can Tell
  • Connecting Chapter: There Mastermind Doesn't Show up to the Fray



Cultural References[]

  • The title of the volume is a reference to the band Grateful Dead.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]