The Clamor of the Delinquents
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An unknown individual asks several delinquents what sort of person their leader Jacuzzi Splot is. A few volunteer that he is a 'crybaby' and a 'pest', and relate the story of how they first met Jacuzzi: they had been brawling over who would claim an aisle seat at the movies when Jacuzzi had cut in and pleaded for them to stop the fight. One of the delinquents had "knocked [Jacuzzi] right into the air" in response, after which Donny lobbed them and Nice Holystone lit a bomb.

In recalling how Jacuzzi had screamed "Get down!" in order to protect them, the delinquents admit that Jacuzzi is "hopeless" and that they started hanging around with him from then on. When Chaini compares herself and the other delinquents to puzzle pieces, the delinquents delinquents are too distracted by the rare occasion of her coherency to comment on her comparison itself; once the hubbub dies down, one of them wishes that Jacuzzi would be pickier about the sort of people he attracts. The delinquents include themselves in this statement.

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  • The puzzle metaphor used here, as well as the subsequent color inserts, is invoked by the novel's cover and chapter illustrations.


  • "In other words, we're a bunch of puzzle pieces. Jacuzzi and Nice just fit together so well that other pieces gather around them, like they're a landmark. Kee-hee-hee-hee." —Chaini
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