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Chapter 1: The Youngest Brother Cannot Get Excited
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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

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In 1935, after abandoning their lives as thieves, Isaac & Miria discover they have no money. They decide to find honest employment despite their lack of experience.

Later that night, at one of the Martillo Family's underground casinos, Luck Gandor congratulates Firo Prochainezo on his release from Alcatraz. He remarks on the casino's newly installed Liberty Bell slot machines, specific models which are not officially yet on the market; as Firo is explaining how the slot machines work, he stops to seize a man cheating at the blackjack table. After striking the man unconscious, Firo offers the other patrons liquor for the disturbance and to refund anyone who was victim to the cheating.

With the patrons more than mollified, Firo leads Luck back to his office. Luck asks him what happened in Alcatraz, pointing out that Firo is not himself; usually, Firo would have sent someone else to deal with the cheater rather than personally handle the problem. Though reluctant, Firo prepares to recount the events of 1934. As he scans the casino, he catches sight of Nader Schasschule.

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